Preregistration for 2017 Reno Western States Open

Western States Open
October 13-15, 2017
160 Preregistered Entries as of 10/13/2017, 8:10 PM
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NameSectionRtngIDByes rdsNotes
Acosta, Anthony RoB Section - 2 day177512633251
Ai, Evan ZihaoExpert Section198414780703
Alapati, Madhav SD Section - 2 day113314517030
Alonso, FranciscoExpert Section200010452406
Ambethkar, Hari RaB Section1457151731946
Andersen, Jeff CB Section - 2 day170911296106
Anderson, John RA Section180412579626
Arteaga, RicardoC Section141612582988
Ash, Richard DB Section172012475061
Baker, Steven SterA Section186814451897
Ballantyne, WayneExpert Section202710231892
Baran, DavidA Section181310509050
Barthel, JohnB Section168712604542
Bennett, James EB Section176512390880
Bennett, RobertC Section144012498299
Benson, Roy RC Section140012731382
Bilyeu, Jeff EC Section154416044728See TD
Bishop, AlanExpert Section206311311016
Brandt, Barry LA Section190010475945See TD
Brunton, CharlesA Section183711122205
Bryant, John DanieOpen Section257212796667
Byrne, Michael JD Section1338126156424See TD
Campers Jr, WillieB Section165112718130See TD
Cartagena, OmarOpen Section239412658037
Casten, FrederickExpert Section - 2 Day204910102570See TD
Chinchwadkar, OmA Section181113796783
Clemens, KristianA Section - 2 Day189613901075
Cortinas, Martin AA Section174512590374
Dejong, Calvin PA Section - 2 Day1869156176414
Dixit, ArunB Section - 2 day1587146079042 6
Douglas, Lloyd ED Section1146124492853 5
Duron, Ritchie JA Section182412555515
Fischer, George EA Section1863125168641
Flach, Lucas JonatB Section163615797773
Flach, Nicholas AnC Section - 2 day151115797788
Formanek, Edward WOpen Section225710349257
Garcia, Hebert DA Section1925129192246
Garcia, SethD Sectionunr16433578
Ghazarian, KirkOpen Section212214885268
Ghosh, KaushikD Section123815201691
Ghosh, PrarthanB Section169615038196See TD
Glover, Brian CA Section185310348404
Golden, RichardB Section172012482416
Grabiak, MatthiasB Section169612814698
Grabinsky, JoshuaExpert Section211914729181
Greanias, Steven DOpen Section220510034191
Haessel, Dale ROpen Section222512458442
Harshman, Philip EB Section177310147841
Hilliard, MichaelC Section140012279170
Hough, Randall DExpert Section201910461138
Hudson, Quinn DylaA Section1861143473016
Hung, AlanOpen Section181113977877
Irwin, MarlaD Section1019155300885
Irwin, PhilipExpert Section1804129049905
Jellison, Robert SC Section147612606019
Johnson, Adam MD Section - 2 day129312731663
Jones, JanC Section150612475891
Jones, Michael DonB Section1780104844995
Joseph, ThaerB Section174412723020
Juchau, DaveC Section158212622709
Kaleeswaran, JaisuA Section182314968566
Kleist, FrederickExpert Section200210312884
Koehler, JeffreyD Sectionunr16445147
Kolay, AlexOpen Section203415470820
Kolev, Atanas IvanOpen Section262413729373
Krishnakumar, SrirExpert Section193015375510
Le, NikkoB Section1695154426121 6
Levine, JosephA Section188015694597
Lewis, W DavidB Section167812553468
Li, Eric YuhanExpert Section - 2 Day208615688436
Lomboy, Gilbert BB Section174514972254
Lynch, Mark OB Section160010286182
Ma, CarlosA Section181312685766
Martinez, AbelD Section130414629890
Martinez, AbrahamC Section145714830211
Martinez, EnochC Section156713672401
Martinez, LawrenceExpert Section - 2 Day188812550947
