Truth and Prophesy

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True Prophesy is Truth: False Prophesy is a Lie and False.

Everyone wants to claim a prophesy from God, or to say it another way everyone wants to be right and claim to be on the right side, the side of ultimate truth. And we are almost at the point of saying that TRUTH and PROPHESY are interchangeable words; that is true prophesy and true prophets correlate directly with the truth of God which is ultimate truth.

1. Moses on Truth, Prophesy, and the Prophet Messiah in Deuteronomy. (Deuteronomy 18:15-22)

(1). God will raise up from His people of Palestine, a Prophet Messiah much like Moses, that is designated by God to be listened to and heeded completely by the people as the ultimate source of the truth of God (18:15)

(2). The people of God at Mount Sinai requested more than they thought when they asked that God not speak to them directly. They could not take all that truth, righteousness, and holiness. They needed a mediator between them and God. God said "that is good": they could die by directly listening to the voice of God Himself. (18:16,17)

(3). God Himself will raise up a Prophet from among the people of God: (a) God will put His own words of truth in the mouth of Jesus; and (b) Jesus will faithful and with high fidelity speak only all these words which God has commanded of truth. (18:18)

(4). God will hold each human responsible for the words of truth and of God that person hears from this Prophet Messiah, Jesus. Each hearer of this word will personally become accountable to God for what he has heard. (18:19)

(5). There will be other false prophets who: (a) who presume to speak a word of truth in the name of God who has not been sent or commanded by God to speak a word of truth in the name of God; or (b) speak in the name of other gods. (18:20) Sometimes it is hard to tell today whether many of these false prophets of prosperity are in the first category, just presumptuous and not called or sent by God, or in the second category of representatives of other gods of other philosophies of things.

(6). How can we decide which is a true and which is a false prophet, what is truth and what is not, God says in His word (18:21); and then gives the appropriate answer, it takes time and give it the test of time, whether the prophesy comes true or not. Alias, give it the test of time and history: does it really happen or fail to happen? (18:22)

2. Jesus as "the way, the truth, and the life". (John 14:6)

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