Walks 2017:

Short walk :Buchanan Street Bus Station to Govan Stones

Date of Walk: 15th Dec. 2017

Distance: 3miles

Grade: C - Circular. Time taken to complete 1.5-2 Hours

General Information

MEETING POINT: - Buchanan Street Bus Station Glasgow at 10:30 on Friday 15/12/2017.

Terrain: - Main Road Pavements and Clyde Riverside Walkways

Footwear: Good Walking Shoes required.

Weather Conditions on 08/12/2017:- The weather was very cold, sunny and dry

This is a Circular route using Riverside paths and public footpaths

Details of any features of the route that require any special caution (Busy Roads Slippery Surfaces etc)


There are several inclines to negotiate in order to cross the footbridges/ road bridges.


Meeting Arrangements and the ROUTE

The initial meeting point is as stated on the published programme.

The initial route was to start from Buchanan Street Bus Station and walk to Govan, however this has changed and now we will be walking from Govan to Glasgow Centre. Having had discussions with the people from Govan Stones they are prepared to allow us to visit the Govan Stones, on the inside of the church, for a short period on Friday. N.B the church is normally closed during the winter. Therefore I would appreciate that our visit is confined to a maximum of half to three quarters of an hour.

In order to meet the Govan Stones arrangements we will require to take the subway from Buchan Street Subway Station to Govan as an initial part of the walk. The cost of a single concession ticket is £1 and the Journey time is approximately 12-16 minutes. On arrival at Govan Subway station we turn left and cross Govan Road and continue along it. On passing the Pierce Institute we turn right and enter Govan Old Church. Following the visit there are several small cafes adjacent to the Govan Shopping Centre if a coffee etc is required. At approximately 12:15/12:30 we will start our walk back towards Glasgow along Govan Road. On reaching the access road to the Glasgow Science Centre we make our way onto the Clyde Walkway. We follow this back into the Centre of Glasgow.

Underfoot conditions are in the main good but this is dependent upon the weather.

The walk will finish when we reach the centre of Glasgow, thus giving those that are in need of any last minute Christmas shopping an opportunity to do so.

Recce completed by: Walter Purdom and Bob Fairfull. Date: 08/12/2017


Long Walk: Bowling to Maryhill.

Date of Walk: 25th Nov.2017.

Terrain: Canal paths and level walkways.

Distance: 8 Miles linear. OS ref 342.

This is a lovely, level, winter walk along the Forth and Clyde Canal. The walk starts from the Bowling Basin which is well signposted in Bowling and is signposted ‘National Cycle Route 7’.

It is easy to follow and as long as you keep the canal on your left as you walk towards Glasgow you never need to cross the canal at any point.

Lunch will be at the Clydebank Shopping Centre where there is ample seating (on a dry day) and there are toilet facilities.

On the day we walked it had been raining heavily and there were some VERY large puddles. So do make sure you wear you waterproof boots but sticks are only necessary for those walkers who like them in all conditions.

The walk ends at Lock27 where the bus will pick us up.

The bus will take us to the large Tesco in Maryhill at both ends of the walk. Walkers who like a coffee at the beginning can get a Takeaway one in Greggs on the ground floor. The toilets are upstairs in Tesco. They have a café there too for our tea/coffee at the end.

Recce completed: Tuesday 21st Nov by Joan Brown, Grace Gentles, Muriel Jaap and Robin Stewart


Short Walk: New Lanark to Falls of Clyde.

Date of Walk: 17th Nov 2017.

Distance: 4 Miles circular. Grade C.

Terrain: Firm walk way and woodland paths.

Walking boots and poles recommended.

Car share from Chatelherault 09:30 / Meet at top car park New Lanark.

Outward - Follow the Clyde Walkway from New Lanark visitor centre to Falls of Clyde.

Return - Woodland walk back to New Lanark.

There are several sections with steps particularly on the outward journey. Please note there are no handrails on any of the stepped sections. There are some inclines and the woodland section may be quite muddy.

Recce: completed by Robin Stewart. 9th Nov.2017






The walk starts and finishes at Aberfoyle where toilets and cafes are available.

We turn left on leaving carpark and continue along the road in direction of Kinlochard.

at Milton turn left at SP for Loch And and Car Park.Continue along narrow road to a car park

and turn right at SP to Kinlochard following red marker post.

After going up a gentle hill the path splits, follow the route to the right and the red marker post.

continue along the path till we reach a picnic table and a small loch Lochan Spling.We follow red marker

posts and continue downhill till we reach Loch Ard and some lovely views. At T junction it is worth a few moments to find the red


Turn right and follow path keeping Loch on left side.

We return to starting point and path back to Aberfoyle.

There are a few gentle hills, paths are hard core and generally not muddy.

Recce done on 25th October 2017 by

David Swann

Alison Mochrie


Long Walk: Clyde Walkway Cambuslang to Bothwell.

Date of Walk: 20 October 2017

Distance: 7.5 Miles

Grade: c+ Linear

Terrain: Footpaths and various surfaces.Care is also needed at several busy roads.

Very muddy waterproof trousers and poles recommended.

One very steep hill .

Bus will leave at 9.15 as usual.

We will go to Cambuslang Morrisons for toilet and coffee stop.

Walk starts Bridge Street Cambuslang at Morrisons car park cross the road and take the path

On the left towards Cambuslang footbridge .Do not cross but instead turn right along the cycle path along the south bank of the Clyde .Go left at a fork(note the heron sculpture) to pass under Clydeford Bridge.The cycle path leads past a weir and approaches the Carmlye Viaduct,fork left off the cyclepath onto a grassy path (signed) to continue close to the Clyde and pass under the viaduct.

The next stretch feels much more rural with swans on the river though it is also rougher underfoot .At the path junction take the path to the left alone the side of the River it should be on your left .This can be muddy in places you will also see construction work on your right housing development at Newton.

The path goes alone the river then goes slightly up hill this will be lunch stop .

The path then reaches a steep hill skirting another new development of houses on your right.

The path then descends care is needed as with the falling leaves and mud the path is very slippy .We then reach a bridge over the Rotten Calder -a tributary of the Clyde .

Cross the footbridge and head uphill on the far side ,untill a right turn leads under a railway bridge.Keep ahead when the track is reached and follow this to the main road .Cross this carefully ,then follow the path directly across the main road to the right ,this runs parallel to the road but just inside the woods .

You will reach two paths the first is to a garage we take the second sign posted Clyde walk way care is needed on small bridge as you reach this path as very slippy.

Follow the path which leads back to the Clyde by a rail bridge ,and then curves right,crossing the river on a footbridge. On the far side turn right to head upriver once more keeping right at several path junctions to remain on a woodland path beside the Clyde.Eventually the route passes below the ruins of Bothwell Castle .The path then descends through the woods back down to river level.Follow the path and you will reach a wall go through the exit the David Livingstone Memorial Bridge will be on your right.

Turn left and head into Bothwell where the walk ends

Recce completed 13 October by Muriel Jaap, Kathleen Hunter,Grace Gentles.


