This homepage is tribute for great power boaters from all over the world. You can name them as stars, superstars or idols. You can put them to the "Hall of Fames". But let facts talk here. Great champions and record brokers have to have face and results written somewhere. Up to now it was very difficult to recognise them. No photos, no titles won by them. People just not take care about history and excellent drivers of powerboating. Only some of drivers had fans, who wrote some pages of their history and about their great victories. Here is try to collect them together in one place. Additionally to drivers of big and expensive classes here are represented also smaller classes heroes - real superstars of powerboating. Some of officials are named such smaller classes as "entry classes", which is totally unfair. True sport is in these smaller classes. Not all drivers are having a lot of money to move to the bigger more expensive classes. Not in all countries you can find sponsors and supporters to climb up to F1 or Class 1. And I am pretty sure, that many drivers from smaller classes can be very successful in more costly classes, but not vice versa.
If you know more great powerboat pilots from different countries, who are not represented here, please inform me. If you know dates and facts not represented here, I am very happy to receive them. Also photos of champions are welcome. Not all drivers can be represented here, at least not in beginning. At least 4 World Champion titles is limit now. But great pilots from USA, Australia, South-Africa, New Zeeland etc. are welcome to be on this homepage. Please help keep their glory alive!
I thank personally all of you, who brought available of photos, results and data used here!
Special thanks are going to Mike Ward !!!! Keep eyes open! This homepage is not ready!
Vahur Joala