Special Awards

2014    Charles W. Roeder  AISC Distinguished Achievement Award
            Ron Klemencic        AIA Honorary Member
            Robert F. Mast         PSEC Engineer of the Year (SEAW nominee)
Dorothy A. Reed      PSEC Academic Engineer of the Year (SEAW nominee)
            Arnfinn Rusten         ACEC-WA Engineer of the Year
2006    Rich Ames               SEAW Spokane Engineer of Merit
2003    Jon Magnusson       AIA Honorary Member
2002    Katy Huston             Special Award
1999    Lynnell Brunswig     Flower Arrangement
1994    Lynnell Brunswig     10 Year Service Award
            Skip Bush                State SEAW Recognition Plaque
           Jim Carpenter           State SEAW Recognition Plaque
           John D. Hooper        State SEAW Recognition Plaque
           John Tawresey         State SEAW Recognition Plaque
           John Skilling             AIA Honorary Member
1985   Peter A. Suden         SEAW Spokane Engineer of Merit