Northern Skies Twilight Camp 2015
Twilight on the High Seas

We had another great year at Twilight Camp.  
f you took pictures at camp, we'd love to have them to share.  

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About Twilight Camp
Twilight Camp Northern Skies is the "first week" of Twilight Camp, for girls in the Northern Skies Service Unit.  Come join us for an exciting week.

Twilight Camp FAQ
Please review our Frequently Asked Questions page for general information.

Typical Daily Schedule
Here's a typical day at Twilight Camp.  Order of activities will change each day, but drop-off and pick-up are always the same.  

        1:45 pm Check-In
        2:00 pm Opening
        2:15 pm Daily Activities
            Game and Snack
            Physical Activity
            (activity order will vary)
        7:00 pm Walk to Ceremony Circle
        7:15 pm Closing Ceremonies
        7:45 pm Camp Dismissed

What Happens at Twilight Camp? 
Watch the slideshow below, narrated by Brownie Scout and Twilight Camp Veteran Abby, to see examples of the activities we did at past years in camp.