What to Expect

Foundational Health Assessment

New patients fill out a Comprehensive History, which will be correlated with
a Triage Examination for an overview of all Foundational Health dimensions. From this information gathered, 
recommendations will be made for a more
in-depth follow up examination in dimensions showing signs of deficiency and/or toxicity when applicable. Once all initial examination procedures are completed, our team of practitioners will cooperatively design
a customized, comprehensive care plan designed to restore balance in all dimensions (Optimizing Care: in the case of imbalances) and support the maintenance
of excellent foundations (Maintenance Care).

During the Report of Findings and Recommendations for Care visit, the patient and presenting practitioner will discuss options for care; the patient will play an active role in selecting which modes of care they feel drawn to. It is important for each individual to actively participate in their care, taking responsibility for and feeling empowered in their health care. All new patients will be enrolled in the Foundational Health Course as part of their initial care plan. Specialty classes may be recommended as part of an individual care plan, as well as specific services. In addition to recommended classes and services, the patient is welcome to select additional classes and/or services should they choose to dive into a program with more immersion.

Individual Services

Patients who aren't ready for a full Foundational Health Assessment are welcome to utilize any of our services on an individual basis. Contact our office at 603.842.4769 to schedule an appointment for a particular service.

Classes & Workshops

Our educational offerings are available to the general public; if you would like to sign up for any class or workshop, you may call us at 603.842.4769 or email us at inspiracenter@gmail.com.