Maser, Thomas FA Section1993104909361
Matamoros, CarlosOpen Section254512650698
Mattice, WesC Section145712602032
Mattson, DaneOpen Section2209126582696
Mayer-kleist, CaroC Section140012475599
Mayfield, James RC Section155410497647
McCalley, RoderickA Section185511016243
McCambridge, VinceOpen Section2472104415956
McNaughton, CraigD Section105116071666
McShea, FrankC Section138916396701
Mezentsev, VladimiOpen Section243112650876
Moradiabadi, ElshaOpen Section257414821464
Mortlock, PaulC Section151712496915
Munsey, Michael RD Section120012463533
Murugappan, GaneshOpen Section216914360480
Nassif, WassimD Section1162126275496
Nayak, ShreyasA Section - 2 Day187815161797
Nelson, Charles FC Section147612548230
O'Connor, DerekOpen Section230712911689
Olson, JeffC Section - 2 day148112575990
Orr, Michael BrianB Section165714480145
Otterbach, RenateC Section123414565208
Parshall, Alison KD Section127312910050
Parshall, MatthewOpen Section203012899854
Parshall, RandyC Section133512910052
Patel, Aayan NB Section1674145247221 2 3 4
Patel, Darsh ND Section1397145247371 2 3 4
Penagalapati, AbhiA Section172115467440
Peng, Andrew WayneA Section1873147444271
Penn, EverettC Section150412658605
Perkins, JosiahA Section182713429275
Perry III, WilliamD Section130012394466
Piper, AugustC Section150010508835
Prielipp, DanielD Section119312641806
Pruitt Jr, CarvinExpert Section1938102959635
Pupols, ViktorsOpen Section220510511186See TD
Quercia, DylanExpert Section214812857725
Ramaswamy, PudurC Section143016106884
Rodel, Max GB Section172212048710
Romero, Paul LamarExpert Section204620067828
Rudd, Matthew JohnA Section189813312627
Russo, Robert VA Section187410436885See TD
Saarenas, Mark BusA Section190212521223
Sen, ArinD Section - 2 day120515475455
Senthilkumar, PranOpen Section210214020007
Sevillano, EnricoOpen Section253412650696
Sheehan, TimothyD Section127012668889
Shepherd, PatrickB Section170010489628
Shivakumar, ShawnaExpert Section - 2 Day186015641965
Sirak, GuyA Section174116084265
Sivakumar, ShaaketB Section164215250088
Sivakumar, ShaashwA Section180915089302
Smolensky, RandallA Section182911092047
Somalwar, AnaiyOpen Section211114391572
Spera, Bernard JosC Section147712808843
Stearman, Josiah POpen Section230414006506
Sunnarborg, DanielB Section167510482861
Taylor, Timothy WOpen Section232610153557
Thirumalai, AtulA Section186114973786
Thoel, Jason CB Section160112572273
Titus, Michael GenC Section150312457203
Torres, MichaelB Section177412548704
Trimbach, Daniel FA Section182412412089
Tsogtsaikhan, SaikExpert Section216616309084
Tyau, ChristopherExpert Section192412783873
Van Veen, KerryB Section1504129096645
Vijayakumar, AdvaiA Section - 2 Day1796155631146
Walder, Michael SExpert Section209810345120
Wang, HenryExpert Section207415300888
Wang, YuanExpert Section212012595368
Watson, Farid MarkA Section199612421574
Weideman, Thomas EExpert Section2040112929091 2
Wheat, BobA Section1737115245754
Wijaya, WilliamB Section174912515561
Wong, RussellOpen Section2200125441821
Wu, OliverA Section - 2 Day189514597425
Wu, RochelleOpen Section2162149015901
Wu, SijingExpert Section - 2 Day214714879327
Wyatt, Norman WD Section1279126223925
Xiong, AndyExpert Section - 2 Day192415680424
Xu, JaydenB Section163015918365
Yanayt, EugeneOpen Section227912598805
Yanofsky, KevinA Section182415901193