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Water Increase Notice  
TGW Members, 
When TGW took over the Mar Vista water company infrastructure, we knew it was in bad shape.  With the combination of the state water loan and the federal USDA loan we have now nearly completed the upgrading of that infrastructure to where it should be.  Unfortunately, because of the semi-rural nature of our membership, this upgrading requires a much large amount of pipes, pumps, etc., than is required to serve a customer of a city water company, in fact, it takes more than twenty (20) times as much pipe per user! The cost of servicing our infrastructure loan plus the expenses of daily operations now substantially exceeds our income.  Hence, we will need to increase rates to balance income with outflow. Fortunately, the TGW Board anticipated this problem, has gradually increasing rates, and has built reserves that will allow  the rate increase to be spread over the next few years.  This year’s rate hikes will consist of a $5.00 per period increase in service fee for all members, and $.50/unit increase for all tiers.
The State of California is getting involved in local water issues.  We do not currently know what will happen as a result of their involvement.  The Board is looking to get more information before determining how rates will rise in 2019-2020.
Frank Busalacchi 
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UNTIL JUNE 30, 2018:


TGW has a total of 1 charges: 1) Service Charg 2) Water Volume 

Service Charge: is applied every billing cycle for water being available and ready for service.  This is a static charge and depends on your water connection meter size.  The rate reflects TGW operating expense and capital reserves to maintain and improve infrastructure.The State assessment fee of $17 is now included in the service charge because TGW has paid off the State Loan with the new USDA loan.   2) Water volume:  is applied every billing cycle for the amount of water each connection has used.  



The Ready to Serve is always the same.  Look at the usage number below the readings on the left.  This is calculated in Cubic Feet.  The Usage (cf) x the tier rate = the Water volume charge. The bill total is at the bottom right.


What is a cubic foot?  A cubic foot equals to 7.48 gallons. 

The conversion table shows the conversion and associated costs: