Walks 2018:

Long Walk: Dundonald Castle, Visitor Centre to Troon.

Date of Walk: 1st March 2018.

Distance : 7 Miles Linear.

Terrain: Muddy in places, mostly flat with some climbing at the beginning of the walk.

Walking Poles essential.

START at the Information Board behind Dundonald Castle Visitor Centre and follow the path leading past the play park on your right into the trees.

After crossing a bridge Turn Left at a crossroads and further along when you come to the end of the path Turn Right indicated by the green arrow on the way marker post. .

You will come to a muddy section where the path appears to head steeply uphill directly in front but in fact as you approach the hill you will see that there is also a track turning left which you should follow.

You will reach a reservoir follow the path round the reservoir until it joins a minor road through a cluster of houses and farms before crossing over A78/Troon Bypass

via a footbridge and onto A759. Turn Left here to walk into the village of Loans.

Continue all the way through to the end of the village. The A759 bends right towards Troon but you should continue straight onto B746/Main Street.

After a short walk turn tight down a farm track. At the bottom of the hill turn right through an open gate green arrow way marker to walk along a narrow path alongside a field.

Cross a bridge and follow way marker and on reaching a minor road turn left.

This tree-lined tarmac road takes you right through the middle of Fullarton Woods and past Marr Rugby Club.

Follow the tarmac road which turns to gravel after passing the Rugby Club but you will soon reach another tarmac road where you turn right to pass Crosbie Cemetery. The path disappears here, cut across the grass and take care crossing Monktonhill Road to a track clearly visible heading into the trees at the other side.

At a gate you will come to B749/Southwood Road which you should cross over and again the onward route is clearly visible straight ahead.

Keep Left at a fork which will lead you up onto the railway bridge.

Cross the bridge and follow the path straight across Royal Troon Golf Course (don’t use your walking poles as you cross the Golf Course) until you reach the sandy beach.

You can either follow the narrow grassy path just before reaching the beach or walk down to the beach for better views and walk along the coastline to Troon town centre.

At the end of the Royal Troon Golf Course look for the stairs to reach the Promenade and walk along the town centre.

Recce completed by Pamela Colligan for Janet Strang 23rd Feb.2019


Short Walk: Glasgow West End

Date of walk: 15 February 2019

Distance/Grade: 3.5 miles ‘C’ and circular

Terrain: Street walking

Meeting place: Buchanan Street Bus Station at 10:30am.

This is an easy walk of approximately 3.5 miles.

The walk starts from the Buchanan Street Bus Station at 10.30am.

Our walk takes us from Buchanan Street to Charing Cross and then on through Park Circus and into Kelvingrove Park.

From the park we cross Kelvin Way and walk through the grounds of Glasgow University and proceed to Ashton Lane and then onto Byres Road where the walk ends.

There are some gradients and a small number of steps on this walk.

Walking poles are entirely optional as it is essentially a city walk.

Recce completed by: R. Stewart on 4/02/19



Date of Walk: 1st February 2019

Distance: 7.5 MILES GRADE “C+” LINEAR

TERRAIN: Tarmac Paths


The start of the walk is at Falkirk Football Stadium where there are toilets. We follow a broad path out of the car park ( left facing the stadium), cross at a pedestrian crossing and on the other side follow a sign for Helix Park.

We continue to the Plaza Café and turn right following the path around the Lagoon keeping the Lagoon on our left. On returning back to the Plaza café we head around the great lawn towards the main entrance. At Etna Road roundabout head towards and cross the blue bridge and from here you can see the Kelpies., Continue along the pavement beside the A9 road to Asda Warehouse where there is a sign for Langlees Community Woodland pointing to the right.

Go down the track and turn left after the pylons along Abbots Road. Continue along the road and at a Y junction take the path to the right until you come to the human sundial. Facing the sundial go down the path on the left and pass Love and Kisses on the right. Turn right at the black fence and continue along, going right at the green bridge, until you return to the human sundial. Turn left at human sundial through the woodlands and over a small bridge.

Follow the path with the wetland on the right and continue along the path until you come to the Kelpies which is a good place for lunch. We head away from the Kelpies to join the Forth and Clyde Canal which was the world’s first sea to sea canal. Cross the canal at Lock 3 and continue with the canal on your left until you reach the Falkirk Wheel.

The walk is mostly flat but there are steps in a few places. Poles are not necessary.

There is a café and toilets at the Falkirk Wheel.

Recce completed on 25/01/2019 by Elinore Bones Patricia Clark Grace Gentles.


Short Walk: Greenoakhill Forest

Date of walk: 18/01/19

Distance/Grade: 4.5 miles ‘C’ Circular

Terrain: Woodland Paths, very muddy in 2 areas

Meet: 9.30am at Chatelherault Car Park or 10am at Black Bear in the Premier Inn, Uddingston where toilet facilities and coffee can be had.

For those not meeting at Chatelherault please meet at the Black Bear no later than 10am.

We will walk to the Mail Coach Gate by crossing the footbridge over the A 721 and the Walk will start at the Mail Coach Gate at 10.20am.

Parking is extremely limited so please double up where possible.

*Walking Boots and gaiters are essential and poles are recommended.*

As this is the transformation of a former landfill site into a green oasis on the edge of Glasgow this walk will be lead by Woodland Ranger Mr Jim Smalls who will give us information on the project on where it is now and where it plans to go in the future.

On completion of the walk lunch or coffee can be had at the Black Bear.

Recce completed by: E, Ferguson & H. Atkinson 10/01/19.


Long Walk: Strathclyde Park to Chatelherault

Date: 11th January 2019

Distance: 7 miles Circular Grade C+

Terrain: Tarmac and Wooden paths.

Boots and Poles recommended. Could be quite muddy.

Note:- There is no coach for this walk.

Meet at 10:00 am, Strathclyde Park Watersports Centre.

Carry out coffee and toilets available before walk. Could be quite muddy.

Leave car park turning right then left across bridge, turning left at other side of bridge. Walk up the side of River Avon to Chatelheraut.

Bring packed lunch as normal and there will be toilet facilities at Chatelheraut.

There are 76 steps on the way back to Strathclyde Park.

Recce completed on 4th January by D. Swann, P. Colligan, P Clark, A. Mochrie.


Short Walk: Polkemmet Country Park

Date: 14th Dec 2018

Distance: 4 miles, Circular, Grade C, Duration 1 ½ hours approx.

Terrain: Tarmac paths, woodland paths, wooden bridges (may be slippy, care req’d) wooden boardwalks (may be slippy, care required). muddy in places, some tree roots sticking above surface, some steps, med inclines (stop for rests).

Boots and poles required, (festive jumpers optional).

Meet at:

Chatelherault 9:30 am car share.

Polkemmet Country Park EH47 0AD, 10:15am in court yard at the visitors centre.

Toilets available, still to find out if the Cafe will be open on Friday 14th Dec., if not, small cafes available in Whitburn, a short drive from the park.

Start walk 11;00am approx (based on above cafe options)

A leisurely walk around the various paths within the country park.

Rcce completed by: Hugh Atkinson/Robin Stewart, Wednesday 5 th Dec 2018


Long Walk Kirkintilloch to Lambhill Stables on Canal

Date. 7th December, 2018

Distance. 6 miles C - Linear

Terrain. Flat - mostly tarmac

Poles not necessary

For our Xmas walk we are walking along the Forth and Clyde Canal.

