Charles R. "Chuck" Blevins Sr., Hanover College, Chi 1961 - Chapter Eternal

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Charles R. "Chuck" Blevins Sr., age 76, of Naples passed away May 23. Born April 6, 1942 in Kittanning, PA to the late Clarence and Elizabeth Warren Blevins, Chuck graduated Indiana University, where he was a proud Sigma Chi. 

Chuck was president of Chuck Blevins & Associates, an international print production consultancy. Prior to that, as a VP of Production for Gannett, he was instrumental in launching USA Today, the first daily full-color newspaper. 

He continued to build after retirement, serving on the Board of Vanderbilt Country club, where he was involved in major renovations and improvements. He truly loved being part of the Vanderbilt community. 

Chuck is survived by his beloved wife of 50 years, Gale Watkins Crittenden two sons, Chuck Jr. and Rush, his daughter's-in-law, Heather Corcoran Blevins and Amanda Ashworth Blevins, and three adored grandchildren.

Services will be held at North Naples Church, Tuesday, May 29 at 11am.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Habitat for Humanity or Baby Basics.

Important Sigma Chi Policy Change Announcement

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W. Thomas Geddings Jr.
70th Grand Consul
Sigma Chi International Fraternity


20 South Brooks Street • Manning, SC 29102
(803) 435-4770


May 16, 2018




Sigma Chi International Fraternity is proud to be a leading voice in advocating for culture change related to substance use and abuse on college campuses. This is a difficult subject, but one that we must grapple with in order to provide an environment for the next generation that is focused on the best aspects of collegiate life while keeping health and safety at the forefront of those efforts. On Jan. 16, 2018, Sigma Chi announced a series of policy changes that would serve as the foundation for how we would begin to change the culture in our own chapters for the better. Since that announcement, we have listened to feedback from stakeholders from all over the fraternal landscape.


A hallmark of my leadership for Sigma Chi will always be to listen to the reasonable thoughts and opinions of those most affected by our actions. Sometimes, the feedback we receive may simply be a differing opinion or preference, and it’s perfectly fine to agree to disagree without being disagreeable. Other times, the feedback we receive will take the form of resistance to change, and it’s perfectly fine to express one’s opinion so long as it is respectful to the process. And still other times, the feedback we receive will take the form of thoughtful, constructive reaction to bring to our attention unintended consequences and complications that were not fully addressed in the decision-making process. I am proud to say that Sigma Chi has listened to feedback over the last several months in a manner that could be an example to difficult subjects anywhere. I am also proud to say that the overwhelming response to our January announcement from our current students was one of respectful discourse coupled with a determination to make Sigma Chi better. Finally, I am most proud that Sigma Chis everywhere have rallied around our efforts with a collective purpose to enhance the safety provided by all of our environments.


The thing about culture change is that it requires buy-in. We had hoped to receive that buy-in from constituents and stakeholders everywhere. While that was largely the case, there were some exceptions. The most critical, important, and convincing feedback we received came from our undergraduate men who were the ones most committed to making the changes work. They repeatedly told us that the effectiveness of the policy changes relied on community collaboration and that Sigma Chi, no matter how excellent we would be in implementation, could not make this critical change alone. They repeatedly told us that they want to be the leading voice on the matter of working to uncouple alcohol and fraternities, but also said they couldn’t do it alone. So, we listened and acted. Here’s what we have done:



All previously announced policy changes remain in effect, except as it pertains to the original action taken by the Executive Committee (EC) that was announced in January which originally read: "Effective Aug. 1, 2018, no social events with alcohol may occur while recruitment or pledging operations are active." More  information is available on; members are encouraged to read it carefully and thoroughly. In brief, the revised actions taken by the EC are:

1. “Effective Aug. 1, 2018, a chapter in good standing may hold no more than four chapter-organized events with alcohol present during the pledge program as long as no pledges are present."
  •  This means that effective Aug. 1, 2018, Sigma Chi chapters may host up to four social events where alcohol is served during the period that begins with the extension of bids and ends with initiation.
2. The Executive Committee has also added a provision that prohibits those individuals who are prospective or potential members and those individuals who are currently pledging from attending any chapter organized event where alcohol is present.
3. Note that any and all events must still be fully in compliance with all Sigma Chi policies and any provisions of the Risk Management Foundation (RMF) policy for those chapters receiving insurance from RMF. In addition, please remember that the laws and rules of your individual state or province and campus must also be followed.  
4. If you have any questions at all, please seek clarification before the event. 

