Workforce and Organisational Development Practitioner Group


 Academic libraries play a critical role in supporting teaching, learning, and research within their institutions and organisational development principles and practices can help enhance their overall effectiveness, adaptability and impact.

The purpose of the QULOC Workforce and Organisational Development (WOD) Practitioner Group is to:


The group consists of one to two nominated representatives from member institutions. 


Meeting Schedule

The QULOC WOD Practitioner Group meets four times per year (quarterly).

Some meetings are themed and opened up to the wider QULOC membership. 

Reporting Schedule

 An annual report is provided to the last University Librarians Committee meeting of the year using the QULOC Practitioner Group Annual Report Template

Relationship to other QULOC Groups

Given that a highly skilled workforce and organisational development strategies are fundamental enablers of the work undertaken in academic libraries, the WOD has a potential relationship with all QULOC Communities of Practice and Practitioner Groups, and will seek opportunities to collaborate on topics and initiatives of shared interest.