We start for our toilet/coffee stop at Caulders Garden Centre,

Kilsyth Road and then continue to Kirkintilloch centre where our walk

starts by the canal. This is a flat walk, passing Cadder Wharf and

Cadder Church, Bishopbriggs Leisure Centre before we reach

Lambhill Stables where we will enjoy our Xmas treats.

If you have a Xmas jumper, please wear it and let’s celebrate our

SLOW Xmas walk in style!

Recce done by:Kathleen Hunter/ Pamela Colligan/ Elinor Bones /David Swann, Saturday 1st Dec 2018.


Short Walk: Greenhead Moss Nature Park, Wishaw

Date: Friday 16th November 2018

Distance: 3 miles, circular, grade C

Duration: 11/2 hours Approx.

Terrain: tarmac, gravel paths, muddy in places, one med incline.

Boots required, poles optional.

Meet at:

Chatelherault 9:30am, car share, Tesco Extra, Bellhaven Road, Wishaw, 10am, (toilets and coffee). Leave Tesco’s 10:30am, start walk at Greenhead Moss nature park, Creamery Road, Wishaw, 10:45am approx.

Leisurely walk around various paths within the nature park.

Recce completed by: Hugh Atkinson/Walter Purdom, Wednesday 07th Nov. 2018.


Long Walk : Friday 9th November 2018

Distance: 8 Miles C + Linear

Terrain : Tarmac Path Walking boots or Shoes - Poles optional

There is no toilet facilities at start of walk but we will be stopping at Tesco where facilities can be used.

The walk starts at the entrance to Milgarholm Park. From the far end of the car park turn left and follow the footpath, looking out for another track to the right shortly before reaching the bridge over the Annick water. This leads down to the riverside and onto the cycle track.

The route takes you across B7081 Annick Road, past the Hallmark Hotel, before swinging round to the right. As you approach Greenwood Academy there are several paths tempting you left or right but continue straight on to stay on the Cycle Network 73 route. We will cross the Annick Water, then Station Road in Dreghorn. As you approach Springside the path zigzags a few times before crossing over Townlands Road, turn right here then it is a case of following the track where we will emerge onto Munro Avenue Kilmarnock, cross the road at the traffic lights and pick up the path on your right, go through an industrial estate merging on to Hill Street where the new Ayrshire College is on your right which leads us into the centre of Kilmarnock where there is a variety of coffee shops and pubs.

This walk all be it a cycle route is surprisingly scenic.

Recce completed 27/10/18 by S. Strachan, G. Gentles , A. Mochrie, J. Strang,


Short Walk: Fereneze Braes Barrhead

Date of walk: 26/10/2018

Distance/Grade: app. 3.5m. / Grade C+

Circular/Linear: Circular

Terrain: Hilly, Tarred paths, woodland/country paths, gradients and some steps, upward and downward

Walking Boots and Poles are essential

Meet: Chatelherault, 09:30 or Café 136, Barrhead, where there are coffee and toilet facilities.

In Barrhead at Iceland L.T. and the free car park is on your left, walk back to the main St. L.T. and the café is on your left.

Leaving the car park, continue to the end of main St., at the r/bout R.T. onto Paisley road, through the rail bridge, immediately L.T. into Graham St. Park at the beginning of Gateside St.

The walk starts in Gateside St, where we walk uphill to Fereneze Braes, passing some beautiful homes, then we are rewarded for our effort on a clear day with magnificent views.

We continue on our right through the countryside till we return to Gateside St, and the end of the walk.

Recce Completed: Tuesday 15th October 2018

Walk leaders: Robin Stewart and Bob Fairfull



Date: Friday 19th October, 2018.

Distance/Grade: 6.5 miles - Grade C+

Terrain: Lochside path, woodland paths and cycle track.

May be muddy in places.

Boots and poles recommended.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a recce report as we had to cancel the

planned recce due to adverse weather conditions.

Another recce is planned for Wednesday 17th Oct.

Meantime the following is a walk description.

The walk starts at the visitor centre where there are toilet facilities

and a tearoom for coffee/tea.

We walk along the Lochside path for 1.2K then turn L into Parkhill

Wood. Follow path to pond and Grotto. Turn L and in 50M left again.

Take path over Park Hill where there are lovely views of 3 lochs -

Castle Semple Loch, Barr Loch and Kilbirnie Loch. Follow path back

down into woods. At fork go L uphill and follow path along top edge

of wood. In about 500m take R fork downhill. At T-junction go left

and follow path to cross footbridge. Turn L at next T-junction and

follow path to a second footbridge. After crossing this continue

straight ahead until we reach a kissing gate at the edge of the woods.

Go through this and carry on along the farm track which leads us to

the ruins of the Collegiate Church built by Lord Semple and dating back

to 1504. Continue along the track towards an ornate former railway

bridge - do not pass under this, rather turn sharp R and proceed up a

Tarmac ramp to the cycle track. Turn L and follow cycle track for

approx. 1/2 mile to view the Temple which was built on Kenmore Hill

to give the landowners a better view of the surrounding area.

At this point we turn around and walk back along the cycle track to

the visitor centre.

Walk Leaders: M.Jaap, E.Bones, P.Colligan, K.Hunter.

Date 13/10/2018


Short Walk: Kelvin Walkway

Distance: 4 miles Grade C

Walk Leaders: Margaret Neil / Robin Stewart.

Date: Friday 12 October 2018.

Walking poles optional.

Terrain: Fairly flat with just a few gentle gradients, near the end of the the walk there is a flight of 48 steps with handrail.

Walk will start at Glasgow Buchanan Street Bus Station at 10:30 am.

We will walk through city, past Charing Cross and Park Circus, then enter Kelvingrove Park, from which we join the Kelvin Walkway. Continue along the walkway until we reach the Botanic Gardens. where the walk ends.

There is a pleasant tea room within the gardens and plenty of cafes on nearby Byers Road.

There is a regular bus service to take people back to the city centre, there is also the Underground station in Byres Road.

Recce completed by: M Neil / R Stewart on 25 September 2018


Long Walk :- Bannockburn and St. Ninians.

Date of walk:- 5/10/18.

Distance/ Grade:- 7.4 miles / C+ circular.

Terrain:- woodland paths muddy in places, pavements and minor roads, short climbs.

Hazards:- Tree roots, stones and some fallen trees on woodland paths.

Minor roads with no pavements. Boots and poles recommended.

We begin at Bannockburn Heritage Centre taking the path towards the flagpole and monument.

Just before reaching the big circle we take a small path on the left. This leads to a disused road where we turn left downhill to a minor road. Here we turn right and continue on this for 500m.

100m. after crossing the motorway we turn right, going through a farmyard and continuing on this main path until reaching another minor road.

We turn left up this road and walk for 70m. before taking the track on the right. Past some rhododendron bushes, we take a small track which takes us downhill through woodland and past some dilapidated structures built for mountain bikers eventually reaching another minor road.

Here we turn left downhill and cross over the motorway once again.

After turning right we continue on this road for 350m. Before turning left into Torbrex.

The road narrows to a path which we walk along until we reach a small opening in the wall and make our way into Beechwood Park--lunch stop!

On leaving the park we cross a busy main road, turn left into Bellfield Road then first right going to the end of this road and reaching a dual carriageway. We cross and take the path into a small valley that rises sharply up again to a residential road. Where the road bends we take a footpath on the left eventually reaching the corner of an access road. Here we go left then right at the main road, crossing the road to pass a postbox before turning left. We pass the Post Office and take a tarmac footpath which we leave to take a muddy path through Balquidderock Wood.

