Twilight Camp Northern Skies is the first week of Twilight Camp put on by the Northern Skies Service Unit, serving Girl Scouts in Chanhassen and surrounding areas.  

Lost and Found
We had a lot of lost and found this year!  Please email if any of the items below are yours and he'll make arrangements to get them to you.   Anything not claimed by August 10th will be donated to PROP.
Water Bottles: blue & white polar bottle, purple Camelback, green Gatorade, red wide mouth, blue Pogo. Lunch Bags: Yellow Embark, Yellow/Grey camo Thermos.  Clothing: purple/white striped two-piece swimsuit; rainbow one-piece Speedo swimsuit; heathered black leggings, pair of blue/white socks, one pink/green sock, pair of checkered underwear, black and pink "Girls Rock" Jacket, pink Champion rain jacket.  Gear: pink and blue fire art, water shooter, green wind chime, necklace with an atom pendant (lithium), brown/gold Eiffel Tower umbrella, Johnson & Johnson first aid kit, Off! insect repellent, Speedo green & white swim mask.  Sunglasses: Sparkly pink, metallic green, purple Minecraft-ish, red wrap-around, blue Froehling/Anderson.  Finally, brown prescription glasses.

Twilight Camp FAQ
Please review our Frequently Asked Questions page for general information.

Typical Daily Schedule
Here's a typical day at Twilight Camp.  Order of activities will change each day, but drop-off and pick-up are always the same.  
        1:45 pm Check-In
        2:00 pm Opening
        2:15 pm Daily Activities at Each Site
        7:00 pm Walk to Ceremony Circle
        7:15 pm Closing Ceremonies
        7:45 pm Camp Dismissed


It happens every're running late so you ask your sitter/spouse/partner/older child to swing by camp and pick up your child. They pull into camp at 7:30, see the child standing by her friends, tell her to hop in, and take off...and she leaves without signing out.

Campers - What to Bring
Ready for camp? Refer to your confirmation letter for a complete list of what to bring, camp procedures, and other information.   
 [  ] Bag supper each day
 [  ] Refillable water bottle
 [  ] Swimsuit (wear under clothes)
 [  ] Underwear (after swimming)
 [  ] Socks and closed-toe sturdy shoes
 [  ] Beach towel, Comb/brush
 [  ] Camp t-shirt (color-coded by unit, provided Monday)
 [  ] Rain gear! (camp is rain or shine)
 [  ] Sunscreen (apply before camp) 
 [  ] Insect repellent (no aerosol sprays)
 [  ] Hat and/or sunglasses (optional)
 [  ] Bandana (optional)
 [  ] Water shoes/aqua socks (optional)
 [  ] Waterproof to "sit-upon"  (optional)

What Happens at Twilight Camp? 
Watch the slideshow below, narrated by Brownie Scout and Twilight Camp Veteran Abby, to see examples of the activities we did at past years in camp.