I am reminded at this time of an old saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I am proud of our youngest members who helped us modify our approach to initiating the important process of culture change by focusing on community-wide buy-in first. We will make culture change happen, but it will only be lasting change if we can get everyone to buy in. Thank you to the countless men who have been an important part of this process.


For more information on the latest policies slated to go into effect, please visit

In Hoc,
Tommy Geddings
70th Grand Consul
© 2018, Sigma Chi International Fraternity
1714 Hinman Ave. Evanston, IL 60201| (847) 869-3655 |

Alfred Daniel Killian Jr., University of Miami, Gamma Phi 1950 - Chapter Eternal

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Dan Killian went home to be with his Lord and Savior, Thursday, April 12, 2018. His Christian faith was the most important thing in his life. He was born October 7, 1925 in Miami, Florida. His family had deep roots in Miami. His great-grandfather had a trading post at the corner of 98th St. and US-1. Killian Drive and Killian High School are named in honor of Dan’s great-grandfather who was an area pioneer and county commissioner, responsible for the Kendall area's first hospitals, stores, street lights and the railway depot along the former Florida East Coast Railway.

Dan was a Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard, proudly serving in WWII and Korea and afterwards staying in the Reserves. His love of amateur radio—which he used in the military—would remain a passion for the rest of his life. Every family member fondly recalls his call name, W41UV. After WWII, he attended the University of Miami, earning a law degree. He was a well-known, highly respected trial lawyer and senior partner in the firm of Corlett, Killian and Sikes. Most of his career found him working as a defense lawyer representing the railroads throughout Florida. His stories from the court room were fascinating and he loved to tell them. His daughter fondly recalls joining him for trial preparation that included derailing a locomotive.

He was reunited with his beloved wife Dianne whose death preceded him by two years. He is survived by his daughter, Laurie Detweiler, her husband, Marlin, grandchildren Jameson, Brandon, Travis and Parker, grandson’s wives Jackie, Lexi and Sydney, and great-grandchildren Ava, Oliver, Skylar and Lucy.

Other than his Savior, he loved his family members more than anything. He was known to those around him for his constant encouragement. As was seen in the days after his passing, Dan was always there to encourage those around him, including strangers. He shared the love of His Savior with everyone he encountered. He will be missed more than words can describe.

A memorial service will be held May 12, 2018 at 4:00 pm at 333 S. 9th Street, Akron, PA

Arrangements are being handled by Shikany's Bonita Funeral Home.

To send flowers or a memorial gift to the family of Alfred Daniel Killian Jr. please visit our Sympathy Store.

Health and Safety Policy Changes

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Sigma Chi International Fraternity Announces Policy Changes Aimed at Enhanced Health and Safety Measures in its Chapters

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Important Sigma Chi Policy Change Announcement

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Sigma Chi Letterhead

When I was elected 70th Grand Consul this past July, my hope and intention was that Sigma Chi would continue on the path we’ve been on the last several years and stabilize our forward plan without the need to drastically alter our approach. Unfortunately, 2017 proved to be an especially challenging year in the fraternity world. Events across the country have caused fraternities everywhere to take a moment to reflect upon our relevance today, and for the many tomorrows to come. I’m writing to ask for your support as we tackle some of the most critical issues within our industry.


Media was dominated by negative headlines about our industry over the past year, increasing by 40 percent in the fall of 2017 compared to the previous year. We read about the tragic deaths of four pledges in other fraternities that were caused, in part, by the toxic mix of hazing and alcohol. Two dozen forms of campus-wide shutdowns took place in 2017, and more are reportedly on the way. The 66 member fraternities of the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) are collectively losing one chapter per day in response to the unacceptable behavior of young men. These trends are troubling and present significant obstacles to our ability to continue thriving as we’ve done for the past 162 years.


Though the scrutiny of the fraternal industry focused primarily upon the high-profile events that took place throughout 2017, Sigma Chi did not make it through unscathed. Throughout the 2016 to 2017 academic year, three Sigma Chis and one pledge tragically passed away as a result of separate incidents where substance misuse or abuse was at least a factor. Additionally, we dealt with a record number of conduct cases from our undergraduate ranks, the bulk of which involved alcohol misuse or other health and safety concerns, and the most concerning of which involved at least two occasions where pledges nearly died as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. Even with the Fraternity-wide implementation of the new Preparation for Brotherhood (P4B) pledge program, hazing continues to rear its head throughout our organization.


