Quality Reports

TGW Bacteriological Stoplight Chart

(Tested Monthly)
TGW disinfects, flushes and retests when Coliform has been found present in the system. Coliform bacteria occur naturally in the intestinal tracts of man and animals and in soil and normally do not cause illness.  OneCallNow phone calls, flyers are sent out and website news is updated for member notification. 

TGW Manganese Chart (tested quarterly)

TGW has completed a community survey granting itself permission to forgo Manganese treatment and has obtained a 9 year waiver as of March 2013 to March 2022.    Manganese & iron minerals are naturally occurring elements in the earth's outer crust. These minerals can be dissolved and absorbed by water.  The water we pump from our deep groundwater well consequently contain varying levels of Manganese per the chart above chart and small amounts of iron.  Both Manganese & Iron are considered EPA secondary level which are not considered risk to human health. 
TGW is currently chlorinating the water due to construction.  The chlorine can oxidize the manganese & iron minerals in the water making it a tea color.  If you see tea colored water, we recommend you flush 1-3 minutes from the closest garden hose from the meter then flush from your kitchen till it clears. 


2017 Consumer Confidence Charts

New Well #4 Test results

In the attachments below you will find the following Water Quality Reports:
  • 2017 Newsletter & 2016 Consumer Confidence Report
  • 2010-2015 Consumer Confidence Reports

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