SHORT​ ​WALK​: ​DENNY​ ​(Chacefield​ ​Wood)

Walk​ ​Date​:​ ​27th​ ​October​ ​2017

Distance​:​ ​3.5​ ​miles​ ​-​ ​circular Grade:​​ ​C

Terrain:​ ​​Farm​ ​tracks​ ​(muddy​ ​in​ ​places),​ ​surfaced​ ​paths,​ ​Tarmac. Moderate​ ​inclines​ ​(will​ ​stop​ ​for​ ​rests)

Boots​ ​required,​ ​poles​ ​optional.

Meet​ ​at​:​ ​Chatelherault​ ​9:30am

​ ​Parking​ ​and​ ​toilets​ ​at​ ​Sports​ ​Centre. Coffee​:​ ​Cafe​ ​Anton​ ​/​ ​Greggs​ ​bakery,​ ​Glasgow​ ​Road,​ ​Denny

Lunch​ ​suggestions​:​ ​at​ ​above​ ​or​ ​Tesco’s​ ​Superstore​ ​in​ ​Camelon, Falkirk​ ​(FK1​ ​4JB,​ ​4​ ​miles​ ​from​ ​Denny.)

Start​ ​from​ ​car​ ​park​ ​at​ ​sports​ ​centre,​ ​take​ ​the​ ​path​ ​to​ ​the​ ​right​ ​of​ ​the​ ​sports​ ​centre and​ ​follow​ ​this​ ​all​ ​the​ ​way​ ​towards​ ​the​ ​grass​ ​playing​ ​fields​ ​behind​ ​the​ ​school.

Carry​ ​on​ ​straight​ ​past​ ​the​ ​new​ ​school,​ ​keeping​ ​the​ ​playing​ ​fields​ ​on​ ​your​ ​right.

Near​ ​the​ ​end​ ​of​ ​the​ ​playing​ ​fields​ ​there​ ​is​ ​a​ ​signposted​ ​path​ ​to​ ​Chacefield​ ​Wood, on​ ​the​ ​right,​ ​going​ ​into​ ​a​ ​small​ ​wood.​

​Follow​ ​this​ ​path​ ​and​ ​cross​ ​over​ ​a​ ​small wooden​ ​bridge,​ ​continue​ ​until​ ​you​ ​come​ ​to​ ​a​ ​self​ ​closing​ ​gate​ ​onto​ ​a​ ​farm​ ​track.

Turn​ ​right,​ ​and​ ​follow​ ​the​ ​track​ ​for​ ​100m​ ​until​ ​a​ ​track​ ​appears​ ​uphill​ ​on​ ​your​ ​left. Take​ ​this​ ​track​ ​and​ ​follow​ ​it​ ​up​ ​towards​ ​the​ ​woodlands, pass​ ​through​ ​a​ ​couple​ ​of​ ​self​ ​closing​ ​gates​ ​and​ ​once​ ​you​ ​reach​ ​the​ ​end​ ​you​ ​are in​ ​Chacefield​ ​Wood.

Go​ ​left​ ​and​ ​follow​ ​the​ ​track​ ​through​ ​the​ ​woods​ ​and​ ​you​ ​will​ ​come​ ​to​ ​the​ ​M876 motorway,​ ​go​ ​left​ ​through​ ​a​ ​self​ ​closing​ ​gate​ ​and​ ​follow​ ​the​ ​path​ ​down​ ​the​ ​side​ ​of the​ ​field​ ​(M876​ ​on​ ​right).​

​Once​ ​at​ ​the​ ​bottom​ ​of​ ​the​ ​path​ ​go​ ​left​ ​and​ ​​ ​follow​ ​the disused​ ​railway​ ​path​ ​past​ ​Leslie​ ​Park​ ​farm​ ​until​ ​you​ ​come​ ​to​ ​the​ ​main​ ​farm​ ​road leading​ ​to​ ​Cuthelton​ ​farm​ ​an​ ​Mydub​ ​farm.​

​Take​ ​care​ ​when​ ​entering​ ​the​ ​farm​ ​close all​ ​gates​ ​behind​ ​you.​

​Continue​ ​on​ ​farm​ ​track​ ​(100m)​ ​until​ ​you​ ​come​ ​to​ ​a​ ​self closing​ ​wooden​ ​gate​ ​on​ ​your​ ​left​ ​which​ ​is​ ​sign​ ​posted​ ​Herbertshire​ ​playing​ ​fields,

Take​ ​this​ ​path​ ​and​ ​cross​ ​over​ ​the​ ​original​ ​wooden​ ​bridge​ ​and​ ​retrace​ ​your​ ​steps back​ ​to​ ​the​ ​Sports​ ​Centre.

Recce​ ​completed​ ​by:​ ​Hugh​ ​Atkinson​ ​and​ ​Walter​ ​Purdom​ ​on​ ​Date:​ ​4/10/2017


Short Walk: Eddlewood to Bothwell

Date of walk: 13/10/17

Distance/Grade: 5 miles ‘C’ Linear

Terrain: Tarmac, Dirt Tracks and Woodland Paths and some steps.

Meet: Carrigans Eddlewood at 9.30am.

Walking Poles are recommended.

Remember to bring your BUS PASSES.

There are no toilet facilities at the start of the walk but we will be stopping at a supermarket where these facilities can be used.

Leaving Carrigans we turn L into Meikle Earnock Road and walk uphill until we reach the path on the righthand side of the road which takes us onto the Neilsland Trail.

We walk the length of this woodland trail, which is an old disused railway line, this can be a bit muddy in places, until we come out at Lady Watson Gardens on Woodfoot Road.

We cross this road and continue until we reach Wellhall Road, cross over this road and walk down towards the Aldi Store and immediately before this store we take L and follow the path around a small estate until we reach the ‘OLD PIT ROW’ walk down this road until we reach another disused railway line on our R follow this path until we reach Peacock Cross.

We cross this very busy road by using the pedestrian crossing and walk down towards the Retail Shopping Park and Supermarkets where we will have a short stop.

Following our short break we will walk down into Whitehill and immediately after Beckford Street Primary School we turn R onto a path which takes us into the Whitehill Woods.

Follow the path through the woods, cross over a small wooden bridge, take the path towards houses and at the top turn R crossing over a green bridge and once over the bridge turn sharp R to return back into the Woods. We follow the woodland path until we reach Bothwell Bridge.

We walk up into Bothwell where our walk will be finished, we can have a coffee stop and then get the bus back into Hamilton; please remember your bus passes.

Recce completed by: E. Ferguson & W. Purdom 9/10/17.


Long Walk: Alloa to Dollar.

Date of Walk: 6th October 2017

Distance: 6.5 Miles - Linear

Grade: C+

Terrain: Tarmac and Hard Core Paths.

The walk starts at Alloa Railway Station. There is an Asda Supermarket

beside the station with toilets and a cafe.

We leave the station and cross the railway bridge to join Cycle Route 767

which is known as the Devon Way and follows the old line of the Devon

Valley Railway which was closed in 1964.

We follow this path, passing through part of Sauchie, and then entering a lovely tree lined path out into

the country.

After passing under two bridges we reach a junction where

the left hand turn leads to an Equestrian Centre while the Devon Way

continues straight ahead with the southern face of the Ochil Hills now

dominating the skyline and we can enjoy lovely views as we walk along.

After a few miles we reach Tillicoultry, one of the six hillfoot towns

which are strung along the southern edge of the Ochil Hills.

We will have a lunch break here.

