NOTE: Please feel free to go back to the

"Bible Studies in Jeremiah" web page for

review, or correlation, with such subjects

as "The Kingdom of God", "Prophet

versus Prophets", and "The Golden

Nugget". If any of the doctrines you

encounter in this advanced studies seem

a little harsh or you do not recognize them

as sound doctrine because of the many

"false prophets" Jesus foretold as in our

midst before the Second Coming, then

many references in each session will be

given you for more fundamental and

sound doctrine.

During this unique period of the great

Falling Away {II Timothy 4:3,4 and II

Thessalonians}, called the great apostasy;

a few of us preachers, that have not gone

astray with the need for status, a large

following, and money, and after "itching

ears" Bible teachings that are so popular,

are determined to out preach "in season

and out of season, reprove, rebuke, and

exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine"

these weird and popular, coming out of

the woodwork like termites, and prolific,

false evangelists and prophets.

1. Freeway of Halfway. {For more on this

subject see LEARN CHRIST.}

2. Prop 8 in California, voted in by the

majority but rules out by one judge, and no

doubt on the way to the Supreme Court:

Will this Nation Show SIN or

RIGHTEOUSNESS? "Righteousness

exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to

any people" (Proverbs 14:34) What we

may have here is a showdown between

God versus the Supreme Court and the

way the majority of people in the United

States think, much like in the days of

Jeremiah. The real supreme question is

how far can America go on extreme

tolerance while ignoring the laws and

patterns of God for life and marriage!

3. Countdown I to Destruction by Deceit.

4. The Apostle Peter Exposes Messianic

Judaism. {Also many other modern day

movements that substitute a gospel and

salvation of works in the place of grace,

and the righteousness by faith. See the

book of Romans if you have any doubts,

and Acts 15:10-29.}

5. Christian Doctrines of Jeremiah.

6. New Testament Quotes from Jeremiah

with their New Testament Interpretations.

7. What Happened to the Jews as the

Chosen People of God? {It started

becoming clear right here in Jeremiah,

then was expanded on in Daniel and


8. What Were the Religious Leaders of

Jeremiah Thinking? {It was considered in

the "Bible Studies in Jeremiah", "What

Were God's People of Jeremiah Thinking"

that allowed Judah and Jerusalem to

coast right into captivity, when according

to the Word of God it could have been

avoided--much like today this whole series

of intense calamities on America since

9/11 could have been avoided {the word

of the Governor of Texas that the

calamities like hurricane Alex and the Gulf

Oil Spill bring out the "best in Texans does

not allow for God's perspective that the

best would be to heed His efforts in the

intense calamities to keep the attention of

His own people, like in Jeremiah}; now it is

time to consider what the religious leaders

were thinking as they were the "official"

leaders of thought and worship for God's


9. What Were the Leaders in Government

Thinking? The princes from the house of

the King, much like our Supreme Court

and judge system today, tolerantly

separated religion and State in refusing to

agree to the death of Jeremiah for

prophesying in the name of God.

10. Where Were the Wives and Children

Thinking? They were active in family

devotions built around pagan concepts

and gods, on the "Queen of Heaven",

which once again points out almost any

thing or activity that replaces the God of

this Universe, the father of the Lord Jesus

Christ, as first priority is an assist in the

"forsaking of God and the building up of

broken cisterns that will hold no water."

11. The Second Tragedy in Tucson, An

Introduction to Seating Arrangements in

the Bible.

12. The National Dens of Thieves,

Continuation of the Tucson

Tragedy--really a continuing national saga

of lack of respect for the poor and

unemployed people of this nation--with a

solid look at the doctrine of the Respector

of Persons in the Bible.

13. The Royal Law. Forbidden

discrimination based on position, money,

and clothing is as old as the law of

Leviticus; it is part of the Royal law. While

the American Democratic Faith has

focused on discrimination based on race,

religion, and creed, the Bible that

politicians recently have delighted to quote

from, has a deeper meaning and focus

against discrimination based on position,

money, and clothing. This doctrine of the

respector of persons from James and

Leviticus goes deep into the very heart of

the real meaning of Christ and Christianity;

Bible that most of these politicians can not

understand and will not want to

understand; but while they are so flippantly

quoting from the Bible, perhaps we should

give them some real meat in Bible. This

third in a series on partiality and the royal

law, after "Second Tragedy in Tucson"

and "The National Dens of Thieves",

helps to explain much of the Bible of the

previous two; and more than that, it

serves to get at the heart of why God

destroyed Jerusalem because of the

mistreatment of the people in the land by

the leaders. It is at the heart of the "Den

of Theives" quote from Jeremiah 7 and

from Jesus when He drove the

moneychangers out of the Temple.

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Advanced Studies in Jeremiah continue,

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14. Dreamers of Deceit: What Happens

when all the ministers go bad?

15. Fundamentalists Fables of Fiction:

they deceive you on what is happening

now and what is going to happen.

16. How Can All the Ministers Go Bad At

One Time?

17. Rivers of Living Water Forsaken.

18. Calamities Chase Chastisement. Calamities chased unbelieving Jews down into Egypt for destruction, and unbelievers are still being chased!19. Idolatry! How bad was it in the temple and Jerusalem before destruction, and how bad is idolatry today from God's perspective.20. "All the Proud Men". What set the stage for all that idolatry that brought the destruction from God, pride in buildings, in craftmanship and construction, pride in military, and pride in having all the answers.You can now

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