Meet the Team

Scott Sardonicus, DC is a gifted healer who believes that chiropractic is an essential element for the full expression of human potential. 
He is a board-certified Chiropractic Doctor, author, and Life and Business Coach. As a father of six children, Dr. Sardonicus brings a wealth of knowledge to his clinical practice, consulting, and teaching. With over 30 years experience he has helped thousands of people overcome their health challenges and navigate through their lives’ challenges. 

Having received his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Sardonicus' healing practice is enriched by his educational background in physics, engineering, and psychology. Dr. Sardonicus uses a multitude of techniques acquired from his years of professional experience to facilitate healing through emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth. Dr. Sardonicus is a past President and currently serves on the Executive Board of the New Hampshire State Chiropractic Society, a professional organization dedicated to the authentic philosophy and practice of chiropractic as a healing art.

Dr. Sardonicus brings to The Inspira Center his clinical expertise for direct patient care, collaboration with other practitioners, consulting for navigating many of life stresses, & teaching a variety of classes. He welcomes any opportunity to help others in 
their quest for health & Self-Mastery.

Satya Sardonicus, DC, CACCP,
 is a board-certified Chiropractic Doctor specializing in prenatal & pediatric care and the founder of The Institute for Foundational Health. With Dr. Scott Sardonicus, she founded The Inspira Center in Dover, NH in 2011. She recently moved to Portland, Oregon to open another foundational health center, The Lumina Center for Foundational Health. She will return to The Inspira Center periodically to provide temporary coverage for our patients.

In addition to her doctoral degree from Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Sardonicus received her prenatal & pediatric care board-certification through the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice. She also holds degrees in Psychoneuroimmunology, Reiki, and Raw Living Foods. Dr. Sardonicus draws upon a rich background in nutritional healing, neurosensory integration, traditional yoga, a strong spiritual philosophy grounded in Buddhism and Native American practices, integrative movement, and music. Dr. Sardonicus has served as a specialist with the Insight Learning & Wellness Center in Cleveland, Ohio working with children with neurosensory integration difficulties including ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and dyslexia. Dr. Sardonicus is a Past Vice President of the New Hampshire State Chiropractic                                                   Society, a professional organization dedicated to the authentic philosophy and practice of chiropractic. 

Tao Sardonicus, LMT is a New Hampshire licensed massage therapist recently graduated from Seacoast Career 
schools, June of 2016. He brings compassion, sensitivity, skillful hands, and strong heartfelt healing energy to his gentle 
yet effective massage work. 

Raised in a family of healers, Tao is the youngest of six children. Satya is the eldest. He has three siblings who are massage therapists, as is his mother. Tao attributes his athletic prowess in soccer, basketball, running, hockey, baseball, football, etc. to his natural upbringing including regular chiropractic care. 

Tao's intention is to support others in achieving their goals of pain relief, strength, flexibility, enhanced athletic performance, inner balance, and wellness. He believes that the quest for health is closely allied with the quest for spiritual fulfillment. Accordingly he is a strong advocate for a healthy lifestyle, involving fitness, yoga and excellent eating habits. Health is a journey, not a destination. 


Kayla Yoder is our administrative assistant and Reiki coach. She cares deeply about people and is passionate about health and wellness. She is a certified Reiki practitioner and incorporates life coaching techniques in her healing sessions. This helps you to integrate the energetic shifts into your life so you experience more peace of mind, happiness, relaxation and empowerment. She is a huge believer in the healing power of the arts, as a violinist, actress and dancer. Her Reiki coaching gives people access to living their dreams in reality, and having fun in the process. She has also studied shamanic healing techniques, based mostly in Native American tradition, as well as Buddhist meditation. Kayla has assisted a variety of health practitioners around the east coast in fields ranging from Positive Psychology to Feng Shui. She is excited to be a part of the Inspira team and loves seeing people heal! She is continually impressed and inspired by the skill, wisdom and effectiveness of the Inspira practitioners. 

With a degree in Anthropology from New School University, Kayla has a particular interest in culture and world travel. This picture was taken in Ireland. In her free time, she also enjoys practicing yoga, cooking, tickling her baby boy and being outdoors.