Jeremiah and Prophesy Free Online Bible Study

JEREMIAH AND PROPHESY III: After 2 and 1/2 years of the monthly

study of Jeremiah and Prophesy, the conclusions and applications to America and the

rest of the world--after all Jeremiah was designated by God to be a Prophet to all

nations-- are coming so rapidly, that it is almost impossible to patiently deal with

them month by month. To speed up the study, SunGrist_Bible passes into a new

phase called "Jeremiah III" where on this page of the website,

you will be able at your own pace to plunge ahead into more meaty aspects of

"Jeremiah and Prophesy". However, you that plunge into this more "post-graduate"

level are encouraged to pick up, at your own pace, on the more fundamental studies,

"Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy" and the "Advanced Studies in Jeremiah"

Several realities of the contemporary world demand we do so: (1) the changing nature

of the Arab world in countries like Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, and others; (2) the

overwhelming world and US calamities of the first and second kind with the confusion

between the two kinds--after all the word "calamity", and at several levels looms large

in Jeremiah as well as the words "idol" and "idolatry" that often brings calamities of

the first kind; (3) the startling similarities between the false official prophets and

priests of Jeremiah that led God's people into idolatry and the practices and dreams

of false prophets and shepherds of today; and (4) related to number 3 is similarities

to the two top level evils of God's people of Jeremiah--forsaking the God of the living

fountain of water and making broken cisterns as substitutes for God, idols if you

would, that can hold no water--to the 5 stages of the great Apostasy called the

Falling Away that Americans are passing through in this generation immediately

before the Second Coming of Christ, along with some of the broken cisterns that

shepherds of today offer God's people as substitutes like Messianic Judaism,

Mormonism based on 4 new Bibles not recognized by Christians, one thousand years

on earth, a predicted and false rapture before the Second Coming, and the Gospel of

Prosperity and Health. Most of these substitute cisterns of living water completely

ignore the Falling Away {in fact quite often postulated fictions of revival are

substituted to hide the Falling Away of churches and church members from God,

Christ, and the Bible} and the almost immediate withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from


Prophesy in both the Old Testament, where it was very exclusive as God called only a

few men to receive revelations and where like in the book of Jeremiah all the official

prophets and priests had gone wrong, and prophesy in the New Testament, where it

became more democratic after the Coming of the Holy Spirit and the Ascended Christ

appointed prophets like pastors, teachers, evangelists and apostles; but prophesy

then became not new revelations but rather based on the recorded teachings and

messages of Christ and the Apostles and Prophets. Thus this democratic nature of

prophesy predicted in Jeremiah remained under the control of God's written book, the

Bible, and where the democratic nature of prophesy has been perverted today is by

several methods promoted by Satan: (1) new revelations that are falsely claimed,

primarily by Pentecostals, but also by Mormons with their four extra Bibles not

accepted by Christians, and high level church leaders like the Pope who try to make

extra revelations by their decrees; (2) reading meaning into the Bible, isogesis, like

Scoffield has misled the fundamentalists, rather than taking the time and effort to do

exegesis, "reading the meaning out of the Bible using the ASPI; and (3) trends of the 5

stage Falling Away that develops (a) intolerance toward sound doctrine, (b)

sanctification of personal driven wants of church members, (c) heaping up in churches

and denominations of "itching ears" Bible teachers and preachers (II Timothy 4:3,4),

and (d) the current general trends of the Falling Away as the rising tide of the

mystery of lawlessness and sin (II Thessalonians) overtakes us, the love of most

Christians waxes cold as Jesus predicted, and the number of disguished false prophets

increase who prophesy for profit and status, supported by most church members who

are deep into "turning away from truth" and being "turned into fables." And if you have

trouble accepting that this has happened to 21st century Christianity, then just look

at what happened to all God's people in Judah and Israel, including the official

prophets and priests, during the destruction and desolation phases of Jerusalem

around 587 B.C.


A continuing and free online Bible Study, offered to

you by SunGrist_Bible on, of the Old Testament

Bible book of Jeremiah, one of the 4 major Prophets

of the Bible along with the more popular Isaiah,

Daniel, and Ezekiel, partly because no one wanted to

witness the fall of Jerusalem


(alias "The Cause, Cure, and Calamity

of Idolatry")

I. "The LIE" (Romans 1:25).

II. Dreamers of Deceit and


III. Cause, Cure, and Curse of


IV. Rivers of Living Water


V. Countdown to Destruction

by Deceit.

VI. Calamities Chase


VII. Idolatry.

VIII. Idolatry II.

IX. Future of the Middle East.

VIII. All the Proud Men of God's

People (Captains of Armies)

IX. What Joel Teaches on 3

Kinds of Calamities.

