Helge Helle

Life Member
February 21, 1915 - June 27, 1986
The child of Finnish immigrants, Helge Joel Helle earned the BS and the MS in Engineering from the University of Washington.  He served in the US Navy during World War II.
He joined the W. H. Witt Company, Engineers in Seattle in 1949. In 1962 Helge went into partnership with John Skilling as Skilling and Helle, Structural Engineers, and continued in the firm with various partners until his retirement as President of Skilling, Helle, Christiansen, and Robertson, Inc. in 1979, when he became a Consultant to Skilling Ward Magnusson Barkshire.
He worked on notable Seattle buildings including the Seattle World's Fair Fine Arts Pavilion (shown at left), the IBM Office Building and Garage, the Washington Building, Rainier Bank Tower, and the Kingdome.  He headed the design teams for construction of Childrens' Orthopedic and Swedish Hospitals.  His career focused on the design of hospitals in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and California.
Helge served as President 1974-75 of the Consulting Engineers Council of Washington, which later honored him as Engineer of the Year.
Posted April 2012