At the information board we go left onto another tarmac path to reach playing fields. We take the path which zigzags out of the Valley and leads to a main road where we cross and descend a wooden staircase (numerous steps). We now pass a historic bridge then take a footbridge across the burn. Here we follow a path passing a weir before taking a metal footbridge and then a short but steep climb to a main road. After crossing this road we take the signposted route through the fields which brings us back to the Heritage Centre.

This is a walk with lovely views and lots of information boards along the way.

Recce completed 22/09/18 by Elinor Bones, Muriel Japan and Sheena Strachan.


Short Walk: Uddingston to Blantyre via Redlees Park

Date of walk: 28/09/2018

Distance/Grade: app. 4m. / Grade C

Circular/Linear Linear

Time Approx. 2 hours

Terrain: Woodland Paths, can be muddy in places, some inclines and a few shallow steps.

Hazards: Crossing busy roads, short distance along a busy road with no pavements, Cyclists, look out for s/posts - cycle route.

Meet: 10am at Uddingston Station

From Hamilton by bus: Stance 5 No. 255 at 09:27. Glasgow or Powhill bus, both go to Uddingston

There are no toilet facilities, if you wish a cuppa, bring a flask. The station coffee shop is closed

Start: Uddingston Station bridge.

Walk down with the car park on your right, at the roundabout turn left and follow the path through the underpass, continue , leaving the school on your right, there are some works here taking place on the Clyde bridge, cross the river Clyde by a metal foot bridge and continue, walking uphill to a T junction where we turn right and this leads to Blantyre Farm Road, after crossing with care we turn left and walk single file for a short distance against oncoming traffic, we take the 2nd R.T. into Redlees Park walking down and around the pond taking the uphill path on our left which leads to “The Battery”

The Battery, known as the “Whins” is the remains of the world war 2 military base which housed ant i- aircraft guns, Barrage balloons, shells ect. Personnel huts and concrete gun emplacements are all that remain, information tablets tell the story.

From here we take the red path back to the main road, after crossing the road we R.T. joining the pavement alongside the football field and walk to Coatshill.

At the end of the pavement railings, L.T. into Carlowrie Av., and make our way to Holmswood Av. Which we follow to Glasgow Rd. here we turn left to the traffic lights at Stonefield Rd. and the end of the walk.

Here, the choice is to return to Hamilton on Buses 267, 263 or 201.

Or light lunch and toilet facilities at “The Little Tearoom” or Asda Blantyre.

As the tearoom tends to be busy, I would advise giving me a call and I will book a table.

R.T. into Stonefield Rd.

2nd. L.T. into Calder St. The Tearoom is on the corner of Calder St. and Victoria St. and

Asda is almost across the road.

Recce Completed by: Bob Fairfull and Walter Purdom

Date: 17/09/2018


Long Walk : Darvel Circle.

Date of Walk; 21 September 2018.

Recce Completed by: Bob Fairfull and Walter Purdom

Date: 17/09/2018

Distance /Grade: 6m Circular C+

Terrain -- Tarmac Paths, Rough Paths, Muddy Woodland Paths. Steady 2 mile uphill climb.

Boots and Poles Recommended.

Toilets and take away coffee at the start will be at Galston Tesco and Co-op

Walk starts in Darvel bus will drop use on the main road we then walk down Randoldcoup Road .After crossing the River Irvine take the road on the left uphill signposted Long Cairn Walk ,follow this road then out on to open hillside .After crossing the humpbacked bridge over Logan's Burn turn right onto an earth track which runs alongside the burn to emerge at a minor road .Turn right and continue uphill on this road for 2 miles until you reach a crossroads at Kielands Farm .Turn right at the farm alone a gravel track towards an area of forestry , this will be the lunch stop.Then follow the road down hill you will reach the Lanfine Estate you walk through the estate following the sign post for Darvel at the end of the road you will go through a set of gates .Continue straight on this road which leads back to the Randoldcoup Bridge where the walk started we then walk back up the Randoldcoup Road to Darvel Main Street end of walk

Recce completed : 16.09.2018 Grace Gentles,Joan Brown, Linda Christie, Jim McLaughlin.


Short Walk: Greenhall Estate Blantyre

Date of walk: 14th September 2018

Distance: 4.5 miles & Grade ‘C’

Time: Approx 2 hours

Circular/Linear: Circular

Terrain: Mainly good forest paths with some tarmac road & steps

Meet: At Chatelherault Car Park 9.30am for car share or at the New Carrigans, Broompark Road, off Stonefield Road, Blantyre at 10am where Toilet facilities are available.

Tea & coffee can be had in Carrigans.

Walk will start at 10.30am

Poles are optional

The walk in this wooded estate is on very good gravel paths of which there are many.

Leaving Carrigans turn R and walk to the end of the road then turn L onto Hunthill Road, cross over this road and go through a gate and into the estate.

Follow the gravel path down until we reach an opening on the L take this path and walk down path and at the end of this path turn L and follow this with the river on you R hand side for about half a mile.

We then come to 30 steps up (the steps are in very good condition with good handrails) and then take 50 steps down into the gorge.

Continue to follow the path until another set of 8 steps these take us up to a tarmac road turn L and follow this road to the main gate of the estate we turn R out of the estate and follow the road reaching another opening on the R to return back into Greenhall Estate.

Once back inside the estate follow the path and then cross over the grass area to a gravel path and walk down this path to reach the river, crossing the bridge, with the river on our R follow another path taking care with tree roots in places. We walk until we reach a metal gate and this is where we turn back to retrace most of our steps. Except as we turn back and at a fork on the path take the R path and walk under the Viaduct pillars and cross over the wooden bridge again and a second wooden bridge turn L and take path back up to grass area and at the top then turn L onto gravel path.

With the river on the L continue on gravel path, we come to the steps again which we climb up and then down (time will be taken to get up and down the steps).

Walk until we reach an area where trees have been felled and take a path to the L continue on path and at another junction take the path on the R and walk up to main path and gate out of the estate on Hunthill Road and back to Carrigans car park where walk will end.

Recce completed by; Margaret Neil & Emily Ferguson 6/9/18


Long Walk: Greenock Cut.

Date of Walk: 7th Sept.2018

Distance / Grade: 7.5m Circular. C+

Terrain: Rough paths. Boots and Poles recommended.

The walk starts at the visitor centre where toilets and take away coffee are available.

We start walk turning left going through a gate and following the path with Loch Thom on our right.

The path is quite rough in places.

At the start of the walk there is a long gentle incline which soon becomes a level path. We carry on the well marked

path passing a fishing hut on our right.There are lovely views of the Firth of Clyde.

At Overton cottage we turn left and follow path above the coast.

Gradually the path cuts inland and we pass Shielhill farm on our way back to visitor centre.

Recce completed by : Betty Fraser, Janet Strang, David Swann, Linda Christie. 30/08/18


Short Walk: Glasgow Murals, Town Walk.

Date of Walk: 24th Aug.2018

Grade: C

Time to Complete: 1.5 - 2 hours

Terrain: Tarmac Paths and Cobble Stones

Walk Leaders: Bob Fairfull & Walter Purdom

MEETING POINT: - Buchanan Street Bus Station Glasgow at 10:30 on Friday 24/08/2018.

Terrain: - Main Road Pavements and cobbled lanes

Footwear: Good Walking Shoes required. Walking Poles: Optional

Underfoot conditions are in the main good but this is dependent upon the weather. Risk of slipping and tripping

Weather Conditions on 16/08/2018:- The weather was very cold, sunny and dry

This is a Circular route using roads and public footpaths

Details of any features of the route that require any special caution (Busy Roads Slippery Surfaces etc)


There are some inclines to negotiate in order to view some of the murals.