After lunch we rejoin the cycle path which is tree lined with the hills on our

left and the River Devon on our right. After 3 miles we reach the outskirts

of Dollar and we continue until we reach the old station platform. After this

the path leads us up to the town centre where the walk ends.

We will have a break in Dollar for tea/coffee before returning home.

Recce Completed By: M. Jaap, E.Bones, J. Strang. 23/09/2017.


Short Walk: Rouken Glen

Distance: 4 miles

Grade: C - Circular


Pavements, Tarmac and riverside paths (muddy in places). May need to alter route if weather is very wet to avoid the mud.

Moderate inclines (will stop for rests).

Various sets of steps around walk (totalling 150 up, 100 down approx).

Boots and poles required..

Meet/start walk at Rouken Glen Visitors Centre (Restaurant and Toilets inside).

Exit garden centre and turn right, walk straight ahead to the T junction and you will see the Visitors Centre and children’s play area straight ahead, take the path on the left and walk between the Centre and play area. Turn next left and walk through the East Lodge gate onto the main road. Turn right and walk along to the traffic lights, go left and cross the road to the other side, turn right then left into Woodfarm Road, when you come to a white building on your right (Glen Family Centre) take the next right turning into Eastwood Park, do the circular of the park returning to this start point (Glen Family Centre) and retrace your steps back to Rouken Glen entering through the East Lodge gate. Go straight ahead and when you reach the boating pond go clockwise round the pond and at the far side take the left path and pass waterfall, continue straight ahead and do the riverside walk back to the Garden Centre.

Recce completed by: Robin Stewart and Hugh Atkinson

Date: 13/09/2017


Long Walk: Sanquhar via Euchan Water

Date of Walk: 15th September 2017

Distance: 7.5 miles - Circular

Grade: Moderate

Terrain: Muddy Paths, Roadway and Pavement

Walking boots and Poles recommended.

From the toilets at the Toolbooth walk along the main street to the eastern end of Sanquhar to join the Southern Upland Way. At the waymarker go right towards the ruined castle and follow the SUW to Blackaddie Bridge, cross and turn left along minor road to Euchan Water. Poles will be useful to make your way down a slope.

Go through the gate at the cottage and follow woodland path. It is an attractive but muddy glen, passing Euchan Well (the water tastes horrible!) and Euchan Falls.

At Old Barr Farm follow the minor road and at approximately 300 metres past Euchan Cottage take the track on the left to cross the bridge. At Glenmaddie Ford cross the bridge to rejoin the road.

Turn right and walk on the minor road back towards Sanquhar with its impressive backdrop of hills over towards the Green Lowther and the “golfball”. At Old Barr rejoin the woodland and follow it back to Blackaddie Bridge and the direct road back to the Toolbooth.

Recce completed by Linda Christie 5th September 2017


Short Walk: The Differick.

Date of Walk: 8th September 2017

Distance: 4 Miles – Circular

Grade: Moderate.

Terrain: Farm tracks and Tarmac.

Hazzards: Tracktors

Walking boots and poles recommended

Meet at Chatelheraut Car Park 09:15am for car share or Greenrig 10:00am.

There is no public transport.

The Walk starts at Greenrig, where there are approx. 5 houses. Please park considerately.

We follow a gently rising track between the houses uphill. The whole of the Clyde Valley is on view and the hills of Argyll and the Trossachs are easily picked out, until we reach Boreland Wood. The Differick ends at Low Boreland Farm passing Beeches Nursery.

At the crossroads turn left and follow the road all the way to Hawksland. Turn Left past the row of houses known as Dickland. About 100 yards beyond houses @ (rebuilt by John Frater) take the left fork and follow the road via Burnside nursery back to Greenrig.

At the far end of Kirkfieldbank (don’t cross the Clyde) turn right onto Riverside Road and continue up to Newhouse Farm on your right, just past the farm turn right. After a short distance turn right again into Greenrig Road, follow this road into a dip and then to Greenrig at the top of the hill. Where the walk started.

Recce Completed by : Margaret Neil and Bill McCann.


Long Walk: Kinghorn to Silver Sands.

Date of Walk: 1st September 2017

Distance: 6.5 Miles. Linear.

Boots and poles are definitely recommended.

There are several long uphill stretches on this walk .

Walk starts at Kinghorn where there are toilets, tea and coffee available.

We start walking up Castle Wind to reach a main road. We turn into a road

signposted Kinghorn Loch.We continue past the loch on our left hand side,

past Craiencalt Farm.This is uphill and becomes a rough track, we follow this track to the road

parts of this path are very muddy in places.

When we reach the main road, after a short distance we turn right on a path

signed The Binns.This becomes a rough track which is again muddy in places.

We follow a cycle track downhill to reach the road.

We cross at Golf Club and follow a path on left which drops through trees.

At its end go right and follow road till we reach Greenmount Road South.

Cross Main Road and go down Lochlee road under the railway bridge. carry on

and reach the links at Burntisland.

We are then following Fife CP Sign.

There are public toilets at Burntisland for which there is a charge of 30p

After crossing the links we walk along Main Street till we follow sign up

Lothian Street.Go over the hill and down to go left at CP Sign along a tarmac path.

this soon runs beside the railway .We carry on along a path beside the Firth, we may see

the seals which are quite common on this part of coast.

We cross under the railway again and follow path to Silver Sands.

We decided to finish walk here as the path round to Aberdour had a set

of very steep and unsafe steps, and there are very few cafes available there.

Recce completed by : Betty Fraser, Joan Brown, Elinor Bones and David Swann.


Short Walk: River Ayr Walk at Craigie Estate.

Date of walk: 25/08/2017

Distance/Grade: 4 miles ‘C’

Circular/Linear: Circular

Terrain: Good Footpaths

Meet 9.30am at Hamilton Bus Station at Bus Stance 17 which is next to the Tour Bus Stance.

The X16 bus stops outside the Ayrshire College/UWS.

We start our walk at the Weir on the River Ayr Walk and continue along this path passing the Athletic Club and the UWS building.

Continue walking along this path and then into an avenue of trees, continue on this path with the river always on our R hand side until we reach a Y junction.

We take the path to the R crossing a small bridge and then walk along the edge of the Dalmilling Golf Course, continue on this path until we reach the A77 where we walk up onto the pavement, cross the bridge, then turn R and walk down some stairs to continue our walk along the path on the other side of River Ayr Walk.

This path continues until we come to a Red Bridge which we cross and then walk until we reach the UWS building where our walk will be ended.

Those people who bring packed lunches can eat them on the seats outside of this building if they wish.

Care must be taken as we walk along the edge of the golf course.

We return on the X16 Bus the return times are 6 minutes past the hour and 36 minutes past the hour.

Remember to bring your Concessionary Travel Cards.

Please use the under pass to get to the return journey home bus stop.

Recce completed by A. Rankin & E. Ferguson on 17/08/17.


Long Walk : Bo'ness to South Queensferry

Date of Walk : 18th August 2017

Terrain: Flat walk, only one slight incline going into South Queensferry

Distance : 8.5 miles.

Landranger : No. 65

We will have a coffee/toilet stop at Dobbies at Livingston and then continue to the start of

the walk at the foot of Carriden Brae on the outskirts of Bo'ness.