A number of promising and creative ideas have been proposed and piloted by the NIC, and Sigma Chi has been, and will continue to be, supportive of those measures. In the spirit of change, I convened an emergency meeting of Sigma Chi’s Executive Committee on Dec. 9 at our International Headquarters. In total, 23 men, who are fraternity leaders in their own right, came together to tackle the two most pressing subjects that threaten our future success: hazing and alcohol abuse. Our working group included Executive Committee members, Headquarters leadership, elected Grand Officers, alumni, undergraduates, recent International Balfour Award winners, representatives from the Sigma Chi Foundation and members of our programming board.


In keeping with the theme of the 2017 to 2019 biennium, I asked the Executive Committee to “Expect More” – derived from the sentiment of our Founders’ Ritual that the world expects more of Sigma Chi members than it does of others – of themselves, our Fraternity, our undergraduates and brothers everywhere. I charged them with developing a strategy that would make Sigma Chi a leading voice on these important issues and help ensure that every member has a fraternal experience that is conducive to his development, supportive of his noble interests and encouraging of his pursuit of a better self.


At the end of our meeting, the committee adopted four specific policy changes and reinforced our longstanding policies on alcohol and drugs. Over the last two days, more than 1,000 brothers – Grand Officers, undergraduate chapter officers, alumni chapter officers, house corporation officials and key Fraternity volunteers – joined us in a series of webinars aimed at communicating these important policy changes. I wanted to be sure that every Sigma Chi received this important message, so that you are made aware of what the future of Sigma Chi will look like. You can review the new policy changes and reinforcements, along with explanations and FAQs on our website: In summary, they are as follows:

  1. Prohibition of hard alcohol in chapter facilities, effective Feb. 1, 2018.
    • Between Feb. 1, 2018, and Aug. 1, 2018, chapters may still have social events on the premise of chapter facilities where hard alcohol is served, but only if it is served by a licensed and insured third-party vendor.
  2. Mandate that chapter pledge education programs not exceed a period of five weeks in duration, effective Aug. 1, 2018.
    • Chapters are still required to conduct the Fraternity’s Preparation for Brotherhood (P4B) pledge program. It is imperative for all chapters to send representation to this year’s Balfour Leadership Training Workshop to learn about the modified P4B program.
  3. Elimination of alcohol at social events during the period when chapters are undergoing recruitment or pledging, effective Aug. 1, 2018.
    • Individual members who are of legal drinking age in their jurisdiction are not prohibited from consuming alcohol, but chapters are instructed to take great effort to ensure that they follow both the Fraternity and school rules regarding classification of a “chapter event” during both recruitment and pledging.
  4. Cap on the size of social events by limiting the number of guests that each undergraduate can have at them to three, effective Aug. 1, 2018.
    • This 3:1 ratio applies to any event where the chapter itself either organizes the event or participates in it as a derivative of the chapter’s efforts.
  5. Additionally, Sigma Chi announced a reinforcement of its long-standing prohibition of the presence of alcohol in connection with recruitment and pledging events of any kind.

Culture change is never easy, and that sentiment will ring true as Sigma Chi embarks on this new era. Yet, we are resolved to eliminate the antithetical behaviors that have so unfortunately become coupled with the idea of being a fraternity man. Sigma Chi was founded on the principles of friendship, justice and learning. Since our humble beginnings in 1855, Sigma Chi has been on a mission to make the world a better place through the impact of many men working together toward that common purpose. The time to make our actions congruent with our beliefs is here, and only by doing so will we ever be able to come close to contributing to that mission that our seven Founders set as our course.


Brother, I offer one last admonition: Our undergraduates will need our support now more than ever. I hereby call upon every living Sigma Chi to step forward to assist our young men in perpetuating our order in whatever way you may be able. A new day is dawning and I truly hope that every Sigma Chi who has taken our principles and virtues to heart will step forward to answer that call.


As your Grand Consul, I promise that you can expect more of me. I charge our undergraduate men to expect more of themselves, and I call upon all Sigma Chis everywhere to be a part of the journey our great Fraternity is on to expect more of itself.

