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June 2019 Water Increase Notice  
TGW Members, 

As many of you are aware, the Trout Gulch Water Mutual Company (“TGW”) was has been using infrastructure that was well beyond any it’s expected life.  After a tremendous amount of effort, substantial expense and a very good USDA loan, TGW’s water system has been largely brought up to the current water system standards.  Fortunately, the loan is spreading payments over 40 years, and at a very good interest rate (3.24%).

The transition to a new infrastructure was a necessary expense that will save the company money in the long run, since repairing emergency breaks would be much more expensive, and much more disruptive to our membership.  Nonetheless, TGW is going to have to raise rates in order to pay off the loan.  We have been stockpiling money to help cover the cash flow requirements of a large project, and will use the fusion that that required to spread these increases over four years.

Unfortunately, these increases will be substantial, reflecting both today’s cost for replacing infrastructure, and the spread out nature of our membership, where the distance between houses requires about more than three times as much pipe per household as is required to support a suburban city neighborhood.  We are raising rates through a combination of annual 50/unit increases at all tears and a service fee increases of 8/billing period each year, and a reduction in tiers effective this year.  

Frank Busalacchi 
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