Meeting Arrangements and the ROUTE

The initial meeting point is as stated on the published programme.

Following the recce it has been decided to restrict the walk to approx 3miles. The walk is advertised as a circular walk, however following the recce the walk will finish in Buchanan Street in the city centre. Anyone unsure of the route back to the Bus Station please see myself or Bob Fairfull

There will be no planned toilet stops during the walk. Please take advantage of the facilities within the bus station. To accommodate this, the walk will commence at 10.45.

Initially we will make our way to George Square, then to High Street. From High Street we go to the Clyde Walkway via various roads. From the Clyde walkway we return to the central part of Glasgow and finish in Buchanan Street.

Recce completed by Walter Purdom 16/8/2018


Long Walk: Millport inner Circle.

Date of Walk: 17th August 2018.

Distance / Grade: 7.5 Miles. Grade C

Terrain: Tarmac paths throughout. Some gradual hills.


The cost of the ferry is £3.30 Adult. (There is no concession) To make it easier please bring the exact change. Please give it to Linda Christie at Elaine Ramage’s car at Chatelherault before you get on the bus. To save time we will pay the tickets all together at the ticket office.

Ferries run every 15 minutes. There are toilets at the ferry terminal. There are also toilets behind Wetherspoons in Largs and a couple on the boat.

Please bring your own coffee and you can drink it on the boat.

The walk starts at the ferry slip on the Isle of Cumbrae. We turn left passing the National Water Sports Centre. After the centre we pass a whitewashed house then turn right up the hill onto ferry Road. This was the original road to Millport before the shore road was built.

We continue along for ¾ mile to a junction on our right signposted Millport via Glaid Stone Hill. We walk on uphill past Figgatosh farm on our right. Look out for a former mineral well on the left opposite the farm road end. The walk continues to the top of the hill where the Glaid Stone is situated.

On the stone there is an indicator helping to identify various landmarks. This is the highest point of the island with excellent 360* views on a clear day. There are plenty of benches here for a snack or lunch depending on our progress and the weather. From the viewpoint we return to the road turning right passing through Breakough Farm towards the bottom of the hill.

Turn right and follow the road signposted Millport direct ½ mile. It is worth stopping to visit the Cathedral of the Isles, designed by William Butterfield (it is reputed to be the smallest cathedral in Britain and one of Scotland’s architectural gems) and it’s grounds, which we pass on our left.

When we reach the seafront turn left and continue along until the road bends to the right, Kames Bay. Do not turn right but straight ahead into Ferry road. Continue on this road back to the ferry terminal.

This is a slightly hilly walk (worth it for the views) but we will take our time. Depending on the weather we will spend some time in Millport town.

Recce completed Wednesday 8th August by Joan Brown, I Fletcher, J McLaughlin and L Christie


Short Walk Forth

Date: Friday 10 Aug 2018

Distance: 4 miles (grad C circular)

Terrain: pavements, grassy trails, stoney/gravel paths, some moderate inclines.

Hazards: tree roots, uneven surfaces, stepping stones across some muddy parts, at one point nettles close to the path, long trousers must be worn. Roads to cross, care required.

Boots and walking poles required.

Meet at Chatelherault 9:30 am, Forth Sport Centre, Main Street, 10:15 am, postcode ML11 8AW. Toilet facilities, coffee/cold drinks/snacks machines at Sports Centre.

The Inns Restaurant is at 50 Main Street, for lunch, after walk or morning coffee before the walk, if desired. (Car required between Inn & SC)

Main Street might be closed due to roadworks follow diversion signs.

Walk will start form the Sports Centre at 10:45 am,

(Refer to the map attachment on the e-mail)

Leave Sports Centre, go R and R again down the side of the SC, go down the steps and cross the playing field and exit through the gate to the road, go L, walk along the pavement until you reach the T junction, cross the road, with care, go R then next L onto a grassy path, follow map (e- mail attachment), The Glen/ Peat Pond/ Heathland Forest/ Wilsontown Ironworks, then retrace your step back to the Sports Centre.

Recce completed by: Hugh Atkinson / Robin Stewart / Walter Purdom

Date: 30 July 2018.


Long Walk. Strathyre to Kilmahog

Date: 03 Aug 2018

Distance. 8miles Linear C+

Terrain. Mostly flat, tarmac roads, forest tracks

OS Map Ref. OS46

We stop in Callander for toilet stop and then continue on to Strathyre.

We start our walk from the car park at the Broch Cafe, cross a

bridge over River Balvag and then turn left onto Cycle Route 7- a

tarmac road leads us up a slight incline giving us wonderful views

of Loch Lubnaig and the surrounding area. This path continues along the edge of the loch and we will stop for lunch on the shore-line.

After lunch we continue on the path passing Forest Enterprise

Log Cabins- this is now a tarmac road for vehicles going up and down

to the Cabins and can be quite a busy. At the crossroad, we

continue straight on, now following the very picturesque River Leny,

now a narrower cycle path until we reach the main road-we cross over

to the Kilmahog car park where the bus will take us back to Callendar

for our coffee/tea stop.

This walk was done last Saturday by 4 stalwart Walk Leaders who

encountered some very challenging weather enroute!

Please note this walk now ends at Kilmahog not Callander as stated

in the brochure.

Walking sticks would be helpful in places.

Recce completed by:

Kathlèen Hunter

Sheena Strachan

Muriel Japp

David Swann

Date: 28 July 2018


Short Walk: Douglas

Date of walk: 27/07/2018

Distance/Grade/Time: 4miles ‘C’. 2 hours.

Circular/Linear: Circular

Terrain: Estate roads, Forestry tracks which can be muddy and rutted in places

Walking Boots or Shoes required and Poles are optional.

Meet: Chatelherault Car Park at 9.30am for Car Share or 10.00am at Community Car Park, Braehead, Douglas which is adjacent to the Community Café.

On entering Douglas follow the ‘P’ sign and take immediate R turn, if you reach the Main Street you have gone too far.

The walk starts and finishes at the Community Café where there are toilet facilities.

We leave the Car park with St Bride’s Church straight ahead and take the road on our R

At the bottom of this road turn L follow this road for approx., 100 yards then take the steps down to the entrance and into the Douglas Policies with the West Lodge on our L and the Polish Soldiers Monument on our R.

Follow the unsurfaced estate road and at the end of Stable Loch we will see the Cameronian Monument on our L and a further 100 yards along the path is the remaining tower of Castle Douglas/Dangerous then retrace our steps from the Castle back to the path and take a R turn to cross the Blue Bridge over Douglas Water, follow the path up to Gardens House, the path veers R and we then go through a kissing gate on the L. do not pass the sheepfold.

The next part of the walk is a steady walk uphill through a conifer forest and at the next junction we take to the L and continue along a track (the German POW’s marched on this track from their camp to the pit head baths at Douglas West for their weekly bath.)

This track narrows through the forest which is rutted and can be muddy. We then reach another fork and take L turn down into another narrow track until it opens up into fields with wonderful views over the Douglas Valley.

We cross another bridge over Douglas Water and arrive at the rear of West Lodge and take to the R over grassy field with children’s play area on our R.

Walk up to and through St Bride’s churchyard then turn L and walk into Douglas Village and return to the Community Car Park where walk finishes.

Recce completed by: Robin Stewart, Emily Ferguson and Margaret Neil. 19/07/2018.