In Hoc Signo Vinces,


W. Thomas Geddings Jr.


70th Grand Consul

© 2018, Sigma Chi International Fraternity
1714 Hinman Ave. Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 869-3655 |

James E. Montgomery Alumni Chapter Publication Award

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David Russell Kondracke, Ohio State University, Alpha Gamma 1964 - Chapter Eternal

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David Russell Kondracke, 
Ohio State University, Alpha Gamma, 1964, of Columbus, OH and Naples, FL, peacefully passed away with his sons by his side on January 3, 2018. Born on December 29, 1941, in Chicago, IL, to the late Genevieve and Matthew Kondracke.

David was predeceased by his loving wife and soulmate of 50 years Jane, his brother Michael and sister-in-law Milly.

David "Pa" will be painfully missed by his sons, Chris (Brandi) and Scott (Susanne); grandchildren, Tyler, Griffin, George and Courtney: his brother Morton (Marguerite); brother-in-law, Woody (Peggy); and extended family.

David graduated from Springfield (OH) High School where he was an All-American swimmer and a state champion. David went on to attend The Ohio State University on a swimming scholarship. He was a four-year member of the OSU Men's Swimming Team which won the NCAA Championship in 1962. He was a member of Sigma Chi at OSU, graduating in 1964 with a B.A. in Economics. David began his long and successful career in 1964 at Ohio National Bank where he was a Vice President. He then became a financial adviser and broker at Vercoe and Company in 1978 where he would remain through multiple acquisitions until his retirement in 2017 as a Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch. David was a longtime member of The Columbus Country Club and The Club at Pelican Bay. He was a founder of Bexley Youth Sports, a member of the Whitehall-Bexley Rotary, the OSU Alumni Assoc., Varsity O and a supporter of Evans Scholars. David was on the development board at Children's Hospital and the financial board of the Childhood League where he and Jane were very active on Board VII.

Known to his family as the "World's Strongest Dad," that enduring strength was evident during his extended illness from advanced prostate cancer. He cherished his family! He rarely missed his children's and grandkids' sporting events and was an enthusiastic supporter. He loved to provide colorful commentary on the officiating. David was a passionate OSU fan and an avid golfer; priding himself on having five holes-in-one. A voracious reader, he could be found at all hours immersed in a book. Often described as a history buff, he reminded his family to, "never stop learning." David and Jane loved to travel and had many golf outings, trips, dinners and celebrations, including 37 annual trips with the Cascades group and memorable excursions with the Ireland Group. Jane and David did not love to cook but loved a good meal; on any given night, they could be found at a restaurant with a large table full of friends.

Many will recall a strong-willed, fiercely competitive athlete, loyal father, valued friend and trusted advisor. David and his family were fortunate to be blessed with the love, comfort and support from Dr. Robert Zaino and Aryel, Lori, Wynona and the benevolent caregivers of The James (17th fl.) and the Kobacker House in his final days.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to The Childhood League Center, 674 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43215, or The OSU Swimming and Diving Team via the Buckeye Club at Ohio State Athletics Development, 2400 Olentangy River Road, Columbus OH 43210.

The family will receive friends at Columbus Country Club (CCC), 4831 E. Broad St. on Sunday, January 7, from 2-5pm, where a Celebration of Life will be held Monday at 11am. Arrangements made by Schoedinger Midtown Chapel. Condolences may be sent to family and memories shared at

John Frederick Nicholson, Northwestern University, Omega 1951 - Chapter Eternal

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   John Frederick Nicholson died September 7, 2017 at his home at the Carlisle in Naples.
   He was born December 19, 1927 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Edith and Arnold Nicholson. John grew up in Rockford, Illinois where his father had a clothing store.
   John graduated from East High School in 1945 and then entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. World War II interrupted his college years and he went into the Army in 1946 and served on Guam and Okinawa. John was a sergeant when he left the Army and then he enrolled at Northwestern University and graduated in December of 1950. John was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity. He loved Northwestern and often talked about the good friends he met there.
   John's working experience began at General Electric in Schenectady, New York. Later he moved back to the Chicago area and worked in the paper industry at Whitaker-Carpenter Paper Co. for 40 years. John and his family resided in Northbrook, Illinois for many years before moving to Naples in 1993.
   In retirement John kept busy playing golf and tennis. He also worked part time for the Naples Post Office and was a substitute school teacher for the Collier County school system.
 John is survived by his wife, Ginny, and two daughters, Catherine (Stephen) Moss and Cynthia Nicholson, both of whom live in the New York area. He is also survived by three granddaughters, Kaylin (KC) of Washington, D.C.
    Kristen of Philadelphia, a student at Penn, and Jessica who attends Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.
    John was a wonderful husband and father and dearly loved his family. He was a long time member of 1st Presbyterian Church in Naples. A memorial service will be held at a later date. The family would like to thank    Avow Hospice for the wonderful care they gave to John and would also like to thank the staff of the Carlisle Assisted Living staff for their assistance. 
   For online condolences, please visit

