South Australian
Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Microlighting

(Incorporated as the
South Australian Hang Gliding Association, SAHGA Inc)

The SAHGA Inc is the state association covering our sports in South Australia and the Northern Territory. There are no formal clubs but groups of pilots do meet regularly in Adelaide and of course go flying!.  SAHGA Inc has an informal get together for hang gliding , paragliding, and microlight powered equivalents when required, to meets us please call or email so we can put you on our local chat groups to organize you to get you out to the hill and meet the pilots face to face.

Here are some contacts for SAHGA Inc:

Postal Address: SAHGA Inc., c/o PO Box 6260, Halifax St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Peter Bolton - President - M: 0401 368 736
Stuart McClure - Vice President, M: 0428 100 796 
Robert Woodward - Treasurer / Secretary & HGFA Rep.- M: 0408 808 436
Helen - Senior Safety Officer HG, 
Peter Allen - PG / HGFA Staffer
Mark ElstonSenior Safety Officer PG, M: 0428 480 820
Adrian Palfrey - Senior Safety Officer PPG, M: 0408 341 181
Dave Wilson - Membership 
Geoff Fisher - Southern Sites 
Peter Bolton - Northern Sites 
Garry Fimeri - Microlights (SDFC) - M: 0428111249
Paul Kelley - SAHGA Exec Member

Talk to our members via our discussion groups here 

Contact us if you're interested in flying or planning to visit SA, 
and we'll do our best to get you flying or make sure you have a great flying holiday here!

Due to the sensitive nature of our sites please contact us before flying here


The following links provide more information about flying and contacts in South Australia.

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