8 volume thorough survey of the Bible with one volume on 14 letters from the Apostle Paul, one on the five books from John, one on "Den of Thieves" from Jeremiah and John, and so on and on through the Bible.

1.  The Old Testament According to the New Testament, the ASPI.

2.  Christ for Individuals, the 5 books from the Apostle John.

3.  Believe and Be Baptized, the 14 letters of the Apostle Paul.

4.  Christ, Paul, and the Falling Away, the book of Hebrews.

5.  The Message of the Writing Prophets, 19 Prophets of the Old Testament.

6.  "Den of Thieves", Jeremiah and John.

7.  Bible Questions and Answers.

8.  Understand the Bible:  index to all volumes, top 12 topis of the Bible, and

     10 major doctrines of the Bible.

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