With the introduction of open courses, the move to online teaching, the establishment of repositories and the need for creators of works to understand the meaning of clauses in publishing agreements and corresponding implications for Open Access, universities are increasingly intersecting with copyright law and issues. Rapid changes in technology and university practices result in new ways of interpreting and applying copyright law. In addition, there is a growing need for outreach and education on copyright issues.

A copyright community of practice will bring together a group of copyright practitioners to raise issues, discuss problems, and share knowledge. The group will provide professional development and networking opportunities for copyright practitioners who often work independently within their institutions and have less opportunity for targeted professional development events. Practitioners from libraries and the broader QULOC university communities are welcome to participate in the group.

Terms of reference

  1. To facilitate a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge of copyright matters pertaining to the higher education sector, including: teaching and learning support, research support, and other library services.

  2. To monitor and discuss emerging copyright issues, trends and developments in Australia and internationally.

  3. To communicate and/or collaborate with QULOC Working Parties on matters of shared interest.


The Copyright Practitioner Group reports to the Research Support Working Party. They provide a brief report on activities prior to each working party meeting.