The walk follows a Scottish Right of Way-Route 76- passing an industrial site leading to the foreshore.

This tarmac path curves eastward along the shore until we reach Blackness Castle.

This stop is a third into our walk but very suitable for our lunch stop in the grounds of the

Castle with a shop selling tea, coffee and ice-cream - with one toilet ( there are public

toilets in the village prior to reaching the Castle).

On leaving Blackness Castle we again follow Route 76 walking along a grassy area close to

the shore and then crossing a small bridge onto a woodland path leading to the grounds of

Hopetoun House.

Here we walk around the grounds giving us lovely views of the House and

Gardens. We leave this area through large gates and head down to join a narrow road for use

by traffic going and coming from Hopetoun and here it is advisable to walk in single file.

The only slight incline is ahead of us as we walk towards South Queensferry- we walk under

the new Queen Elizabeth Bridge and with the other two bridges in view, is quite a spectacle!

On reaching South Queensferry there are a number of coffee shops - and pubs - and we will

meet the bus at the parking area for buses at the end of the promenade.

Recce completed by: Kathleen Hunter, Pamela Colligan, Elinor Bones, David Swann


Short Walk: Garrion to Cambusnethan Priory

Date of walk: 11 August 2017

Distance/Grade: 4.5 miles Circular

Terrain: Tarmac Roads and good footpaths

Meet: At Garrion Bridge Garden Centre Car Park at 10.am.

After a comfort stop at the above garden centre we walk out of the garden centre turn R, and with great care being taken we cross the busy road and then walk up to the Brownlee Road footpath turn L and walk along this path and then into Cambusnethan Woods.

We stay on this woodland path until we reach Cambusnethan Priory, we walk past the Priory and then a farm comes into view we then turn L and walk down into the farm passing allotments by the side of the path and then pass a smelly pig sty before turning R and continue to follow the path round until we reach and go through the kissing gate.

Once through this gate we are once again in woodlands and continue walking until we reach a small wooden bridge which we cross and turn R to return to the path that takes us up and along to the Brownlee Road Path. At the top the path we turn R and walk back down the busy road to the Garrion Bridge Garden Centre.

Recce completed by: E. Ferguson and A.Rankin on 31/7/17.


Long Walk: Whitelees Wind Farm Eaglesham Moors.

Date of Walk: 4th Aug. 2017.

Distance: 8 miles circular.

Terrain: Good paths on firm surface. Poles optional

The walk starts and finishes at Visitor centre and we are doing Lochgoin Circuit.

We start at Turbine 40 turn left at signpost for Lochgoin.We can enjoy views over

Eaglesham Moor to Ayrshire and Galloway on a clear day.

We pass T41 and continue along track turning right before T54.

We cross a cattle grid with Lochgoin on the right. continue below the slopes of Blackwood

Hill.We continue into the heart of the moors.

The track makes the way past Dunwan Dam then swings right passing T87.

Continue over a cattle grid pass a conifer plantation and T88 to reach a sign for Lochgoin


We continue alongside Lochgoin to reach T27.We reach a grass embankment

and continue above the loch passing a fishing hut .

At this point we can see the Covenanters Monument in the distance but we do

not walk past it.

We reach main track at T11 follow track to T42..Bear left past the turbine and follow track

as it descends to reach the outward-bound track and retrace steps back to Visitor Centre.

This is a very easy walk with good paths, very slight inclines, no hills or steps.

Toilets, tea and coffee available at Visitor Centre.

Recce completed by: Betty Fraser,Grace Gentles and Elinor Bones


Short Walk: Strathclyde Park to Bothwell via The Raith Interchange.

Date of Walk: 28th July 2017.

Distance / Grade: 4 Miles. C circular.

MEETING POINT: - Water Sports Building in Strathclyde Park at 10:00 on Friday 28/07/2017.

N.B the only public toilet facilities for this walk are within the Watersports building.

Terrain: - Pavements, Loch side and public footpaths

Footwear: Boots or Good Walking Shoes required. Walking poles are optional.

Weather Conditions on 24/07/2017:- The weather was very warm and sunny and dry

This is a Circular route from Strathclyde Park using loch side paths and public footpaths

Details of any features of the route that require any special caution (Busy Roads Slippery Surfaces etc)


There are several inclines to negotiate in order to cross the footbridges.


Meeting Arrangements and the ROUTE

The initial meeting point is as stated on the published programme. However due to alterations to the programme the walk will now be from Strathclyde Park to Bothwell via the Raith interchange.

From the meeting point walkers will be transported via car to the walk starting point. The starting point is at the entrance to the M&D car park in Strathclyde Park.

We cross the internal park road at the front of the Alona Hotel. Using the footpaths within the park we walk to the first controlled road crossing at the Bothwell end of the park. After crossing the road we follow the public footpath up and around the Raith interchange, including pedestrian footbridges and tunnel. We then arrive at the next controlled road crossing. After crossing we walk a short distance to the next controlled road crossing. THIS CROSSING REQUIRES A GREAT DEAL OF CARE DUE TO ITS ARRANGEMENT. (We will use this crossing on the way back.) Turning right we then walk past the construction compound and follow the public road up to the main Bothwell to Hamilton Road. At one location there is only one footpath. CARE Required.

It is not the intention to have a coffee break when we reach Bothwell.

At the main road we turn right and take the road adjacent to the China Cottage Restaurant to begin the return leg of the walk.

Underfoot conditions are in the main good but this is dependent upon the weather.

Recce complted by: Walter Purdom. Date 24/07/2017


Long Walk: Callander

Date of Walk: 21st July 2017

Distance / Grade: 7.5miles. Grade C. Map Ref OS 57

Terrain : Excellent forest paths, some muddy tracks and forestry commission tarred road.

Boots essential, sticks recommended.

TOILETS: Dobbies, Stirling at beginning and end.

The walk starts at the entrance to Keltie Bridge Caravan Park. From there we take the path heading north, parallel to the main road. After passing the pond, we turn right at the end. We continue on this path ignoring the various tracks around the farm. The first junction we come across is a Y junction. We take the path to the left. Here there is a gentle incline. We turn right up a short steep climb.

When we come to the fingerpost at the top of the hill we turn right towards the falls. We come to a junction. But we look for a post showing an arrow left. Follow this path and we walk downhill to the magnificent Bracklinn Falls. We will stop briefly to admire the scenery. We cross the falls by a magnificent modern wooden bridge. From here we turn left and follow the path along the river. It is here where it becomes quite muddy and quite steep. But please take your time.

We come to a long flat stretch. The next junction is another Y and we go left down towards Scout Pool and another bridge over Keltie Water. This is the best place to stop for lunch and seemed to be free from midgies!! (no guarantees!!)

Walking away from this low bridge we come across a tarred road. We turn left and follow this road. Please do take time to admire the wild flowers. There is a huge variety. Look out for Callander Crags car park on your right. Unfortunately all posts have writing on the opposite side and it is easy to miss. We turn right into the car park and after about 20 yards we take the small path to our left ignoring the track with the barrier. On this path we will need to walk in single file. After crossing a wooden bridge the path splits and we go left.

