Holistic Health Counseling

Holistic Health Counseling offers support in how to cook and eat whole foods, while simultaneously examining relationships, career, physicality and spirituality, making incremental changes in lifestyle in order to support happiness and self-actualization.
A Holistic Health Counselor is half "food expert" and half "lifestyle coach" - a personal advocate who coaches a client through making nutritional changes in their lives, recuperating a relationship with one's own body, and empowering the client with the knowledge to achieve excellent health. She may also work with you to develop healthy habits, create time in your busy life for self-care, and find solutions to your individual challenges in optimizing your health.

Our Holistic Health Counselor, Tammy Peters, will work with you to slowly introduce foods and lifestyle suggestions, giving you "assignments," time for discussion and Q&A, recipes, food samples, books, and other goodies. It's really about "crowding out" the old habits by introducing and creating new ones that support you becoming the person you most want to be.  

In person counseling is always preferable, but we can also be available for sessions by Skype as well as by phone. 

Choose one session for an informational discussion on a specific topic or a series for larger topics and goal-oriented success. Each session is 60 minutes.

Intake Session: FREE
Individual Sessions: $75
3 Month Package (6 Sessions): $400
6 Month Package (12 Sessions): $765

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a HHC different than a nutritionist?
A nutritionist might recommend the food that is healthy for everyone. We work with you to establish what healthy foods work or do not work for you individually. While a nutritionist might just look at the food aspect of your lifestyle, we also work to help you examine how all areas of your life are working. 

Will I have to see a HHC forever? 
No - the idea is to work together to make changes that will be lasting and lifelong. You will learn the tools necessary to make their health a priority. You will also learn how to tap into what your body needs and to continue utilizing that mind-body connection as your guide long after we work together.