Jumping Cow is our comprehensive range of ukulele accessories and gifts.

Our heavy full-grain hide leather picks combine substance with the soft touch that only a natural product can give.

Strumming your ukulele or banjo with a Jumping Cow pick opens up a whole new world of sound - warm, consistent and mellow with no lack of volume or tone. Or try it on bass guitar for a real 60s retro "thud"

P.S. Why "Jumping Cow"? Well, many of you will be aware of the story that the word "uku-lele" is the Hawaiian for "jumping flea", inspired by the players' fingers moving so quickly around the fretboard while playing. Our LUP picks are made of leather and so we've substituted the "flea" for "cow" - simple!

FELT picks - Natural wool felt is great for strumming, offering minimal pick contact noise and a traditional soft felt attack. Synthetic felt gives a little more accuracy for single note picking, combined with a soft attack for strumming.

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Straps, pick pouches, strap extenders, ukulele keyrings, ukulele drinks coasters. Check out the whole Jumping Cow range below -