Walk date: 20th July 2018

Distance: 7 Miles "C" linear

Terrain well Surfaced paths and Pavements

Walking poles not essential

As there are no toilets in Longniddry the best place for a coffee and toilet stop is Dreghorn Services, which we will allow 30 minutes.

The walk starts at former Railway Line in Longniddry ( the line was opened in 1846 and carried passengers and farm produce to Edinburgh. The line closed in 1968). From the station car park head over the railway bridge to start the 4 1/2 mile Railway Walk, you will find finger posts giving information on the surrounding area about Redhouse Castle, Hopetoun Monument. At the end you reach Alderston Road Haddington. From here turn right to descend to West Road (B6471) and cross straight over making for the path by the red letterbox. Follow this as it leads into Burnside and then Clerkington Road, eventually leading to Pencaitland Road (A6093) . From here turn left and then immediate right across the road and down Long Cram. After approximately 200m , the path leading to the River Tyne is joined on the right hand side of the street. On reaching Haddington Town House ( built by William Adam in 1748) . Continue on the River Tyne to the town centre.

In Haddington high street there are plenty of coffee shops and hotels to choose from .

Completed on 7th July by : E Bones, K Hunter, A Mochrie, S Strachan


Long Walk: The Duchess Drive - Bowhill.

Date of Walk: 6th July 2018.

Distance / Grade: 7 Miles Circular C+

Terrain: Good tracks throughout, both in the forest and on the exposed moorland above, some uneven paths.

Boots and Poles recommended.

The start of this walk has a 2 mile uphill section. While the gradient is not steep, it is long and rises steadily. However the view are worth it.

We start the walk at the Bowhill estate car park.

The walk is waymarked with yellow arrows; begin by continuing up the tarmac lane that led to the car park, then forking right onto a track into the woods. Keep ahead at the next junction and then bear slightly right at the following fork. Soon the route passes a stone seat, carved with the letters BQ - which stand for the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensbury, owner of the estate.

Continue up the track through the plantation, going straight ahead at a crosstracks and leaving the forestry at a gate. The drive now continues onto the open moor. Carriage drives were intended for the estate owners and their guests to enjoy the views - a function that this one still provides today. Continue up the main track as it climbs up the moorland with an ever improving prospect when looking back - the triple summits of the Eildon Hillsbeing prominent. Look out also for the stone mile marker posts beside the track.

At a fork bear right to pass through a gate and continue on the now grassier track. The route climbs up to a saddle between Fauldshope Hill and Fastheugh Hill and reaches a line of well constructed grouse butts. Pass through the gate to continue on the main track which now curves to the right to pass around the northern side of Fastheugh Hill.

A stone seat gives the opportunity to enjoy the fine views northwards over the Yarrow valley. Continue on the main grassy route as it now heads northeast and passes through another gate. It rises slightly towards Newark Hill (note the prominent cairn further along the ridge - a good viewpoint) before bearing left - through yet another gate - and descending gently to reach the top of the plantation of Black Andrew Wood. Head into the trees and follow the track down to a t-junction; bear right here.

Keep straight ahead at another junction; the end of the drive is finally reached at a tarred estate road. Turn right and follow the road; at a junction it turns left to reach the imposing ruin of Newark Castle or tower. This imposing ruin was built in 1423 and belonged to the Douglas family, though it was later gifted to the Scotts. In 1645, following the Battle of Philliphaugh in the Covenanter's wars, 100 prisoners were slaughtered in the courtyard. Shortly after the castle there is the option to bear left downhill to a house before following the Yarrow downstream along the route of the Lady's Walk; however the quickest route is to stay on the estate lane.

Continue along the lane until it reaches a junction with another estate road. Turn left here past the cottages, and continue until the drive up to Bowhill House is reached. Turn right to head up this and keep straight on - passing the rear of the massive Bowhill House - to return to the car park.

Recce completed by: J.McLaughlin, P.Clark and J Strang. 29th June 2018


Short Walk: Moffat

Walk Date: 13th July 2018

Distance: 4 miles - circular - grade C

Terrain: Pavements (where pavement ends, walk on right hand side of road, single file) , river paths (stoney, some large stones & tree roots sticking up) care required.

Boots required, poles optional.

Meet at: Hamilton Bus Station 9:30 am take the X74 bus to Moffat. Arrive Moffat at 10:45 am.

Start walk from outside the Rumbling Tum Cafe at 11:15 am.

Head up high street, at the junction turn right onto Academy road A701, when you reach the roundabout go right onto Beechgrove (old Academy build on you right). Continue for about ¾ mile until you see sign on you right `1 ¼ Moffat / waterside walk`.

Follow the track down, go through the `kissing gate` and turn left and follow the path back to Moffat. On reaching the road A701 cross, with care, into `Station Park`. Do a half circle of the park and come back out onto A701 road.

Turn left walk down to the controlled crossing, cross over and turn right then turn first left `The Glebe` walk on until you reach the small roundabout and on your right admire the `Spitfire plane in the house garden. Retrace your steps back to the A701 road, cross road, with care, and walk on past the ESSO station and take the next right into `The Woollen Mill`.

Walk ends here.

Plenty of places in Moffat for lunch, etc..

X74 bus leaves Moffat at 25 minutes past the hour.

RECCE completed by: Robin Stewart / Hugh Atkinson Date 29 June 2018


Short walk : Baron`s Haugh

Date of walk: 22/06/2018

Distance/Grade: app. 4m. / Grade C

Circular/Linear: Circular.

Terrain: Tarred paths, woodland paths, some gradients and 2 sets of 10 shallow stairs

Meet: 10am Baron’s Haugh Car park, off Airbles Rd.

There are no toilet facilities, if you wish a cuppa, bring a flask.

Leave the car park, heading West on the red Route, at the T junction RT onto the path where there are hides to observe the wildlife, continuing on this path LT and join the river Clyde path leaving the river Clyde on your right continue past the Dalziell burn outlet bear left at the junction of the Clyde walkway to New Lanark.

Walk uphill thro’ Adder’s Gill and at the junction bear right (red) leaving the railings on your left cross the Dalziell Burn bridge, with Lord Gavin’s Temple in front of you turn left, pass the water fountain, church and the Mausoleum, we then visit Lord Hamilton’s Dog’s graves.

Retrace our steps to the Dalziell Burn Bridge where we continue straight on with the railings and burn on our right, up the steps x the bridge to the road and the Japanese Garden, thro’ the garden, RT onto a path and a road past Dalziell House on our left past the

Covenanter’s Oak past the Japanese Garden, over the Sow bridge and back to the Car Park and the end of the walk.

Light lunch, coffee,toilets etc. can be had at the Strathclyde Park Café.

Recce completed by: Bob Fairfull and Emily Ferguson 11th June 2018


Long Walk: South Queensferry to Dalgetty Bay

Date of Walk: 15th June 2018

Distance / Grade : 8 miles. C Linear. OS 65 & 66.

Terrain: Tarmac, good flat coastal paths.

Walking poles not essential, but would be helpful in places.

Toilet Facilities: Tesco, South Queensferry, Dobbies Garden

Centre, Dalgetty Bay.

We travel to South Queensferry and visit Tesco for the toilet/coffee

stop. The bus will drop us under the road bridge for the start of the

walk. We will walk the mile long bridge crossing together and then

split into our groups for the remainder of the walk.

