Roeper Reads! Summer Reading


Did you participate in Roeper Reads? Bring your completed form to the Children's Library or email Carmen during the first week of school to be invited to our summer reading celebrations! Parties take place during lunch and recess for Stages I, II, and III. Stage IV and 6th grade share a party after school. Invitations will be sent home in mid September. 

Roeper Reads is a multi-faceted summer reading program designed for the complex, creative, innovative children of Roeper! There are many ways to participate, listed below. We will have parties to celebrate Roeper Reads participants in the fall!

Roeper Reads for anyone:

Roeper Reads for independent readers:

  • 2015 Summer Reading Challenge: choose 15 of these challenges to read over the summer.

  • Read + Review x 5: Read and review at least five books. Listening to books counts!

  • Friendship & Favorite Books: Create a list of the best 10 books you ever read, and have a friend or family member do the same. Trade your personal "favorites" list with a friend or family member and try to read as many of each other's favorites as you can! . (Carmen would love a partner for this challenge! Email me-- carmen . pianko @ roeper . org)

  • 10 Books, Ranked by ME: Plan to read at least 10 books this summer? Keep a list of what you read, then put the books in order from least to most favorite.

  • Take the 100 Favorite Chapter Books Challenge: Here you'll find a list of 100 favorite children's chapter books. Count up how many you have already read, then try to read that many new books from this list over the summer. Check them off as you go!

  • Camp Newsela: for anyone in Stage IV or going into Stage IV, this is an online news article "camp" that gives you interesting current events to read about at your own reading level, along with short quizzes. All Stage IV kids from 2015-2016 have accounts (username=firstnamelast+lastinitial+trs, password=firstinitial+lastinitial+1941). Incoming Stage IV students can email me to get their account created or sign up using this code: YQ9EAN. Follow the steps from the link above!

Roeper Reads for pre-readers/listeners:

If you have any questions about Roeper Reads! you can email me at carmen . pianko @ roeper . org. Happy reading!

For more ideas about what to read this summer, check out these great recommendation lists!:
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