Dear Friends, 

 Welcome to the Inspira Center for Foundational Health, located on the beautiful 
 Seacoast of New Hampshire at 126 Mast Road in Dover, NH. 
 We provide Individual  Clinical Care & Wellness Education Services. 

 The goal of our Foundational Health Center is to inform, support, and empower
 individuals and families to restore and maintain optimum health - because we  know that good health facilitates human excellence. We work to determine the  most effective wellness path for you and your family. You will discover that our  holistic approach provides us with the tools to nurture the physical, emotional,  social, and spiritual health of each individual.
 The practice of Foundational Healthcare is built on the knowledge that we are
 and self-regulating, and allows us to boost natural immunity, support  optimum health and wellness, safely facilitate healing from any illnesses or  imbalances, and prevent disease without dangerous side effects. 

 We provide Foundational Healthcare services, including authentic chiropractic  care, neuro-emotional technique, applied kinesiology,                                                                                                                                       meridian therapy, holistic health counseling, and life coaching.

                                                                      We hope you find the information within inspiring & educational. 

                                                                                    Together, we can build the foundations for a lifetime of excellent health, and create
community of inspired individuals. 

                                                                      Yours in Health, 


Dr Scott & Dr Satya, Founding Directors

We support families in raising vibrant children
who are neurologically & emotionally balanced,
providing the foundation for a lifetime of good health.

Because we know everyone has an infinite
capacity for unique greatness, and
good health facilitates human excellence.

Because health should come from being IN your body,
letting the innate intelligence which animates you
to be fully expressed naturally, 
not suppressed artificially.

Foundational healthcare, including authentic chiropractic care,
facilitates the miracle of human capacity for health & vibrance.

We are committed to providing
safe, effective, & efficient care that
gently supports the body's own healing process.

We are also committed to educating our patients toward
an empowered sense of responsibility for their own health.

We hope that by providing foundational healthcare
to the families in our community, we will together
raise a generation of inspired individuals, 
witnessing the miracle of each child growing
into their amazing selves
to create a balanced, vibrant,
healing, & healthy world.