Trout Gulch Mutual Water Company

Tenant/Renter of TGW Membership Households Policy


 TGW  P005

TGW Household Policy for Tenant/Renters and Members


It is the responsibility of the Member, not the Tenant/Renter, to communicate with the Board of Directors regarding payment and water rate issues. Tenants/Renters will need to resolve any payment issues, questions or concerns directly with their Landlord/Member on water rates and payment agreements.


The Member is responsible to establish and maintain a payment method for water service. It is also the Member’s responsibility to communicate any changes in water rates directly to their Tenants/Renters to ensure payment is fulfilled to TGW.


Payment for water service provided by TGW can be made by Tenants/Renters on behalf of Members.


Water service related issues, questions or concerns may be communicated by the Tenant/Renter to TGW to ensure continuous service.

Patricia Newby,
Aug 10, 2012, 10:18 AM