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Digital Posters for The Cube, QUT, 2018

29 November 2018


Posters must be submitted by 16 November 2018 to quloc.exec.officer@gmail.com

Resources to assist you

2017 digital posters on Zone 3 (12 screens)

Augmented component in the digital poster (optional)

What it looks like:


How to do it

Recommended software is Layar. Sign up for the free account, once you publish your poster in Layar the augmentation is active for one month only. It is recommended that you do not publish your poster in Layar until you submit your poster to QULOC so the month of augmentation extends just past 29 November. If you do publish early and run out of augmentation time just start another account. Once your free account ceases you will not be able to access your poster again but it will remain in Layar until you decide to pay for further access.

  1. Create your poster.

  2. In Layar click on create a new campaign and add your poster content as images.

  3. Add layers of enriched content to each section, e.g. websites, images etc. Please don't use content that requires authentication.

  4. When people hold their phone up to your poster (using the Layar app) this extra content will appear.

The Layar app is free for iPhone and Android.