Copyright Community of Practice


The purpose of the Copyright Community of Practice is to:

1. To creative an active community of copyright practitioners from QULOC member institutions

2. Discuss challenges and issues arising from, and develop responses, policies and procedures in relation to copyright and universities

3. To share the insights and ideas developed with the broader QULOC member institutions and the broader community 

View the Copyright Community of Practice padlet for meeting highlights and ideas for the future.


This Community of Practice is open to all staff from QULOC libraries. If you would like to get involved, please contact the convenor,  speak to your existing local member - listed below - or contact: 


Reporting Schedule

After each meeting, a brief record of the meeting discussion, potential strategic priorities or events and other items of interest will be provided using the Community of Practice Meeting Reporting Padlet. The padlet will be available to all QULOC members to read.  An annual report is provided to the last University Librarians Committee meeting of the year.