(Background: Download Joel Outline in PowerPoint)

X. Calamities in Jeremiah and


XI. Predictive Prophesy in


XII. King Jesus Predicted, the

Branch of Righteousness

(Jeremiah 23)

XIII. 70 Years of Desolation

Predicted (Jeremiah


"'...behold, I will send and take all the families of

the north', says the LORD, 'and Nebuchadnezzar

the king of Babylon, My servant, and will bring

them against this land, against its inhabitants,

and against these nations all around, and will

uttterly destroy them, and make them an

astonishment, a hissing, and perpetual

desolations.'" (Jeremiah 25:9)

NOTE: Even as flowers and trees are "annual" or

"perpetual", so this desolation on the Middle East

was determined right here to be permanently


XIV. Cup of Fury on "All

Inhabitants of the Earth"

Predicted (Jeremiah


"For behold, I begin to bring calamity on the city

which is called by My name, and should you be

utterly unpunished? You shall not be

unpunished, for I will call for a sword on all the

inhabitants of the earth,' says the LORD of

hosts.'" (Jeremiah 25:29)

"For thus says the LORD God of Israel to me

(Jeremiah): 'Take this wine cup of fury from My

hand, and cause all the nations, to whom I send

you, to drink it.'" (Jeremiah 25:15)

NOTE: Upton Sinclair borrowed the phrase "Cup

of Fury" to write a book about all his writing

friends like Sinclair Lewis, Jack London, Ernest

Hemmingway, and many more to were

determined to be only social drinkers of alcohol,

but who died an early and miserable death

directly as a result of this booze; but originally

here in Jeremiah it refers to the final judgment of

God, already determined on the whole earth,

when the old earth will be destroyed and the new

earth will be ushered in.



Never forget that the final historical act for this

old world, Revelation 20:9, will be as a gigantic

army surrounds Jerusalem and the camp of the

saints. {Granted it is hard to think of the US and

the UK as "saints", but they are the best nations

of Christianity offered today!} The US now has a

big, eligible camp, like a fortress for spying and

warfare in the Middle East; the Muslim Arabs

already have Israel surrounded north {Lebanon,

and Syria}, west {Gaza and Iran}, east {Jordan}, and

south {many countries who like the Arabs and

Muslim both hate Israel and the US {even 6 out of

10 Pakistanis hate the US}, and desire vehemently

the destruction of Jerusalem. Not to mention the

many countries of the world that might support

the Arab-Muslims in a showdown, looing for an

opening to beat down the US when and if it looks

feasible, like North Korea, Pakistan, China,

Russia; and yes, even France and Italy. You see

we are much closer to the fulfillment of the

predictive prophesy of Revelation 20:9 than we

think, much closer than the fundamentalists led

by Scoffield on eschatology want us to believe!

As it is developed, see as part of Research and

Development, listed above and right, "Terrorism Or

Arab/Muslim World Revolution?". Much of this is based on

personal experience with Arabs and Muslims, teaching in Algeria

and Saudi Arabia, and instructing Libyians and Iranians at Lee

College in Baytown.

XV. The Moral Majority.

("You that abhor idols, do you rob

temples?", Romans 2:22)

XVI. WHY Calamities? {Only Jeremiah

Has the Courage to Explain}

XVII. Bible Belt Backsliding.


References and


1. Chastisement

in the Bible.

2. Wonders in the

Sky Above and the

Earth Beneath.

3. Prophesy and

Prophets Today!

4. Calamities and


5. The Word

"Calamity" in the


6. Calamities

Since 911.

7. Study Outline

of Jeremiah: The

Total Context.

8. Terrorism Or

Arab/Muslim World


9. Download Joel

Outline in


Please keep this web page to

help guide your meaty and

intense Bible Studies into

Jeremiah and Prophesy, and

as a source of bookmarks for

further development and

research. Also, use the

feedback form for any

questions, suggestions, or

clarifications, even moral

support, not financial. This is a

free online Bible Study on

Jeremiah and prophesy. One

of our biggest problems in

American Christianity today is

by those who seek to make a

profit {prosperity} or status out

of their missionary efforts. It

robs temples (Romans 2:22)

and creates idols and Idolatry.

It is so dangerous because

Americans have accepted it as

the norm. The greedy love it!

There is a vast gap between a

Christian philosophy which

recognizes that "the laborer is

worthy of his fire", that the

Bible does teach satisfaction

with a basic living, and this

false gospel of prosperity and

health of today! Behind most

of these false leaders who

exemplify the personal goals,

like the savage wolves Paul

condemned (Acts 20:29,30),

of personal profit {prosperity}

and status!


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and Prophesy Part 3:

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A6: National Leadership Drunk on

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