Coronavirus/COVID-19 policy UPDATE March 24th 2020

We are taking the current Coronavirus situation very seriously. Although Stones Music is a small business, it has been relatively easy for us to adopt practises that avoid making the Coronavirus situation worse in our immediate environment and in our dealings with customers and suppliers.

With that in mind, we are following government guidelines on hygiene, cleanliness and social/physical distancing.

  • Our premises are NOT open to the public. The only visitors will be prearranged courier and delivery companies and strict non-contact measures are in place for both collections and deliveries.
  • We will continue to respond to customers’ requests for stock but will not proactively solicit new business.
  • Where we have prolonged physical contact with goods which will be shipped to customers, e.g. setting up or modifying instruments, we will ensure our hands are washed/sanitized, and we will keep such contact to a minimum. Gloves are worn for general packing. Our understanding is that the risk of coming into contact with the virus from musical instruments, and other products we supply, is minimal, especially taking into account the time taken for goods to arrive at their destination.
  • We remain available to contact via phone, email and video calls.
  • We will no longer have face-to-face meetings and contact with customers or suppliers.
  • We will try to enable our customers’ businesses to survive in difficult times. Where it will help, we will offer a third-party shipping service, to ship goods directly to consumers on behalf of our regular customers. On these occasions, we would ask that full payment is made at the time of the order.

We intend to still be here when the current situation has passed. In the meantime, we will do our very best to minimise risks in our operations so that we will not add any burden to the wider community.

Our heartfelt wishes go out to all those adversely affected by COVID-19, whether it be healthwise, socially or financially.

Mark Pugh, March 24th 2020