Truth in the book of Psalms

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1-2. The Most Devotional Book of the Bible Leads the Bible on "Truth".

Yes, the book of Psalms by David on the human side, and of course the Spirit of Christ from the heavenly side, leads all the 66 books of the Bible on the usages and info on "Truth".

1. Starting off and leading the march on "truth" in the Bible is Psalms 15:2 with an approach to truth that we seldom make today or think of; for while we often think of the matter of speaking truth in the church, or the prophesy of I Corinthians 14, of speaking truth to and about neighbors like in the commandment to "not bear false witness" of Exodus 20:6; and speaking the truth in the pulpit, we seldom think of, as in Psalms 15:2 of "speaking truth in the heart". Yet this leads the hit parade of the Bible on truth: it is part of a chapter in the Bible, Psalms 15, that some versions like to entitle "The Character of Those Who May Dwell with the Lord", something very interesting to those who think that by their church membership, in a large or small church, that they already dwell, at least weekly, in the presence of the LORD. Yet seldom in the concern for appearance, and image, perception and cover-up do they stop to see what their heart is speaking instead of their aggressive and running mouth!

{It is amazing the number of aggressive contemporary wind-bags who think that their rightness for truth is measured more by the loudness and the number of words that come out of their mouth! The same church member and leader practitioners of II Timothy 3:1-8 with the bad habits of self-love, pride, boasting, and love of money.}

More than that, Psalms 15 identifies for us on the very postive side, and contrasted to the COVER-UP of Bad Habits in normal church memberships today, the normally Bible characteristics of those who should be worshipping and in attendance at contemporary or past Houses of God.


{it is always good to ask God what church members should be like who are active in attendance}, who may abide in Your tabernacle? Who may dwell in Your holy hill?" (Psalm 15:1)

And the answer comes in the rest of the chapter:

(1). "He who walks uprightly" (15:2a), or in more modern language the church member is entitled to be there in the house of God who lives a right,or correct, life style all week;

(2). He who "works righteousness" (15:2b), when church members and leaders today are making all those excuses for "being human", for "at least trying", and as "saved sinners", how about adding a little postive Scripture to it as to who is really working and trying to work "righteousness". Have we become afraid of the word rightness and right and righteousness, so far in sin have our church collective lives fallen that we are ashamed to even make an effort at RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH! How long has it been since a pastor or evangelist of courage and truth stood up in your pulpit and make a call and demand for RIGHTEOUSNESS on the part of yourself and your fellow church members. Even as to foreigners, the American character was once known by the character of its churches and by the pulpits aflame with righteousness, so now unfortunately, it is more known by greed and covetousness, and you know it to be true!

(3). We might be inclined to think more about it as in terms of "integrity" today, as the church attender entitled to be there in the house of the LORD today, in service or just plain worship, is he "who speaks the truth in his heart" (15:2c), recalling as I am sure you do that Jesus said "it is what comes out of the heart that defiles" or blesses men, not what goes into the mouth.

And my, my look at the good company the TRUTH SPOKEN IN THE HEART keeps before and after church: (1). no backbiting with the tongue (15:3a), re-echoed again in the bad habits of II Timothy 3:1-8 as "brutal" and "despisers of good"; (2) "nor does evil to his neighbor" (15:3b), like the bad habit of "unloving" and "unforgiving" of such perilous times as these; and (3) such a person who is entitled to church attendance does "not take up an approach against his friend" (15:3c), a characteritic bad habit of the "haugty" and "headstrong" of periolous times like these. And what a pleasant contrast the good habits of such house of God attenders commended is to the BAD HABITS of II Timothy 3:1-8: (1) it is the vile person who is despised (15:4a), not the "good"; (2) this faithful tabernacle attender and worshipper on the hilltop of God "honors those who fear the LORD" (15:4b) more than the fellow "lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God" of the bad habits or follies; (3) makes a committment of loyalty and covenant (15:4c) that goes counter to his own self-welfare over the bad habit of "lovers of self" and "slanderers"; (4) who unlike the "lovers of money" of the bad habits of church attenders today does not "put out his money at usury" (15:4d), nor can you bride him with any personal gain or status in order to harm "the innocent", which would the same as the "traitors" of God and righteousness of the bad habit practitioners of II Timothy 3:1-8.

And are you surprised with the concluding words of this Psalm chapter 15 on who you should expect to be in attendance like the contemporary houses of God, where it is on such a church member who "shall never be moved", the concept and image of "steadfastness", the most literal translation in the whole Old Testament of the word Truth.

2. (Psalms 25:5) "Lead me in Your truth {an obvious prayer for walking and living in the paths of truth, the truth of God, "Your Truth"} and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I will wait {worship, prayer, waiting on God, and Bible meditation}; and you can not miss the connection of truth with "teaching", with salvation" and with the waiting on God for strength, for running, for walking, and for worship! All once activities of church, house of God, or tabernacle attendance.

3. All the paths recommended in the Bible as "paths of the LORD" are also paths of both "mercy and truth" (Psalm 25:10).

4. God has a Truth all his own that David calls as "I have walked in YOUR TRUTH" (Psalm 26:3b); and we are fortunate in that David, and the Spirit through David in the context of this chapter 26 of Psalms identifies for us what is exactly, or should be, the life style of any Christian or church member who also like David, as our example in the Bible, walks or lives in Truth: (1) they walk or live in "integrity" (26:1); (2) they trust in God to keep from slipping rather than the many substitutes of the world, of this world (26:1b); (3) they seek correction from the LORD, and pray for it (26:2) rather the will not receive correction or obey the voice of God of the Temple message of Jeremiah; (4) they walk in Truth by keeping the "lovingkindness of God" before their eyes (26:3); (5) they do not sit down in fellowhip with "idolatrous mortals" nor promote and seek them out as friends and associates (26:4a); (6) they are not in attendance in the house of God with a large group of "hypocrites" (26:4b); (7) any assembly of any kind, religous, church, or any other kind which is "an assembly of evildoers", in spite of the apperance of the name, is depised or "hated" by this followerer of truth; and (8) he will not even sit down for tea or fellowship with the"wicked" (26:5b).

NOTE: Are you starting to get a picture of truth and living in the truth of God from the Bible itself! Is it easy to understand once you trade just a little Bible reading for a lot of excuses for about how hard truth is to know and understand?

5. (Psalm 69:13). God has a lot of "truth" about salvation which is to be fervently prayed for, and in "an acceptable time" to God, and an answer to which prayer comes out from God’s "multitude of mercy" more mercy!

6. (Psalm 146:6). Just like the God of the Bible made heaven and earth, just as this God of the Bible "executes justice for the oppressed" in His own time and seasons {punishment and judgment are often separated in time}, even as this God of the Bible gives food to the hungry and freedom to the prisoners, even so this God "keeps truth forever". And I hope you see the literal translation of steadfastness from truth in the Old Testament.

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