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Twilight Camp 2014

Northern Skies Twilight Camp 2014
July 21-24 2014

An unnamed source called and reported that several movie villains have been seen in and around camp.  Security has been upgraded in preparation for the week.  Villains such as Ursula, Cruella De Vil, and Maleficent will be attracted to our camp.  Be on the look out!

Twilight Camp Frequently Asked Questions
Please review our F.A.Q. page for general information about Twilight Camp Northern Skies.  Do you want to see what happens at camp?  Click here to see a slideshow narrated by Twilight Camp Veteran Abby, to see examples of the activities we did at past years in camp.

2014 Twilight Camp Theme
The theme this year is Twilight at the Movies.  We will be exploring different genres as well as learning about filming, animation, costumes, props, and sets.   Our four programming areas are:
  • Animation
    - learn how animation is done, create your own animation book, and perform voice overs 
  • Action and Adventure - learn about action and adventure, perform "stunts", create a story boar,  and collect autographs
  • Musicals - Sing popular songs from musicals, take an acting class, do a fun craft inspired by a famous musical 
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy - learn about make-up transformations, create sound effects, build your own set

Camp Staff Preparing for the Week
An excited camp staff is working hard getting ready for camp week.  Campers have been placed into units, and volunteer assignments have been sent.  If you are missing information, camp staff asks that you send an email to info@twilightcamp.org and the eager staff will respond and help you out.

What Unit is my child in?
Did you forget what unit you are in?  We can help.  Either email us at info@twilightcamp.org or click here and search by your registration confirmation number that was sent to your email when you registered.   Or if you'd rather wait and like to live on the edge, just come to camp and we have a list and can help you get your camper where they need to go.

Confirmation Letters
You should have recieved a confirmation letter in email with detailed information on camp, including your unit assignment and what to bring.  Copies are posted below.