TGW may flush the mains on the 2nd Tuesday and or 4th Tuesday of the month from 10am-2pm.  A large sign is posted in the area they are flushing:
  • Some members may experience a drop in water pressure
  • There maybe some discoloration in the water or odor from the flushing
  • Avoid laundering during these hours 
If your water is discolored; run your water from your hose or outside faucet that closest to your water meter untill it clears.

Understanding Discolored Water

~Facts about Manganese~

Have you ever turned on your faucet and discovered that your water is no longer clear?  Manganese is the source of the discoloration and has the ability to change your water from clear to discolored.

Manganese is a naturally occurring element in the earth’s outer crust. This mineral can be dissolved and absorbed by water. The water we pump from deep groundwater wells consequently contains varying levels of manganese.

Typically, you don’t notice this mineral because they are soluble and clear in the water. Factors such as chlorine, heat, air and sunlight oxidize the manganese, transforming it into solid particles (precipitate). In their solid states, manganese is brownish-black. This mineral does not harm you when ingested.

In 2014 TGW Member’s voted by the rules outlined in Title 22 of the California Health and Safety Code, TGW has vote not to treat and filter our water to further reduce Mn levels. TGW has a treatment waiver, issued by Santa Cruz County EHS, to distribute water with Mn up to 150 ppb (greater than the 50 ppb MCL set by the State).

On the Water Quality webpage, you are able to see the Quarterly Manganese levels in both the primary well and the Meadow Ranch Water Tank.

If you experience discolored water, turn on your outside faucet closest to your meter and run water until it is clear.  Then run the indoor faucets till water becomes clear.  If the problem continues please contact TGW at 831-662-3204  x1.

Filtration Resources

Sometimes manganese build up may break off into distribution.  Below are a few Water Filtration Resource information links: