Maggie Cooke

Maggie at Artists of the Jurassic Coast Exhibition,

Eype Centre for the Arts, Dorset.  September

Maggie's imaginative works in porcelain combine fine art and ceramics.  Having trained both as a painter and a potter, she has an artist's approach to her ceramics using texture and colour to produce images which demand close attention by the viewer. 

Her inspiration comes from nature, wildlife, landscape and the coast.  Sunlight shining through seedheads caught in ice gave her the idea for Winter Seedhead bowls, using the translucency of porcelain to capture this.  Shoreline and tideline patterns and the flight of birds all play their part in her work.


  Tideline Bowl - detail            

Large Tideline Dish

These pictures show the style of Maggie’s work.  Her thoughts, inspiration and processes are constantly evolving.  Like all artists, anything can have an influence on what she makes such as seeing an early morning misty view across the valley from her home; the dappled golden light through the autumn beeches in the woods; the foamy edge of the waves along the shore; the swooping flight of terns returning to their nests from a fishing trip; winter ice on seedheads.  


Maggie’s work changes under these influences.

Spring and summer with the birds, colour and new growth; autumn and winter with golden colours, harvest and seedheads. 




Close detail of Tideline BowL                           Terns of the Tide - wall hanging