Timber Tones - new products for Christmas

Post date: Nov 2, 2010 1:44:38 PM

Stock up now of these great gift ideas for Christmas - Timber Tones have taken the music world by storm this year, after an amazing launch at Frankfurt MusikMesse in March. Not only have guitarists across the world been intrigued and impressed by the range of exotic hardwood guitar picks (see review) - they love the feel, sound, response and organic nature of Timber Tones - but they and their friends and families have recognised the natural beauty of Timber Tones products and have been snapping up Timber Tones accessories in the shape of keyrings, pendants, chokers, drumstub keyrings, drumstub necklaces and now drumstick pens (in display, right) - these have just arrived in the UK so grab 'em while you can!!