Continuing on this path we eventually come into Callander. Walking through the main car park (toilet available) we walk along the main street until we turn left and access the roads at the back of the town. Craighard Road and Murdiston Avenue to name a few. Walking along here we pick up again on the footpath leading us to Keltie Bridge Caravan Park.

We will pick up the bus here and return to Dobbies for toilet and cup of tea.

Recce completed by: Joan Brown. 12/07/2017.


Short Walk 14th July:-

PLEASE NOTE This walk is changed to Chatelherault to Millheugh / Larkall.


Long Walk: Cramond and Almond River.

Date of Walk: 7th July 2017

Distance / Grade: 6 miles Circular Grade C

Terrain: Pavement, Tarmac and Grass Paths.

Walking Poles recommended.

Unfortunately the River Almond Circular Walk has had to be cancelled due to work being carried out to repair the steps on the walkway near the start of the walk. The diversion would not be practical as it takes you through a housing area on a lot of pavements and roads. So the following walk, still starting at Cramond, is the result. This is still a circular walk with promenade, pavement and wooded paths with sea views and is approximately 6 miles. Sticks will be required for part of the walk.

Arrive at Cramond sea front car park for toilet stop and tea/coffee break before we set off. There is a café on the front or you can bring your own.

We start the walk from Cramond and in front of you is the causeway to Cramond Island, which is not always accessible due to the tides. We walk along the promenade in an easterly direction with views of Dalgety Bay, Silversands Bay and Burntisland across the estuary. You can also see North Berwick Law as we head towards Granton and looking back you can see the Forth Bridges in the distance. The lunch stop will be at the end of the promenade where there is a small beach or you can sit on the sea wall.

After lunch we retrace our steps for a short time along the promenade and take the first left up to blue signposts reading Haymarket etc. We walk uphill along this road keeping to the pavement on the right until we reach Marine Drive at the top (on the left are the University Buildings) where we turn right along a grassy bank path on the right-hand side of the road. Just before Almond House we take a small wooded path on the right which heads down towards the sea before retracing our steps back along the promenade to Cramond.

** To say that I’m disappointed is an understatement at the change of walk but please note that if the work on the steps has been completed we will attempt the original walk. The above “scrambled together” walk is shorter than the original but has plenty of sea air and lovely views. Hope you enjoy it.

Recce Completed by Pamela Colligan.


Short Walk: Baron’s Haugh

Date of walk: 23/06/2017

Distance/Grade: 4 miles/C

Circular/Linear: Circular

Terrain: Woodland and river paths

Map: OS 64

Meet: Strathclyde Park water sports centre at 10am, car share available if required

Note: This is a change to the advertised programme.

The Carron Glen walk is cancelled for safety reasons.

Might be wise to bring a flask as the café may not be open at this time.

There is a slight incline otherwise this is not a difficult walk as most of it is beside the river.


Long Walk : Friday 16th June, Pentlands

Distance: 7miles C + Linear

Terrain : Moorland, Tarmac Roads, Burn to cross on stepping stones

Ascent: 1 Gradual ascent

Poles and Boots Advisable

The walk starts at Harlow House Visitors Centre. Beyond the cottage follow the path to the right at the head of Harlow Reservoir and after crossing a dam, follow the track around to the left and along the shore.

After 1/2 mile turn right along the side of a concrete spillway and follow the path as it swings left by Threipmuir Reservoir. Veering from the bank, the path turns right just before a hut.

Pass through a gate and continue along a cinder track, which after passing through another gate, look for finger post on your left (Nine Miles Burn and Glencorse .

Join footpath, after 1/4 mile cross a stile and turn left into Bavelaw. Cross over a bridge and pass through a white gate to go uphill through an avenue of trees.

Turn left at the junction, then follow drive to right. As the drive turns into private grounds of Bavelaw Castle, go straight ahead to a gate out onto moorland.

Go over the stile by gate, then bear slightly left to follow markers posts across the open grassland until a path appears beside grassed old quarry scrolls.

Follow the path up into the hills, crossing two stiles. After the second stile, bear right and continue up to the head of the valley, then descend to the burn.

Continuing downhill, keep to right of the burn until it meets a larger one by waterfall.

Below the waterfall, cross the burn on stepping stones and follow right bank downstream.

Cross a tributary and continue to the house, turn right down the lane, following the shore of Loganlea Reservoir and then Logan Burn down to Glencorse Reservoir.

Continue along the lakeside, keeping the Reservoir on your right, pass Kirkton Farm look for cottage on your right, just beyond cottage look for fingerpost on right signposted Flotterston. Where the walk ends at Flotterston Visitors Centre.

Recce Conpleted 9/06/17 by M Japp ,B Fraser, K Hunter and S Strachan


Short Walk: Lady Mary’s Walk. Crieff

Date of walk: 9th June 2017

Distance/Grade: 4 miles “C+ Circular

Terrain: Good Paths and country roads. Poles are recommended.

Meet: Chatelherault Country Park at 9.30am for COACH.

We need a full coach for this walk and have ordered a 29 seater coach so please come along and join us for this lovely wa

We start our walk from the Car park in MacRosty Park.

We turn Right crossing a stone bridge then take a Left turn following a signpost onto Lady Mary’s Walk.

We walk by the Turretbank Burn which flows into the River Earn and continue this path through a wooded area until we reach a “T” junction with a signpost for Crieff we turn Right and walk for 25 yards then turn Left going through a gate.

This path takes us onto Laggan Hill where there are beautiful views over Crieff.

This is a lovely wooded area; continue following the path until we reach the top of the hill when we turn Right a follow the path downhill reaching a narrow country road which we cross and return into Lady Mary’s Walk path and return by the River Earn and Turretbank Burn.

At the end of the path we cross a road into Mungall Park crossing a wooden bridge back into MacRosty Park where the walk will end.

Recce completed by: Robin Stewart & Emily Ferguson 1/6/17


Long Walk : Kelly Cut and Kelly Glen

Distance: 6 MILES GRADE “C+” Linear

Terrain : Moorland Path and Tarmac Road

Map Ref: O.S 63

We start the walk at the Greenock Cut Visitor Centre. Cross back over the bridge and turn right at S P Kelly Cut Walk. Continue along the well defined path, muddy in places, over open moorland. After 3 miles there is a large marker on the left showing Wemyss Bay 3 miles. Further along the path we come to a junction where we go sharp right at a SP pointing to Wemyss Bay 2miles.

This part of the path is now Kelly Glen.

Continue along the path which becomes a tarmac road and leads to a caravan site. As we approach the edge of the caravan site we turn left and continue downhill through trees and alongside a stream until we meet the main road and Wemyss Bay railway station to our right. This part of the route is a bit uneven in places going over large stones.

The walk is shorter than originally planned due to the fact the start was to be a nature walk which turned out to have many of steps and was over board walks which were not ideal for our group.

There are toilets and a café at the beginning of the walk. There is a café and toilets in Wemyss Bay Railway Station at the end of the walk.

Most of the walk is over exposed moorland so no shelter in bad weather. Poles recommended for last part of the walk.

Recce completed on 24th May 2017 by:Patricia Clark, Betty Fraser, Muriel Japp, David Swann


Short Walk: Balloch Castle to Duck Bay

Date of walk: 26th May 2017

Distance/Grade: 4 miles ‘C’

Circular/Linear: Circular

Terrain: Road, Paths and grass

Meet: We meet at Hamilton Central Train Station at 9.30am for the 9.42 am train to Partick Train Station and then getting the 10.19am train to Balloch.

