Comparing Costs

In life, there are several things for which quality matters more than a discounted price - such as parachutes and healthcare 
J. We believe that foundational health care has a value way beyond its cost, especially in the context of other health services, automotive work, or even going to the movies. In an effort to best serve our community, our fees reflect a balance between the cost of doing business and making it affordable for our patients. 

Long term care can seem like an inordinate investment of time & money, especially when you begin to feel good again. It is easy to forget the way you felt before care and that your new-found health requires maintenance. And it is at this point that some people will stop care, stating financial reasons, before the full benefits can be realized. That is why we strongly encourage a very careful consideration of priorities. And the number one priority, in our opinion, is your health. Excellent health means greater creativity at work, happier relationships at home, and a higher level of energy for everything you do.

When a fair comparison is made of the cost of foundational healthcare (chiropractic, acupuncture, etc) versus some of the luxuries we often think we "need", foundational healthcare comes out to be very cost-effective. For example, lots of people honestly believe that a new car every 3-5 years is essential for their wellbeing, and think nothing of forfeiting thousands of dollars in depreciated value as soon as they drive it off the lot. That much money, in most cases, could be more wisely spent on preventative maintenance on the older car in order to keep it in excellent running condition. 

Likewise, a policy of routine preventative maintenance for the body now can prevent major expenses later - when replacement parts are hard to come by and are usually extremely expensive. And if regular maintenance is put off for too long, the body may be too worn out to accept the replacements that are available (usually internal organs). The result may be a life of very limited mobility and often severe episodes of pain and diminished functioning of the body.

Like getting your teeth cleaned every 6-12 months instead of waiting until you have a cavity, regular chiropractic and acupuncture check-ups keep your spine, nervous system, energy systems, and entire body functioning at its best. And like we are always reminding people, there is NO SUCH THING AS A VERSION OF "DENTURES" FOR YOUR SPINE J

Regarding Insurance

We believe that the health of our own and our patients' nervous system and energy systems is too important to rely upon the business policies of an insurance company. As such, we do not accept assignment as an In-Network Provider for any insurance company. We are happy to provide patients with a specially coded receipt to submit to their insurance provider for reimbursement of Out-of-Network services, and have designed our fee schedule with a patient-to-provider financial relationship in mind. In fact, the cost of care in our office is frequently closer to what you would pay in co-pays with your insurance - except there is no limit on how much care you can receive from us at that rate. We also have a variety of payment plans to make care accessible to everyone. We are not a participating provider in the Medicare program; if you are Medicare-eligible and wish to use your Medicare benefits, please seek care for those services with another provider. We are happy to see you for all classes and non-Medicare covered services. 


The patient/insurance company relationship is seemingly simple.
You or your employer pay premiums to an insurance provider and in turn, they provide coverage.



Many of us are unclear as to what our benefits include.

This can lead to frustration at the time of service.
Generally speaking, most policies only provide for symptomatic relief or pain management.



Lack of coverage does not have to mean lack of care. It does mean that you will need to prioritize your well-being and budget the funds necessary to get well and maintain your health. Remember, many annual deductibles are higher in cost than twelve months of chiropractic care!


Review your benefit information. Speak to your human resources representative or call your insurance carrier’s customer service department to learn exactly what your plan includes.


We have several options to work with individuals and families who have insufficient or no insurance coverage. This includes situations where you are seeking care beyond simply symptomatic relief.




Your wellness is our top priority. Based on your health history, exam and diagnostic studies, we will design a care plan specifically for you. These recommendations are based on your unique healthcare needs, not on insurance benefits or flex plan contribution limits.


Most insurance contributions are for catastrophic coverage only, and even then, on a limited basis. Get educated, make intelligent decisions based on what your body needs and what you really want. An investment in better health is one of the greatest long-term rewards you can enjoy.


Your health remains our primary focus and we will work to provide financial options that can help make the care you want and need possible.


Remember, we are on your side and we are here to help you and your family achieve the healthy lifestyle you want with appropriate chiropractic care.