We proceed downhill into North Queensferry where we join the

Fife Coastal Path at the Waterloo Monument. We then reach

Carlingnose Point which is a wildlife nature reserve and gives us

excellent views over the Forth and the Bridges. Walking on we pass

some striking ‘grand design houses’, the start of many beautiful

houses we pass on the coastal path. We then reach the sandy bay at

Port Laing before heading inland around the Industrial inner bay at

Inverkeithing and then walking on through the town , passing the

Mercat Cross and then we reach playing fields close to the water

where we plan to have lunch.

After lunch we walk on to St David’s Bay where at the end of this Bay

we encounter a short diversion -the path is closed for remedial work,

however the diversion is only 500 metres and takes us back to re-join

the path taking us through Donibristle, a delightful area with a small

harbour, and a sailing club.

Walking on, we then reach the picturesque shore of Dalgetty Bay and

at the end of the bay we turn left, ascending some steps taking us up to Frankfield Road

where the bus will pick us up for a short drive to Dobbies Garden Centre.

Please note this walk has been shortened -we felt 8 miles was long enough!

Recci completed by: Kathlèen Hunter Joan Brown Betty Fraser Muriel Jaap.


Short Walk: Glasgow to Lambhill Stables & Marshes

Date of walk: 8/6/18

Distance/Grade/Time: 4 miles ‘C’ & Linear

Terrain: Tow Paths & Dirt Track Paths

Meet: Buchanan Street Bus Station @ 10.30am.

The walk starts at Buchanan Street Bus Station; from there we walk out the back of the Bus Station cross the main road with care and walk up onto the Forth & Clyde Canal path.

We walk along the canal path until we reach the Lambhill Stables where we can have a toilet stop. Following this stop we then walk round the Lambhill Marshes finishing back at the Stables. This is where we end our walk.

At the Stables refreshments can be had before we return to Glasgow City Centre via the No. 7 Bus.

The Stables is a local community project & run by volunteers, it also has lovely gardens to have a walk round on completion of the walk.

This is a flat walk and poles are optional especially for walking around the Marshes, walking shoes necessary. Walking time is approximately 2 hours.

Recce completed by: Margaret Neil & Robin Stewart on 21/05/18



Date of Walk: 1stJune 2018

Distance / Grade: 6Miles. Grade C Linear.

Terrain: Walking Poles advisable as walking on sand, pebbly beach and uneven ground. The paths are up and down only a couple a bit steep. Beautiful views and varied scenery.

The walk starts from the toilets in Gullane and from there to the Gullane Bents. Walk east across the grassy area and continue on a gravel track which comes down from the road, following signs to ‘overflow car park’. The track narrows to a path which swings left around a plantation. Turn right at a white arrow. The path is now very sandy in parts and passes between high gorse bushes. At a fork, go right and reach a fence along the edge of the famous Miurfield Golf Course.

Pass a large green hut, continue on a grassy path, and turn left on a clear track beside the links. When it swings sharply back left, go straight ahead on a rougher path to reach the dunes. Join a track coming up

from the shore, and at the edge of the wood, do not go into the trees but go left on a narrow path, briefly following the edge of the wood before striking across open ground.

By the small islet of Eyebroughty, go down to the shore and walk along the beach or shoreline, with the island of Fidra clear ahead and sandstone cliffs to your right. At the end of the cliffs and sandy beach, go up a clear path, and continue around the fence of Marine Villa. There is a superb view of Craigleith and Bass Rock ahead, and Fidra is just offshore. Continue on the path and across a sandy beach, rounding a point to pick up the path again. At a fork go left to keep close to the shore. Rocks here make a good observation point for the birds, especially if you have binoculars with you. Reach an open area. Head right, towards the trees, to pick up the track from the Yellowlees car park: there are toilets here.

Walk beside the road for 1.5km to reach Dirleton. At the junction, turn right to reach the centre of one of the most attractive villages in Scotland with its large green. On the left is the impressive ruin of Dirleton Castle.

Recce completed by - Pamela Colligan/Grace Gentles/Elinor Bones/Robin Stewart


Short Walk; Palacerigg Country Park / Glencryan Woods

(**Please note: this is a substitute walk for Roslyn Glen**)

Walk Date: 25th May 2018

Distance: 4 miles, Grade C, Circular.

Terrain: Woodland paths, could be muddy in places, includes slopes (will take short rests on the way up).

Hazards: The path takes us across the golf course, care must be taken for golfers/ golf balls.

Boots and poles required.

Meet at Chatelherault car park at 9:30 am.

Palacerigg Visitors Centre at 10:15 am, start walk at 10:45 am.

Coffee, tea & toilets at Visitors Centre.

Depending how busy the park is on the day of the walk, cafe might be busy, at lunch time, seats may be limited.

Start Walk:

Leave Visitors Centre by main exit and turn right and right again, walk up towards the childrens play area and turn left (Red Arrow indicated route). Continue on this route and take the first right (Red Arrow) follow this path until you come to the path on your right marked with the Blue Arrow, take this path and keep following the Blue Arrows until you reach the Model Flying club then turn right (Blue Arrow). Continue on this route until you reach the main road turn right (Blue Arrow) the path follows parallel to the road. Keep following the Blue Arrows route until you reach the junction with the Red Arrow route, turn left and follow the path, take the next turning on your right and this will take you back to the Visitors Centre.

Recce Completed By: Walter Purdom & Hugh Atkinson on 10th May 2018


Long Walk: Doonhill & Lochan Spling Aberfoyle

Walk Date: 18th May 2018

Distance: 6 miles Grade C+ Circular.

Terrain: Tarmac paths, farm tracks & forest paths, muddy in places.

Boots & poles required.

Toilets, tea and coffee available in the Woollen Mill at the beginning and end of walk

Walk starts in Aberfoyle car park, we go to the west end and turn left over a small stone bridge. Carry on along this road until we see a sign for Doonhill Fairy Trail, passing Kirkton cemetery we turn left onto a farm track to bottom of Doonhill Fairy Trail. This is quite steep (but children climb it). On the way up lookout for the fairy houses, we soon reach the top and the Minister’s Pine of Rev. Kirk fame. From the large pine retrace our steps for about 20 yards, go right, back past the cemetery to a red letter box where we turn left onto a forest track, after about ¾ mile, the Lochan Spling comes into view through the trees on you right. At the other end we turn right along a small path and follow it around the loch. At the end of the loch there is a great view over the Lochan and the loch Ard forest.

Follow the track to the end of Lochan, turn left and retrace our steps back to Aberfoyle car park.

Recce completed by : D Swann, J Strang & S Strachan Date: 17th April 2018


Short Walk: The Kelpies, Falkirk

Date of walk: 11/05/2018

Distance/Grade: 4miles/C

Circular/Linear Circular, Approx. 2 hours

Terrain: Tarmac, hard core, pavement, river and woodland paths, fairly flat, can be muddy in places, 1 short flight of steps

Meet: Chatelerhaut car park, 09:30 car share.

Hazards Crossing a busy road, Canal and the River Carron

Start and Finish at Falkirk Football Stadium car park,

At the start of the walk there will be time for a quick coffee or tea, and at the end for a light lunch. There are toilet facilities here and at the visitor centre.


We cross the main road at the traffic lights and enter the Helix park, heading north, following signs for the Kelpies hub past the lagoon and the great lawn, through the wetland area past the two 30 metre high Kelpies sculptures.

We cross the canal past the colourful boating huts and the marina, RT alongside a fence and continue along the path with the river Carron on our right heading for Langley woods and come upon the Roman sun clock. There is workmen here building a new footbridge over the river.