The train ticket price from Hamilton is £6.20 return with a concession card.

On arriving at Balloch Station we turn Right onto Balloch Road, crossing the bridge then take a left turn into Balloch Castle Country Park.

We follow the path by the River Leven until we reach the Slipway café and continue on this path before keeping taking the path to the right.

On this path there is a short steep hill to walk up to reach the Castle from where there are beautiful views and scenery and if we are lucky we may see the sea plane take off from Cameron House or Duck Bay hopefully.

Around the castle there are beautiful gardens with Azalea bushes and Monkey Trees.

We take the path down at the front of the castle and cross the grass until we are back down onto the path by the river where we saw swans and their cygnets, and return to Balloch Road and the tourist information centre by almost the same route completing a 4 mile walk.

As we have used public transport to get to Balloch and have not started the walk at Balloch Castle Car Park as was first thought, we will have walked a total of 4 miles walking to and from the station to the castle and it is here that our walk will end. On our return to the the train station we can get the trains back home.

The remainder of the walk to Duck Bay and back to Balloch is approximately 2.5 to 3 miles and it would have increased the walk to around 6.5 to 7 miles a much longer walk than was anticipated. It may be possible if some walkers wish and weather permitting to continue with this walk onto Duck Bay via the river side and woodland or we can do this part of the walk another time

Recce completed by; Emily Ferguson and Margaret Neil


Long Walk: Mendick Hill Circular- West Linton.

Date of Walk: 19th May 2017

Distance: 8.8 miles approximately.

Terrain: Country paths and grassy paths with tarmac path at the end of the walk. Muddy paths if there has been rain.

Ascent: after lunch the ascent is no more than 200 feet and is gradual.

Equipment: Poles would be useful for the second part of the walk after lunch.

We are going to Biggar for the toilet stop and it is 20p donation to the loos. They have been kept open and are maintained by volunteers so it would be a good idea to give them as many 20p’s as we can. There are many places for coffee if you want, as you probably know, so we can spend 20-30 minutes here.

We drive on to West Linton about 15 minutes and the bus will stop at the sign for West Linton Golf Club. You will be reminded on the day to have your boots on and your rucksacks on the bus as it is a rather narrow road.

We start the walk where the bus drops us off. We walk with the Golf Club on our right. We pass Muirfield on our left and head down a “potentially” muddy path on our left. There is a pond on our right and we will pass through many gates which will not all be closed.

We continue till we reach a number of houses on our left which is the village of Dolphinton. We carry on left to a Karecone Farm for horses along the Pentland Way Path. We take right through gates and left at Tweeds Trail following the Pentland Way. The road leads us to Garvald where we have lunch. This is a centre for people with additional learning needs.

We walk past the house on our left and pass a ramp sign, then see a sign West Linton 4miles. Turn right and at the pond turn left and follow the Pentland Way on the right. This takes us through quite a lot of moorland. Eventually we see the Golf Course and it is about a mile walking on tarmac to the Club but you could walk on the grass.

The staff at the Golf Club said we could use the toilets and have our refreshments there. There is a cafe and a bar. If you want to have a scone you could let them know before you start the walk. ..

Bus could pick us up where it dropped us off.

Recce completed: 13/ 5/17 Linda Christie and Janet Strang


Short Walk: Moffat Riverside & Town Walk

Date of walk: 12 May 2017

Distance/Grade: Approx., 4 miles ‘C’ Circular:

Terrain: Path, rough path, minor road & pavement. Gates

Meet: Hamilton Bus Station Stance 13 at 9.30am for the 9.40am X74 Dumfries bus.

Those who are making their own way to Moffat meet the rest of the walkers at the RAM in the High Street at 10.50am approx.,

Start the walk by heading out of the town towards the Station Park; opposite the park we follow the sign for ‘Waterside Walks’. Follow the riverside path with views over the town to the Gallow Hill which we walked around last year. This river corridor is a wildlife haven for grey herons, dippers and ducks. Continue on this path until we reach a kissing gate set in the fence line once through follow the track alongside the power lines to reach the road through another kissing gate.

This is the Old Edinburgh Road for centuries the route to the capital via Tweedsdale. Once inside the 30mph limit move to the pavement.

At the end of the Old Edinburgh Road turn left to Moffat High Street. You will pass Moffat’s famous Ram atop the Colvin Fountain gifted by a local industrialist.

This is where we will end the walk. I will give walkers the times of the buses to return home once we have completed our walk.

There are numerous cafes/restaurants in Moffat where we can have coffee or lunch.

Recce completed on 4th May 2017 by Emily Ferguson & Ann Rankin.


Long Walk: Ayr to Troon

Date: Friday 5th May, 2017

Distance: 8 miles linear - Grade C+

Terrain: Promenades, pavements, coastal paths, beach, flat.

The walk starts on the promenade near the children's play area.

There are toilets nearby. Please note there is a charge of 30p at these.

We walk towards the harbour and turn right past the Leisure Centre and

along by the side of the river.

After crossing the bridge we walk along the pavement for a short distance before turning left into an industrial


We follow this road and then turn left and cross the railway bridge.

This leads us to a promenade. At the end of this we continue on a track

beside St. Nicholas Golf Course which leads us to the start of the

promenade at Prestwick.

We will stop for lunch at some point here.

We continue to the end of the promenade and take a path to the right

which goes along the side of Old Prestwick Golf Course. After following

this for 800m we take a path to the right which leads to a bridge over the


After crossing this we follow the path to the holiday park then a path

beside the wall and left as signed to reach the beach.

We then walk along the beach to Troon.

Recce completed by: M Jaap, E Bones, J Brown and S Strachan.


Long Walk: Jacobite / Traquair.

Date of Walk: Friday 21st April 2017.

Distance/Grade: 6.5 miles C+ Circular.

Terrain: Hills, Woodland Paths, muddy in places. Tarmac Roads.

Walking Poles and Boots essential.

Walk starts at the Southern Upland Way car park in Traquair Village next to the village hall. On leaving the car park turn left and continue ahead passing a house on your right called ‘The Riggs’ and join the gravel track going straight ahead signposted ‘Minch Moor’. Follow the track and pass through a gate and the path now becomes grassier. As you continue along the path, following the white arrows on blue background depicting the Southern Upland Way, passing through gates as you go until reaching a forest gravel track which crosses the path you are on. There is a cycle route parallel to this forest gravel track.

Cross the forest track heading upwards following the signs for the Southern Upland Way until you reach another forest gravel track once again crossing the path you are on. Head straight across the forest track, and this time follow the yellow arrow on the signpost not the Southern Upland Way arrow, as this track is much easier to walk. At the top of this path it opens out onto Black Grouse moorland and this will be the lunch stop.

The views all around you are amazing as you climb the hills and look out for roe deer and black grouse.

The walk up to this point has been all uphill with brief level parts and you will be able to stop on numerous occasions to get your breath back. The good news is that it is all downhill from this point.

After lunch we will head back down to the first forest gravel track, which crossed the path we were on and turn left downhill with pleasant open views of the valley and river. When you reach the apex of a bend turn right along the grassy path, there is a small burn on your left this part of the walk can be muddy. Follow this path downhill and go through a gate at the bottom and walk in front of Camp Shiel Cottage.

