There are so many great reviews of moron--"great" as in "much appreciated by me" and "dang, they nailed me and nailed me goodly"--not "great" as in singing my praises of my singing praises.  Many of the reviews make me laugh out loud each time I read them.
Below are two of my favorites.  The first one is a rejection letter from Asthmatic Kitty, a very well-known independent label.  The second one is one sentence from a very long (and generous) letter/review from a musician friend.
Hi, Bob-

Very amusing email!  Our director did listen to your music, he tells me, and he actually really enjoyed it very much.  He said it definitely stands out and is far better than most of the demos we receive.  Unfortunately, we take on very, very few new artists and the ones we have taken up till now have been closely connected with some of our other artists--Asthmatic Kitty is similar to a family business with most of its artists having close personal ties.

He appreciated the T-shirts too and would like to send you one of our T-shirts in the size of your choice so take a look at our website shop and let me know what you'd like and I'll send it to you.

I should emphasize, lest you feel we're just being nice and trying to let you down easy, that Lowell genuinely feels your music is very good and he does not say that about submitted music very often.

All the best,
Ann / asthmatic kitty (circa 2006 or 2007)
...The great thing about moron is that it skirts all the rules of music:  anything that should be done is ignored, and stuff that shouldn't be done is included, and I love that....(Harry Steele, of the band King Quentin)