A tarmac path leads straight on to the love and kisses monument(this will test the imagination) we retrace our steps to the sun clock, RT onto a broad path which comes out at an access road we cross straight onto a core path and follow this to the main road we continue on the pavement and cross the Blue Bridge then LT onto a descent through the car park back into the helix park, keeping the large walls and lagoon on our left return directly to the stadium car park which is the end of the walk.

Date; 30/04/2018

Recce completed by; Bob Fairfull and Walter Purdom




TERRAIN: A good level path around Loch Leven


We start the walk at Kinross Pier. We turn left at the loch side and follow the path, passing a swing park on our left and then Kinross House comes into view also on our left. We leave the loch side and continue along the path between fields and trees. At the junction we keep right and then on our left we pass a habitat hedge which is made out of twisted willow. We cross Pow Burn and then back to the loch side where the path veers left over a board walk and we then follow the path to the right through some trees. At Loch Leven Larder sign we keep to the right. Again we walk through some trees and a gliding airfield comes into view. If we are lucky we may see gliders taking off. We continue along the path and cross a metal bridge over the River Leven Cut where, we were told, when the water is clear it is possible to see oyster and muscle beds. We follow the road and just before Sluice House we turn left and then sharp right and continue with the loch on our right ending our walk at Vane Farm RSPB.

This walk has tranquil woodlands, lush farmland and panoramic views across the loch to the hills beyond. There’s also a wide variety of birds to spot.

The terrain is very flat so no poles are required.

Please note there will be toilets shortly before the beginning of the walk but no tea or coffee available. We finish the walk at Vane Farm RSPB where there are toilets and a café.

Recce done on 16th April 2018 by: Patricia Clark Joan Brown Linda Christie Robin Stewart



Date of WALK: 27Tth April 2018.

Distance: 5 Miles - Circular

Terrain: Woodland Paths

There are a few muddy sections. Walking Boots and Poles recommended.

The walk starts and finishes st the visitor centre. We follow along the golf course. We then go down quite a lot of steps.

( down hill on the steps only, we don't have to climb steps on the way back to the visitor centre)

We cross the bridge and go up a slight incline past the old oaks, before making our way back to the visitor centre.

Recce completed by: Margaret Neil.


Long Walk: The Tweed Walk to Lyne Station.

Date of Walk : 20th April 2018.

Distance: 7miles Os 73.

Start and Finish :Greenside Car Park Peebles

Terrain :Mostly good paths .Some stretches are muddy due to wet weather .

Boots and poles recommended.

As the Greenside Car Park has no toilets and no parking for a coach we will go to the Car Park in Peebles over the bridge where their are toilets however their is a charge for the toilets of 30 pence no change given they take 20 and 10 pences.

No Coffee available .

The walk starts at the car park we will take the steps at the side of the bridge cross the road carefully and go down to the Greenside Car Park where we join the riverside path through Hay Lodge Park .Continue past Neidpath Castle you will come to a bridge go up the steps at the side of the bridge this takes you on to the former railway line .

Go alone the railway line to the Manor Valley Road. Cross the road and take the stile and steps opposite to gain access to the former railway line.

Cross the bridge over the Lyne water this will be the lunch stop.

Go down the steps on the left hand side ,then right alone the lane.

Continue past the houses and on a path to the footbridge over the Tweed .

At the far side of the bridge turn left and follow the path through the wood to Millbraehead. Then join the driveway leading to Barns Tower ,continue past the tower and after 350 m turn left along a path returning you to the riverside .Follow this path until you reach Manor Bridge ascend the steps go over the stile turn left and follow the signs marked The Tweed Walk this will return to the river path which leads use back to Peebles alone the river .

Recce Date 10th April by Grace Gentles ,Pamela Colligan,Elinor Bones ,David Swann.


Short Walk: Spectacle E’e Falls, Strathaven

Date of walk: 13 April 2018

Distance/Grade: 4 miles ‘C’ Circular/Linear: Circular

Terrain: Pavements, muddy fields, uneven ground and steps.

Walking boots/shoes and poles are required for this walk.

Time for walk : 2 hours.

Meet: Chatelherault at 9.30am for Car share or Station Road Car Park, Strathaven at 10.00am.

There are no toilet facilities at the start of the walk.

Leaving the Station Road Car Park we turn L into Todshill Street and at the junction

cross over onto Lesmahagow Road and walk along this broad pavement until we reach

a wooden style.

Cross the style and keeping to the right side walk down the field until a wooden bridge

comes into sight, cross this bridge and turn R. Follow this path keeping the river Avon

on your R side taking great care as we walk by the river, this is a very uneven path with

lots of tree roots and uneven stepping stones. Steps have to be climbed to get to the

Spectacle E’e Falls and the old mill.

After viewing the mill and Falls, climb more steps and then go through a wooden gate

into a field and walk to the other side of the field, we then go through a metal gate turn

R to arrive down at the Kype Water.

Follow this narrow road into Sandford and turn L walk up towards Sandford P.S. and walk

around the village before walking down out of the village and crossing a green metal bridge to

arrive back onto the Lesmahagow Road and as we walk along this road and come to an old

bridge on our R we pass the Strathaven Brewery and then return to Station Road Car Park in Strathaven.

When this recce was done the conditions underfoot were not good and if the weather

conditions remain the same at the date of the walk then an alternative walk around

Strathaven will be done.

At the end of the walk refreshments can be had either in the many coffee shops in

Strathaven or at the Rural Centre on the Hamilton Road.

Recce completed by; E. Ferguson & R. Stewart

Date; 27/03/18.


Long Walk: Whinney Hill Woods Balloch.

Date of Walk: 6th April 2018.

Distance / Grade: 7 miles. Grade C. Linear.

This is a moderate walk of 7 miles.

There are a few slightly steeper sections and a flight of 11 steps.


There are a few muddy sections so boots and poles are advised.

The walk starts at Balloch Castle, we follow a path left of the front of the castle, northwards till we reach a T junction.

Turn left and continue to reach a small gravel area. Turn right to follow path out of the woods and along a grassy way

through a small meadow. Bend gradually left to reach Balloch Burn and a T- juction with the burnside path.

Turn right uphill on the uneven path through the woodland of Fairy Glen, with the burn on your left.

Duck under a fallen tree and go up some steps to emerge through a gate onto a minor road.

This is the area which can be very muddy and slippery.

Cross the road and go through another gate opposite ,onto a stony path.Follow this as it winds uphill.There is a wall on our right hand side.

The path bends left away from the wall and drops slightly down to meet a forestry track.

Turn left along the forestry track and follow the only obvious route along a track which brings to you a gate.

Go through gate and walk along a stony vehicle track.

Turn left and follow track towards the distant loch.turning left to walk parallel with the shore.passing the driveway into Lorn.

The track becomes a metalled road at Boturich Castle..We then continue to the gated crossing at the top of Fairy Glen.

Turn right here back down into the glen following the path back past our original joining point.sticking beside the burn

as it makes its way downwards to Loch Lomond.

Continue past the castle and head towards Balloch.We will cross River Leven at road bridge and head towards

Lomond Shores where walk will finish.

At the start of walk there at toilets at Balloch Bus Station. You are advised to bring own tea or coffee is desired.

Recce completed by Betty Fraser, Patricia Clark, Muriel Jaap, AlisonMochrie


Short Walk to Pollok Country Park

Date: 16/03/2018

Distance: 5 miles circular grade C

Car share: Chatelherault 9:30 am

Pollok Country Park: 10:15 am, 2060 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, G48 1AT

(Use car park to the side of Pollok House, coffee and toilets available.)