Go through the next gate, cross the burn and follow the grassy track passing Damhead Shiel Cottage. Go through another gate and follow the path over a wooden bridge (no handrails and there is a big hole on the left-hand side).

Cross another bridge walk to the next gate and then pass Damhead Farm on your left.

When you reach the main road turn right and cross the road bridge, at this point you will be walking on a fairly busy road.

With that in mind the Groups will split into two making four Groups of approximately 10 in each Group to leave gaps big enough so that if car needs to it can draw into the side of the road to allow a car moving in the opposite direction room to do so. There are bends on this road so you must walk in single file and if a car approaches you must stand against the hedge and stop walking. This is only for a short time so please bear with us, THANKS. When reaching the war memorial in Traquair turn right and return to the Southern Upland Way car park to re-join the coach.

Hopefully, despite the climb, you will enjoy the walk as much as we did.

Recce Completed by: David Swan, Linda Christie, Pamela Colligan and Sheena Strachan.


Short Walk: Mugdock Country Park

Date of walk: Friday 14th April 2017

Distance/Grade: 5 miles > C+

Circular/Linear: Circular approx. 2.5hrs.

Terrain: Country, woodland, moorland and reservoir paths

Map: OS Landranger 64

Meet: Tesco Milngavie @ 10:30hrs,

There are tea/coffee and toilet facilities here at Tesco

Following a short drive to Mugdock Country Park main visitor centre car park, north of Milngavie, the walk starts and finishes at the adjacent Caulders garden centre.

From the garden centre we follow the path round to Craigend Castle then to Khyber car park,

LT towards Mugdock Castle passing the old gun emplacements (1941) we then decide if we wish to explore the fort.

RT before the fort, continue on the path taking a right where the path divides following the sign for Mugdock woods this leads down through woods and a wall sculpture to sections of board walk (this descent requires care as the path is stony) continue past a ruined building to a junction, RT to the Khyber pass continue down to a main junction with the west highland way

LT to Milngavie and Drumclog Moor follow the Allander water past Milngavie golf course

LT and ascend onto Drumclog moor at the car park walk anti-clockwise round Mugdock reservoir crossing the causeway between Mugdock and Craigmadie reservoir. At the north end of the reservoir, cross the bridge and take the pavement north

LT onto a woodland path beside a burn into a pleasant little gorge continue at a t junction

LT with Mugdock loch on your left and views across to Mugdock Castle back to Caulders and the end of the walk.

This is a pleasant and varied walk, walking boots and poles are required.

There are a number of ascents and descents, there are no steps.

I have booked places at Caulders garden centre restaurant for a light lunch or tea and coffee as this will be a busy weekend, please advise Bob if you don’t require lunch, tea or coffee.

Recce completed by: Bob Fairfull and Robin Stewart.

Date:3rd April 2017.



Distance: 7 MILES


TERRAIN: Minor Roads, Woodland Track, Muddy in Places, Hilly in Places plus Steps. Poles and gaiters/waterproof trousers recommended.


We start at “Pillars of Hercules” on the A912 near Falkland. We walk along the access road until we reach a road on the left SP Chancefield. We turn left here following the track past the houses and go through a gate where the path splits.

Shortly after this leave the track for a path to the right (SP orange arrow) and ascend steadily through mixed woodland. Further along following the orange arrow we turn left and descend to where the track curves left. Here on the right (ignoring the orange arrow for straight on) we take a track leading up to the Witches Cave—a small sandstone crag with a shallow cave at its base.

We go right here and on to a junction where another track leads right to the Tyndall Bruce Monument. We will find a dry path leading up to the Monument from where there are some wonderful views. Possible lunch stop.

We then retrace our route to the main junction, turning right at an orange arrow, descending left at information board and continuing on to go through a gate and turn right to follow the track.

We continue along the track, which is very muddy in places, through a farm and straight on with Falkland House on our right. At cross roads go straight on through an opening in a wall and past playing fields on our right.

At the end of the playing fields turn right, cross the bridge over the river and turn right again, Falkland House is now on our left. Just before the next bridge turn left at large stone SP to Maspie Glen. Continue past steps to right and left and go left at junction. We go right over a bridge crossing Maspie Burn and then under a bridge following a path beside the burn.

We come to a short tunnel, where a torch is needed, and continue untill we come to a small water fall. We turn back here through the tunnel again, past the House and fork right to go up some steps on the right.

We turn left and follow the road downhill till we come to a path on the left which we take. At the crossroads go straight on, SP Pillar of Hercules, go over the bridge , straight on at next crossroads, SP Red Squirrel Trail, and follow the path over another bridge and then take the path to the right, the main road is on other side of wall on our right. At SP turn right to return to Pillars of Hercules.

Please note the first part of the walk to the Tyndall Bruce Monument is easy walking initially but then is uphill most of the way. Some paths throughout the walk are very muddy.

Toilet stop and carry out coffee at Pillars of Hercules at start of walk.

Recce completed on 31st March 2017 by J Strang, G Gentles, A Mochrie and P Clark.


Short Walk: Strathclyde Park to Orbiston.

Date of Walk: 10th March 2017.

Distance: 5 Miles.

Grade: C circular.

Terrain: Pavements, Loch side and parkland paths.

Boots or Good Walking Shoes required. Walking poles are optional.

N.B the only public toilet facilities for this walk are within the Watersports building.

Start / Finish will be from the Water Sports Building in Strathclyde Park at 09:30 on Friday 10/03/2017.

Weather Conditions on 22/02/2017:- The weather was cold and showery and sections of the pathways were covered with fallen leaves and very muddy.

This is a Circular route around Strathclyde Park using loch side paths and .parkland paths

Details of any features of the route that require any special caution (Busy Roads Slippery Surfaces etc)

On the return route there are :-( Optional need for walking poles)

Steps to Descend /ascend during the walk CARE Required

Tree Roots sticking above path surface CARE Required.

Fallen leaves on parts of the route could be slippery if wet CARE required.

There is a requirement to cross several busy roads throughout the walk Extra Care to be taken and PLEASE use road crossings if available.

Recce completed by : Walter Purdom and Hugh Aitkinson. 27/02/2017


Long Walk: Croyhill and the Antonine Wall.

Date of Walk: 3rd March 2017.

Distance: 6.5 miles.

Grade: C+ Circular.

Terrain: Canal Paths, Tarmac, Grass Paths, Rocky Woodland Paths.

Boots and Poles essential.

We start at Auchinstarry Marina just south of Kilsyth on the B802 - there is general car parking on the right side across the road from The Boathouse pub and restaurant. Walk around the west side of the marina take the path up behind the toilets to go through a gate onto the road. Turn right to cross the bridge to take the path down to the canal on the right. At the canal turn right to go under the bridge and follow the canal path for a pleasant section to Twechar.

Turn left over the canal at Twechar, cross the road to use the pavement and head up the hill for a short distance before crossing the road to take a lane immediately after the war memorial (signed Barhill Fort/Antonine Wall and John Muir Way). Follow the track uphill, keeping right where it forks and then turning left at a kissing gate just before the crest of the hill - with a John Muir Way sign.This section is steep uphill

Go through the next gate and onto the site of Bar Hill Roman fort. Head diagonally uphill to reach the exposed remains of the fort which stood just south of the Antonine Wall was built around 142 AD and was once home to a garrison of 480 men from all parts of the Roman Empire.