62nd Grand Consul Douglas R. Carlson, Minnesota, Alpha Sigma 1973 - Chapter Eternal

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Brothers of the Grand Council,

It is with the heaviest of heart that I inform you of the passing of 62nd Grand Consul Douglas R. Carlson. Doug entered the Chapter Eternal at 4:45AM this morning (August 29, 2017) after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was in hospice care at Our Lady of Peace in St. Paul, MN for the past month and passed peacefully in his sleep. A legend in so many ways, it is only appropriate that I offer those words that provide us some small comfort in moments like this: “Death cannot kill what never dies, nor can spirits ever be divided that love and live in friendship.” Though gone from us in physical presence, Doug’s impact on so many of us – and on Sigma Chi as a whole – will be his lasting legacy that will ensure his spirit stays among us. Finally, I offer my strong arms to each and every brother who knew Doug and, in closing, wish to praise him with one final… “All Honor to His Name.”

Guard Well,

Michael J. Church

Executive Director

62nd Grand Consul Douglas R. Carlson, MINNESOTA 1973 - HONOR His Sigma Chi Legacy

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July 28, 2017
Brother Church,
On July 12, 2017, the Sigma Chi Fraternity Executive Committee and the leadership of the Sigma Chi Foundation jointly adopted a resolution (see the full text here) to honor one of Sigma Chi’s most outstanding contributors, 62nd Grand Consul Douglas R. Carlson, MINNESOTA 1973.
Brother Carlson has been a member or Chairman of the Ritual Committee for 42 years, served as Grand Historian for 18 years prior to his election as Grand Pro Consul in 1999, and was elected to the position of Grand Consul in 2001. He authored two books, The History of Sigma Chi from 1955-1980 and The History of the Sigma Chi Ritual, which have become integral contributions to the fraternity. Through his dedicated work to preserve and promote the history, heritage and principles of the fraternity, Carlson became the preeminent source of knowledge for all subjects related to our beloved Ritual and our storied history.
In his honor, Sigma Chi has announced the creation of the Douglas R. Carlson Principled Leader Award and the Douglas R. Carlson Sigma Chi Archives and Center for Advanced Study. The Principled Leader Award will be accompanied with monetary recognition for an undergraduate and alumnus member each year while the Archives and Center for Advanced Study is aimed to be a world-class facility which will enable Sigma Chis from all walks of life to be able to study and appreciate the intricate details of our fraternity.
We Need Your Help!! In order to appropriately honor Brother Carlson and his voluminous contributions to Sigma Chi, we are appealing to all Sigma Chis to make a donation to help us achieve these very important objectives.
If you would like to make a one-time donation to honor Brother Carlson, please visit and donate to the fund that suits your interest. Whether it’s $5, $50 or $500, we appreciate every dollar you can contribute. If you would like to make a monthly recurring donation, click here (for Carlson Award) or here (for Carlson Archives).
As a special “thank you,” Sigma Chi will recognize you with the following.
  • For a gift of $18.55 or more, receive a limited edition Sigma Chi button to demonstrate your commitment to honoring Brother Carlson’s legacy.
  • For a gift of $50 or more, receive the button and a copy of the History of Sigma Chi from 1955-1980 authored by Brother Carlson.
  • For a gift of $100 or more, receive all of the above plus a copy of One In Heart & Purpose, the story of the Founders and Founding of Sigma Chi.
  • For a commitment to a recurring monthly gift totaling a minimum commitment of at least $2,000, receive all of the above plus recognition on the donor board in the newly established Carlson Center.
If you are interested in a more substantial gift, please contact Sigma Chi Foundation Director of Development Matthew Pagan via e-mail for sponsorship and naming opportunities which will appropriately recognize your significant contribution. Sponsorship and naming opportunities start at $5,000.
Whatever you can give, please consider donating to honor one of Sigma Chi’s most outstanding contributors and help us achieve these critical objectives for the good of Sigma Chi!
In Hoc Signo Vinces,
J. Ashley Woods
Sigma Chi Foundation
Michael J. Church
Executive Director
Sigma Chi Fraternity

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