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Truth In The Bible

{this is a continuing and progressive research in the Bible itself, and one with which you can, if you wish, both participate and dialogue: for dialogue on truth and Bible simply email SunGrist_Bible at . If you wish your comments, questions, or dialogue can become part of the research.}

Bible on "Truth"

1-1: We Depend on the Truth about Truth in the Bible.

This is where we finally come to get help from the Bible on those 3 great truths of the Bible, great words and phrases of the Bible from II Timothy 4:3,4: DOCTRINE, TEACHING, and TRUTH. This is where we come from spiritual truth and Bible understanding on "Truth and Prophesy". When you look at "truth" in any good and thorough concordance of the Bible like YOUNG’S or STRONGS is that the Hebrew word in the Old Testament, like in Jeremiah we will shortly consider and Isaiah and Psalms, is literally the word "steadfastness"; and then when you come to the various Greek words of the New Testament for "truth", there it is seldomly literally translated like Truth was already established in the Old Testament and what more except for illustrations of truth can you do in the New Testament.

With our added Bible insights into "truth", we already suspect that our horizons will be widened on truth to the extent that we will more and more come to see truth, as beyond doctrine and teaching to truth itself, as the steadfastness, ultimate reality, of truth beyond appearance and image and perception, as found in "be ye steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord; for you know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord." You see how this and other New Testament Scriptures established the Old Testament prophesy on truth as steadfastness; and there is more to follow.

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{Rember this Bible Research is a work in progress, a continuing progress in which you can participate and dialogue if you wish through email at . When a section below is underlined, it is ready for Research.

1-2: "Truth" in the Book of Psalms.

1-3: Truth in the Temple Message of Jeremiah 7.

1-4: Prophesy and Truth.

1-5: Ultimate Reality, Truth in I John.