We believe that health is a journey, not a destination. The process of
healing can be seen as one of learning, making better choices, and
creating healthier habits.

Through the process of healing ourselves we become more aware
not only of our bodies and the way they work, but also of our mind and spirit. We also become more aware about our environment and its
impact on our health, including the air we breathe (both in & outside of our homes), the quality of water that our community provides, and the presence of other environmental toxins.

As our awareness grows, so does our ability to influence. As our ability to influence grows, and we take action steps
to improve our daily habits, our food choices and our ecological footprint on the earth, we become healthier, happier and more responsible citizens of the planet.

This is why we regard the quest for health as empowering.

The critical step in this process is when we take responsibility for our health – both to learn about the factors that influence it, and for the lifestyle that we lead. Foundational Health works to facilitate healing by promoting learning, empowerment and personal responsibility.