Boots recommended, poles optional

Walk leaders: Margaret Neil/Robin Stewart


Long Walk : Irvine to Kilmarnock.- Cancelled.

Date of Walk: Friday 2nd March

Distance: 8 Miles C + Linear

Terrain : Tarmac Paths

Boots required muddy in places, Poles optional

There is no toilet facilities at start of walk but we will be stopping at Sainsbury's where facilities can be used.

The walk starts at the entrance to Milgarholm Park. From the far end of the car park turn left and follow the footpath, looking out for another track to the right shortly before reaching the bridge over the Annick water. This leads down to the riverside and onto the cycle track.

The route takes you across B7081 Annick Road, past the Hallmark Hotel, before swinging round to the right. As you approach Greenwood Academy there are several paths tempting you left or right but continue straight on to stay on the Cycle Network 73 route. We will cross the Annick Water, then Station Road in Dreghorn. As you approach Springside the path zigzags a few times before crossing over Townlands Road, turn right here then it is a case of following the track where we will emerge onto Munro Avenue Kilmarnock, we pass the new Ayrshire College which leads us into the centre of Kilmarnock where there is a variety of coffee shops and pubs.

This walk all be it a cycle route is surprisingly scenic.

Recce completed 17/02/18 by S. Strachan, P. Colligan, A. Mochrie, J. Strang,


Short Walk: Museum of Country Life, East Kilbride

Date of walk: 16/02/18

Distance/Grade/Time: 5 Miles / C / 2.5 hours approx.

Circular/Linear: Circular

Terrain: Farm tracks which can be very muddy and country roads.

Map: OS 64

Meet: Chatelherault Car Park at 9.30am -- Car Share.

The walk starts and finishes at The Museum of Scottish Country Life, where there is car parking, toilet and coffee facilities.

We will start the walk at the Museum at 10.30am

Walking shoes and poles are recommended.

There are some gentle inclines and some fine views, walking poles are recommended.

When Robin and I did the recce there was flooding near to High Flat Farm and when I did a further recce the road was open, it is hoped that the road will be fine when we do our walk.

We leave the Museum, cross the road bearing left and take a R turn through a gate onto a farm track, continue along this and turn L through a gate onto a path, then through another gate, crossing farm road then through another gate towards the woods bearing L. We go through a gate and turn L onto a quiet road past some of the fields of West Kittochside Farm, then the fields of more modern farms and finally into the village of Carmunnock. The road ends at a T junction, take a R turn then after a short distance take a R turn into Cathkin Road

We cross Cathkin Road taking great care as we do so and then go through a gate; we follow this path, which can be muddy, until we come back onto a minor road. Follow this road as it twists and turns for about 0.5 miles until we reach High Flat Farm after a further 0.5 miles to end at a T-junction opposite the road leading to West Rogerton Farm.

R turn then continue through Kittochside, pass the drive to Kittochside House on the R and reach another T-junction, L turn and follow the road back to the Museum and the end of the walk.

Recce completed by; Emily Ferguson and Robin Stewart

Date; 26/01/18



Date of walk: 2nd February 2018.

Distance/ Grade : 8 miles circular/ C+.

Terrain : Woodland paths, Tarmac roads and paths. Some moderate inclines and some steps.

Very muddy in places. Boots and poles required.

From the Courtyard we head for the Nature Trail and go Right to join the high path above the river. This path we follow for about 2km passing under two road bridges before reaching a road.

The views along the river gorge are particularly nice.

We then cross the road and take the path for Langlands Moss. Unfortunately, we will not be able to cross the Moss as the boardwalk has been destroyed by vandals. Luckily a local resident showed us an alternative way through woods.

The path here goes alongside a burn. It is very muddy here and there are many tree roots to watch out for.

When we come to a clearing, we go left and in a short distance join a forestry path then go through a gate onto a country road which leads to Auldhouse. Lunch break at Auldhouse.

The return route takes us on a road which turns right after Auldhouse passing Langlands Golf Course. We stay on the road until the sign for the Visitor Centre and continue on this path with the river on our right .In a short distance this path links up with our outward route and takes us back to Calderglen.

Recce completed 26/01/18 by: Elinor Bones, Linda Christie, Patricia Clark and Betty Fraser.


Long Walk: Skelmorlie to Largs.

Date of Walk: 5th January 2018.

Distance / Grade: 7 miles Linear. Grade C+

Terrain: Tarmac Roads and Paths.

Boots and Poles Recommended.

There are two reasonably long gradual uphill sections and one Steep short section towards Meigle.

The walk starts at Wemyss Bay Railway Station where there are a few public toilets. On leaving the station turn right and go along the road a short distance before turning left to go up Station Road. There is a short sharp ascent up this road to Skelmorlie. Along the route is a board erected to illustrate the Ayrshire Coastal Path which we are following and which will help us to pick out landmarks later in the walk. About 300 yards up the hill we turn left then come quickly to Skelmorlie library. We head south. The road continues on pavements through the village. When coming to a 3 way junction (the Red Road) we take the middle road. Care has to be taken from here on as there are no pavements. If the main A78 coast road is blocked, the Red Road can become busy with diverted traffic.

We pass Skelmorlie Caravan Site and enjoy magnificent views over the Cowal Peninsula. From here we descend past Skelmorlie Castle to the shore. Care has to be taken crossing the busy A78 as there is no pavement for about for 150 yards. On the shore is a good place to have lunch. From here after crossing back over we turn left and walk up into the hamlet of Meigle. This section is quite steep. After climbing back up to enjoy the views over the Firth of Clyde we walk for a further 3 miles. At a sign post we took the Low Road. The road gradually descends as we pass the golf course on our right. We go along Routenburn Road to go back down to the shoreline where we turn left and make our way back along pavements to Largs.

There are some beautiful views over the Firth of Clyde and to islands beyond. A lovely walk, not difficult and the views are spectacular.

In Largs there are various cafes in which to enjoy a cuppa.

Recce completed by: Kathleen Hunter, Sheena Strachan, Linda Christie and J.McLaughlin. 28th Dec.2017.


Short Walk: Palacerigg Country Park

Walk Date: 12th January 2018 (note date changed from 19th)

Distance: 4.5 miles Grade: C Duration: 2 hours approx.

Terrain: Tarmac / gravel / stoney / dirt paths, muddy in places,

some steps and moderate inclines.

Boots required, Poles Optional.

Meet at: Buchanan St Bus Station at 10:20am to take the 10:30 X25 bus (Stance 2) to Abronhill. Get off at the Woodcutters Pub, Hazel Road, Abronhill. When you alight from bus go right and the pub is a few yards along road on your left.

If going direct by car, the postcode for the pub is G67 3BT (car park at pub).

Coffee and toilets available at the pub which opens at 11:00am, also serves meals from 12:00 to 2:30pm.

Start walk from the Woodcutter at 11:15/1130am approx.

Exit pub at back door turn right and follow the tarmac path through the wooded area.

When you come to the T junction, turn left and through the underpass, turn right and follow the green arrow markers along the front of the housing blocks, continue on until you reach steps, go down, turn right and go through under pass up the steps onto the approach path (Purple Route) to Palacerigg Country park (approx 1 mile), when you reach the T junction, turn right (Red Route). Continue on and at the first road turn left, this will take you past the visitors centre, car park, golf club building, Fannyside Loch and eventually back to the Purple Route, turn right and retrace you steps back to the Woodcutter Pub.

Recce completed by: Margaret Neil / Hugh Atkinson Date: 20th Dec. 2017