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Originally developed in Algeria for students with 6 weeks of previous training in English, but later expanded to provide an integrated and introductory course to electronics engineering technology and electricity. With a double level of integration, it is also integrated with the other 2 courses of ILS, mathematically and with MATLAB and simulink.


This survey course in classical technical math, second course in the ILS series, provides 3 levels of integration with the inclusion of simultaneous work in both Industrial math and classical techncial math, then using examples and applications from both ESL {Electronics As a Second Language) and TAC {Technical Applicatons of Computers with MATHLAB and Simulink} another level of integration is provided. What makes this approach to tech math creative and motivational is that upfront the challenge of practical problems of differential equations are presented as both an introduction to the usefulness of tech math as well as motivation and a challenge. In other words, with the best of math for problem solving in TAC and ESL put upfront before you, then it is possible to show all other aspects like algebra, matrices, simultaneous equations, and differential and difference equations.


With computers in every home, the Computer System as the most famous example of modern and sophisticated applications of both Electronic Systems and the concept of the System, provide an introduction to many of the sophisticated system applications of Aerospace systems and electronic applications. While technical applications of computer are not nearly as well known as for example business applications, home entertainment, and email applications, they are the province of those interested in electronics technology, engineering, and science, whether students or practicing professionals interested in continuing education. MATHLAB is a software currently used by the largest Aerospace companies for data processing and analysis, for test, for design, and on and on: it can do almost everything but sing for you, and we can work on that during the course of this free online course.

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