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California has been struck with the worst fires ever, our hearts go out to those who have lost their homes.  As our water system is in a wooded area, are you prepared?  Below is the Calfire Wildfire Evacuation Guide.  Stay safe neighbors!
Did you know that during the Loma Prieta Earthquake the 50,000 gallon tank at the Norman yard jumped 2 feet and a 12 inch steel pipe broke in half?  Members were out of water for 3 days!! 
So every year TGW holds an emergency response training near the anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake for board & member emergency responders.  TGW is registered with Red Cross and CalWarn.

Attached at the bottom of the page are the following documents:
  • Household emergency kit checklist
  • Family Emergency Planning
  • E002 TGW Member emergency communications plan
  • Water interruption notices
 Emergency Preparedness resource links:

Saturday November 5, 2016 @ 10am Emergency Responder Check in!!
Emergency Responders are to check in for Mock Emergency Drill.  If you are on the Valencia side, report to 115 Norman Rd at the Norman Tank.  If you are on the Trout Gulch Side, report to 90 Victoria Lane at the Meadow Ranch Yard.
October 2015:  TGW Board of Directors will be meeting this year to review our documentation and start building an Emergency Kit for the Company.  If you are interested in attending, please email tgw.staff@gmail.com
5/19/15: Last month's magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal served as a reminder of how destructive big earthquakes can be. Below are some links to help you better prepare for the next Big One!
TGW Board of Directors and Emergency Member Responders training alternate each year near the date of the Loma Prieta Earthquake (10/17).  Below are the latest scheduled training and preparedness materials.
TGW Member Emergency Response Team meeting Oct. 18th 2014  @10am
90 Victoria Lane
Coffee & Donuts will be served!!
Cert Classes at Aptos Fire Dept. starting January 7- February 11, 2014. 
Get a free emergency backpack!
Go to www.aptosfire.com to register!
October 2013 is TGW Emergency Preparedness month. 
2013 is the Board Training, 2014 will be member training.
TGW Board of Directors will be participating in disaster drill onsite scenerios on 11/5/13! 
Thank You for participating in the May 2013 Emergency Drill!! 
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