Sweet Sole Music! Imagine an infinitely variable rhythm track, with you in total control, able to switch between time signatures at will.

Well, now you can - foot-tapping music never sounded so good until the Logarhythm, by LogJam, came along.

Plug it into your amp or PA (bass up, mid and treble down) and stamp your personality on your music. Experiment with your favourite footwear - heavy boots for LO, All Stars for MID, leather-soled cowboy boots for HI - and let yourself go!

All products in the LogJam range incorporate these features -

Hand-made in the UK from certificated Sapele or European Beech; Non-slip base; Neutrik output socket as standard; Requires no batteries.

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Microlog 2 ® - the Microlog 2 is designed to fit neatly into a pedal-board and can be used alternatively as a stand-alone unit. Pocket-sized it may be but it doesn't have a pocket-sized sound as it's built to precisely the same quality as all our instruments.

Travelog 2 ® ~ Made to the same high standard as the Logarhythm Mk 4, the Travelog 2 as a greatly im-

proved output compared with the original unit owing to the modified chamber and capsule position.

Logarhythm ® Mk 4 has been designed to give maximum output in a neat and compact unit. We have retained the low radius of the previous model but repositioned the chamber so that the capsule is nearer to the players foot and angled up towards the point of impact. Because the acoustic chamber is now further forward we have cut away the extraneous material to make your Log lighter to carry and to also take up less room in your gig bag. The width of the Logarhythm ® Mk 4 is identical to that of the Mk 3 so you can play it using both feet or, alternatively, tap your foot on the right or left hand side depending whether you want a louder or softer tone.

Prolog ® - is compact, lightweight and designed to augment and enhance solo artists, instrumentalists and bands, by simply connecting to the PA, backline amplifier or directly to a recording desk via its own Neutrik 1⁄4” output jack socket. By simply tapping your foot on the solid sapele block, a dynamic microphone within the Prolog’s internal tone chamber delivers a warm, deep, full sound to external amplification, a sound that cannot be authentically created by machines. The integral heel board is also ‘alive’, allowing the user to create additional back beats, whilst the low stomping angle ensures many hours use without any physical strain. The microphone is cushioned and protected to withstand all the knocks of the road, and as the Prolog is purely passive - no batteries required - the operation is totally hum-free, whilst the non-slip base helps diffuse any unwanted floor vibration.

Prolog with Drum (Terl Bryant demo)

Roland SPD:One vs. Logjam Prolog - The Stompbox Throwdown (Geekazine)

NEW FOR 2022 - the Prolog Beech ® the same great Logjam sound and dimensions as our original Sapele Prolog but this new edition now comes in an attractive and sturdy Western European beech timber.

The ProLog Beech weighs in at around 800 grams, 200 grams heavier than our Sapele model.

Rattlebox ® - is the most recent addition to the Logjam family. It has been designed to augment and enhance any acoustic artist, percussionist or band performance by adding the accompaniment of a snare drum or side stick. It can be used as foot percussion in conjunction with the Prolog for example, played with sticks or brushes, or indeed with your hands. New for 2019, the Rattlebox now has rounded corners, designed to fit comfortably within the rim of a 14" snare drum, in addition to other playing modes.

Chameleon ® - launched at NAMM Show 2020. The new digital percussion stomper from Logjam. Trigger And Mix… the Chameleon can be used on its own or you can, in addition, trigger extra internal sounds loaded onto the Micro SD card..This is achieved by attaching any stomper to the AUX socket. You can also simultaneously mix the sound of, say, a Prolog for your kick via the “Log In” socket. This means that you can have a total of 3 drum sounds available to you at the same time. The internal volume and tone controls (accessed via the front panel display) allow you to independently control your sounds. If you’re struggling with only a few inputs on your amp, you can plug your guitar through the Chameleon and mix together with your drum sound into one input.

Use Your Own Samples… we realised that the drum sounds any musician wants to hear are going to vary so we decided to include a Micro SD card slot ready to load with your own choice of samples. We do, of course, provide some presets but the ability to make your kick or snare drum sound whichever way you want is an innovation in the world of stomping. In addition to this, you could use your SD card to play backing tracks for example.

Big Power… one great feature of the Chameleon is the ability to either run it from an internal battery, an android phone charger or power brick (5 volts using a standard micro USB connector). Battery life is absolutely phenomenal … forget the dreaded dead PP3 scenario! Your Chameleon will stay charged for 24 hours or more… so if you’re out doing open-air gigs it’s one less thing to worry about.

A Balanced Log… balanced Neutrik combo socket output accepting either a male XLR or 1/4″ jack plug.

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