I was at my wits end trying to figure out what was wrong with my baby. She would scream all day 
every day for the first three months of her life and I had tried all of the soothing techniques out there. I read about pediatric chiropractic care as an alternative option and decided to give it a try. 
Literally within minutes of being adjusted my baby stopped screaming. I cried at that first appointment because I finally had hope. I learned that chiropractic care is not just for adults, and quickly saw an improvement in my daughter. 

After just a few short weeks I now have a smiley, happy baby! I loved the gentle approach and how
the doctor explained everything easily so I understood what was going on with my baby and how chiropractic care would work. 

I decided to start chiropractic care for myself as well, and am impressed with how quickly the pain I was carrying around for years just disappeared. I feel stronger, happier and no longer have headaches. Thank you!

-Jessa K

They may call it The Inspira Center, but I call it the "Save My Life Center"! 

Dr. Scott and Dr. Satya are not only talented & gifted chiropractic practitioners, they are also deeply caring and loving individuals who are completely committed to the health and well-being of their patients. They address all aspects of health: physical, emotional & spiritual. I have been under their care (this time) since early August, and I have felt nurtured and empowered by their gifts of healing.

This is not the first time my life has literally been saved. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Scott has been a primary healer for my husband and myself over and over. There is something very special happening in Dover at The Inspira Center, and it goes far beyond words and adjustments.

This is what true healthcare and healing is all about. I am deeply grateful.

-Lynne B

If a Hogwarts School of Healing Wizardry opens up, Dr. Scott will be its chiropractor. In a class by himself, the man is the finest chiropractor/healer I know. Here's the thing with chiropractors: always choose the very best! Drive 40 minutes out of your way if you have to. I won't let anyone but Dr. Scott adjust me. The relationship of someone holding my spine in their hands requires trust. And I trust him implicitly. 

- Peter S

My mom and dad are patients of Dr. Scott and get regular chiropractic care. They encouraged me to call and get help for my daily headaches. I had lots of pressure in my head with pain between my shoulder blades running up my neck to the back of my head. I don't know what was causing the pressure and pain; I just knew it had to get better. Dr. Scott gave me a thorough examination and recommended a treatment plan of three times a week for three weeks, twice a week for two weeks, and then every other week - plus exercises. After several weeks, I felt much improvement. 

It is not several months later and I feel really good. In addition, the chiropractic care has helped my moods. I am much happier and healthier now. I would recommend chiropractic care for anyone not feeling well. I am amazed at what your back has to do with other parts of your body. Chiropractic care is great; I highly recommend it. 

- KM

My daughter Nellie suffered from asthma and allergies. She had a runny nose and sneezing, difficulty breathing, and rough, dry skin. Nellie did not have a lot of pain, but she was dependent on an inhaler and medications. We were not sure if chiropractic would help her, but we definitely wanted to try this alternative. Dr. Scott suggested low sugar, lots of water, and assured us we could call any time (day or night) when Nellie had an attack. 

The progress was slow at first, but constant, and well worth it! Our whole family is now under regular maintenance chiropractic care. I would recommend chiropractic care, and I have recommended it to many others - especially families with allergic children. Chiropractic care can't hurt and it could change your life. I would not give up chiropractic care for our family and most especially, Nellie. 

- Wendy I

I'm twelve years old and got a big bald spot on the back of my head from a pinched nerve. This bald spot has been there for about one year, and was about 3" in circumference. I had tried massage and special shampoos but they didn't work. The bald spot was still there. We didn't want to try medications, so my mom took me to Dr. Scott. I went once a month. About three months later, my hair started growing back. 

I'm so happy, I don't ever want my mom to cut my hair again! Chiropractic has also helped with my mom's whiplash and my stepdad's shoulder pain. I would definitely recommend chiropractic for everyone!

- LF

I arrived with two ruptured discs and a pinched sciatic nerve. I was in constant pain; it interrupted my sleep every night, I had difficulty driving my car, and extreme difficulty walking any distance. The pain radiated down my right side from my hip to my foot. The pain was a level 9 on a scale of one to ten. Other treatments I had tried included medication, physical therapy, and massage. My medication was Aleve, Advil, and even a muscle relaxant prescribed by the orthopedic doctor. A friend told me not to give up - to try Dr. Scott. I was doubtful any change could be made, but it was my last step before surgery. I didn't think it would make any difference as all previous attempts had failed, but I had to try rather than "face the knife".

Immediately upon entering the office I found the staff and doctors professional and friendly. The doctor suggested I start with a strict regimen of three visits per week to begin, with added exercise as I started to improve. It has taken less than a year to be completely free from the original problem. I did NOT need surgery, and I can lead a normal life with no pain.
If I had been more focused on exercise as indicated, I think things would have progressed much faster. 

I definitely feel Dr. Scott has helped me immensely. I would definitely recommend Dr. Scott to others - and have already. It has been a positive, healthy experience. 

- RP

I was suffering from severe menstrual cramps. The cramps were so bad that the pain from them caused me nausea. This had been going on for about 4 months, and each month the pain got worse. For one whole day each menstrual cycle, I could not even move around. I would lay all day, curled up. It simply hurt too much to do anything else. I had tried painkillers, cramp bark tea, and homeopathic medicines. Finally, my mother suggested that chiropractic care might help. I had never been to a chiropractor and doubted that it would help. 

Dr. Scott told me to eat right, drink lots of water, and do my back stretches. After the second visit the pain lessened and continued to get better, until now I can say I am pain free! Other family members are under chiropractic care. Dr. Scott has helped my brother with his scoliosis, and my brother is now doing great. 

I would suggest that anyone try chiropractic. Even if you think your aches and pains have nothing to do with your back, you might be surprised at what a chiropractor can do for you. I tell everyone about chiropractic care and how it has personally helped my family and me. I highly recommend Dr. Scott. I love chiropractic care and can't wait until my next appointment!

- RB