This soon curves slightly right to pick up and runs along the edge of the ditch of the Antonine Wall with thick forestry on your right hand side. The path undulates until you turn right at a stone wall with a sign about the Antonine Wall which was built by the Romans as a northern replacement to Hadrian's Wall. A little further on join a track and turn left along it. Keep straight ahead at a gate and again at a later junction. Continue ahead to the B802 and cross. Go through the kissing gate next to a tree. From here follow the path straight ahead and turn right at a fenced enclosure to follow a surfaced track a short distance before turning left after a gate signed for Croy Hill.

Continue ahead to reach a path and then a gate marked Croy Hill, the ditch of the Antonine Wall is prominent on your left. Follow the main grassy path which follows the line of the Antonine Wall, keeping the ditch on your left, keep left when the path forks to climb a mound formed from the material dug from the ditch. This section is uphill and can be slippy underfoot.

Continue along the path on top of the ridge - with stunning views - and go straight ahead crossing a path (the site of the fort itself was just to the right here) towards a marker post ahead and soon pass a ground-level information board about Croy Hill.

Continue gently downhill and pass under the electricity lines and turn left onto a path signed for Castlecary. Ignore the next turn right signed for Castlecary and instead go past the picnic benches to take the next path on the right which heads downhill, zig-zagging through trees with views of the canal to emerge on a minor road.

Turn left to cross the canal and then turn left onto the canal towpath to walk west back towards Auchinstarry. This is a relatively wild section where you can usually spot a number of birds before the canal boats at the marina come into view. Return to the start by crossing the road bridge over the canal.

Recce carried out : 24/02/2017 J.McLaughlin, L Christie, G Gentles & S Strchan.


Short Walk: Lock 21 to Lock 27 and beyond.

Date of walk: 10/02/17

Distance/Grade: 4 miles C grade

Circular/Linear : Linear walk

Terrain: Good Flat Tow paths

Meet: Buchanan Street Bus Station at 10.30am.

Walking Boots/shoes required.

Poles are not essential.

We meet at Buchanan Street Bus Station and then make our way to Hope Street where we get the Number 60 bus to Tesco Extra on Maryhill Road. There we will have our toilet stop and a short coffee break

After leaving Tesco we turn right and make our way up to the pedestrian crossing where we cross the busy road, then turn right towards the Mackintosh Church and then onto the canal tow path.

We continue on the path passing through Lock 21 and then walk until we reach Lock 27 which is at Anniesland, we will continue walking until we reach Westerton and then Lock 30 which is in Knightswood area this is where we will turn around and walk back to Lock 27 where we will finish our walk.

Coffee and lunch can be taken at the Lock 27 Restaurant.

To return to Glasgow City Centre we will walk down onto Great Western Road where there are a number of buses that can taken to return to the City Centre.

Recce completed on 16th January 2017

Emily Ferguson & Robin Stewart.


Long walk : Luggiebank and Palacerigg.

Date of walk : 3rd February 2017.

Distance : 7.5 miles circular walk

Grade C +

Terrain : gravel paths, pavements, tarred lanes and rough tracks.

Boots and poles recommended.

The bus will take us first of all to Palacerigg Country Park Visitor Centre for toilets.

Please bring your own snacks and drinks as the cafe will not be open at this time.

The walk begins at Greenfaulds Railway Station from where we make our way along the main road to a point where we cross the road and enter Luggiebank Nature Reserve.

The path takes us through the woodland following Luggie Water upstream then climbs to a narrow lane which we follow until it reaches a main road.

We then take the road to Palacerigg Country Park which climbs gradually for about 1 mile.

At the road marked ' Service Vehicles ' we enter the Park where we follow several paths around the Visitor Centre and animal pens.

Leaving the Visitor Centre , the path takes us towards the Laverock Trail . We proceed along this trail to the easterly edge of the golf course and turn left to see Fannyside Loch on the right.

Further along this trail we turn left and should have good views of the Campsies, Southern Highlands and Moorland ( weather permitting ! )

We now make our way to Glencryan Woodland continuing through the woodland until the path descends to a main road. This is a VERY busy road and will have to be crossed with care.

The next part of the walk takes us past Cumbernauld Station after which we make our way back through Luggiebank Reserve and retrace our outbound route to Greenfaulds Station.

Recce completed 27/01/17 by Elinor Bones , David Swann and Kathleen Hunter.


Short Walk: Dumbarton and Dumbarton Rock

Date of Walk: 13th January 2017

Distance:5 Miles

Grade: C Circular

Terrain:- Pavements, Riverside and parkland paths

Footwear: Boots or Good Walking Shoes required walking poles optional

Steps to Descend /ascend during the walk CARE Required

Tree Roots sticking above path surface CARE Required.

Fallen leaves on parts of the route could be slippery if wet CARE required.

There is a requirement to cross several busy roads throughout the walk Extra Care to be taken and PLEASE use road crossings if available.

Recce completed by Walter Purdom 5th January 2017


Long Walk: Maudslie Bridge---Kirkfieldbank

Date of Walk 6th January 2017

Distance 7.5 Miles

Grade C+ Linear

Terrain Mix of Tracks and Paths some rougher by the river bank

Muddy in places some steps descending some ascending .

Poles recommended

The coach will leave as usual at 9.15 as their are no toilets at the start or during or at the end of the walk we will go to Dobbies for a toilet and coffee stop first.

The walk will start at about 10.15 for the people meeting use at Maudslie Bridge

The walk starts on the north side of the river at Maudslie Bridge head through the arch and across the bridge before turning right on the far side where the information board is .The path stays on the north bank of the river ,and their are views across to the villages by the A72 on the opposite bank.The route passes through the grounds of the former estate of Milton Lockhart and Maudslie Castle which was pulled down in 1970 .

Continue by the riverbank ,crossing a long boardwalk to reach a footbridge over Jocks Burn.Bear left to pass an old ruin and follow the path as it undulates through the parkland before reaching a kissing gate and going straight across the track to continue through the parkland following the marker posts .Eventually steps lead back to the river bank turn left here to follow the river bank soon climbing a long flight of wooden steps and passing Waygateshaw House on the left .After woodland the path skirts the edge of fields ,still following the riverbank to reach Crossford at the bridge carrying the B7056 over the river .

Cross the road to continue on the Clyde Walkway sign posted the Valley International Park

Immediately turn right onto the path which continues along the riverbank.

It passes by a suspension bridge and runs parallel to the miniature railway.Further on Hazelbank is the next village seen across the river .

The valley becomes narrower and more dramatic with steeper sides from here and passes behind the lower of the two hydro electric generating stations on the river .The waterfalls at Stonebyres LInn can be seen below .Cross the river at the power station weir and follow the lane until it joins the A72 and turn left along the pavement single file is recommended as the pavement is narrow this leads to the village of Kirkfieldbank where the walk ends .

The bus will then takes use back to Doies for toilets and coffee .

Recce done on the 28 December by Grace Gentles ,Pamela Colligan,Elinor Bones