Donald Radcliffe

Life Member
d. February 13, 1999, age 88
Donald G. Radcliffe received his Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois.  He served in the US Navy in World War II, reaching the rank of Lt. Commander.
He joined TRA in Seattle in 1956, and spent 27 years with that firm before retiring in 1983.  He also taught structural engineering courses at the University of Washington School of Architecture for many years, beginning in 1947.

As the lead structural engineer for the original SeaTac Airport parking garage, he designed the concrete garage's cantilevered helical ramps in the garage. "Although a prominent structural engineer from the NY Port Authority said that the ramps could not be built, Don proved him wrong. ...  In the latter part of his life, he was legally blind; however, this did not stop him from the practice of structural design.  He rigged up a TV camera which magnified his computer monitor so he could read the output."  [Equilibrium May 1999]
Posted May 2012