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Event information, resources and documents organised by QULOC Working Parties.

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Client Contact Points & Spaces

(formerly Access, Services & Spaces)

LibGuides Governance Framework - produced in 2015 with the Learning and Information Services Working Party.

Lesson Learned: Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

  • Mould ID, Prevention and Treatments - Ileana Whelan, Griffith

  • Wet Books - Anne Edwards, ACU

  • What can your LMS do for you after the disaster?UQ Disaster Recovery - Pauline Line, UQ

    • Aleph - Trish D'Arcy, ACU

    • Millenium - Pauline Line, UQ

Meeting Presentations

  • NSLA Presentation March 2011 - Helen Thurlow (PPT 1Mb)

  • Lending Practitioners Report 21 May 2010 - facilitator Lee Cooper, Griffith University

  • Service Desk Models - 19 June 2009 Lee Coleman, Griffith University PDF 43 Kb

  • Desk Survey Responses Word 55 Kb

  • Lending Services Structure Word 190 Kb


  • Summary of QULOC Survey: Unacceptable behaviour of clients November 08 Word 77 Kb

  • Guide to Best Practice on Scanning for Document Delivery Word 48 Kb

  • Lending Staff Visits Information Word 53 Kb

Disaster Recovery

  • Presentation PowerPoint 142 Kb

  • Survey Summary Word 126 Kb


  • Document Delivery Trends - Summary of feedback July 2007 PDF 40 Kb

  • Trends in Numbers of Items Received via Document Delivery 2004-2006 PDF 25 Kb

  • Library Policies 2007 - Food & Drink, Mobile Phones, Noise and Conditions of Entry Word 129 Kb

  • Alumni and School Membership 2007 PDF 81 Kb

"Selling the Library Message"

  • Promoting Library Services: Experiences from QUT Library Barbara Ewers PowerPoint 1.2 Mb

  • Creating a Library Promotional Campaign Justine Martini PowerPoint 2.66 Mb

  • Marketing and Communication tips sheet Word 237 Kb

  • Sample URLS Word 26 Kb

  • List of Resources on Promotion Word 44 Kb

  • Promotional Plan Template Word 31 Kb

"Integrated Service Desks Seminar"

  • Planning for an Integrated Service Desk at Southern Cross University Des Stewart PowerPoint 3.42 Mb

  • Integrated Services Desks - the Griffith Experience Judy Bromage PowerPoint 346 Kb

  • Recruiting and Training Staff for an Integrated Service Wendy Balachandran PowerPoint 346 Kb

  • Across the Divide: How to Integrate Without Disintegrating: a University of Southern Queensland Case StudyMandy, Callow, Sandra Jeffires, Jenny Wright and Judy Parker PowerPoint 265 Kb

  • Talking it out - the Concerns Exercise: a Practical Session on Addressing the Issues Mandy Callow PowerPoint 209 Kb

Information Day 2002

  • The Lending and Document Delivery working party hosted an Information Day for document delivery and lending services staff at the University of Queensland on October 1, 2002. The program included two workshops and a panel of speakers.

  • The morning workshop which attracted 26 participants was conducted by Margaret Gauld (UQ). The workshop focused on the outcomes of the National Resource Sharing benchmarking survey for document delivery staff.

  • There were 61 participants in the afternoon session for lending services staff. The session took the form of a panel discussion on patron empowerment led by Mandy Callow (USQ), Ros Cousens (Toowoomba City Public Library) and Russell Nicholson (UNE), followed by a workshop on empowering staff to deal with difficult people and situations in a client services environment conducted by Sharon Lenord (USC).

WP Showcase 2001

  • Program Word 47 Kb

  • Electronic Resources Database at GU Nathalie Schulz PowerPoint 560 Kb

  • eReZ at UNE Russell Nicholson PowerPoint 331 Kb

  • Innopac Millennium at QU Margaret Gauld and Carolyn Jones PowerPoint 247 Kb

  • Document Supply System at SCU Glenda Kimmins PowerPoint 1.11 Mb

  • Course Materials Database at QUT Kathy Wheeler PowerPoint 480 Kb

Information & Communication Technology

Library Analytics Webinar 2017

Library Management Systems Implementation: the good, the bad and the ugly, webinar 2016

Technology Trends in Libraries, 10th February, 2014

Raspberry Pi - Dave Allen, SLQ

Altmetrics and Publishing Technologies - Suzy Bailey, Griffith University

Using Amazon Web Services to deliver Library Services - Eric Hornsby, UQ

New Technologies: Changes and Impacts, 15th June 2012 (with IRAWP)

Communication Between IT and Librarians - Cameron Barnes, UNE

Playing e-textbooks ends the stale, mate - Jeff Brand, Bond Uni

The Digitally Literate Diletante: digital curation tools for all - Adrian Stagg, USQ

Hosted Library Services - Leonie Jennings, GCCC Libraries

What is the Catalogue? - Helen Livingston, UNISA

Fair Shake of the Source Bottle, 20th November 2009

Keynote - Andrew Bennett, UQ

Open Source for IM Reference: OpenFire, FastPath and Spark - Alan Cockerill, JCU

Custom Bottled: a Review of Bond University's Digital Repository 'e-publications@bond' - Antoinette Cass - Bond

If the Hat Fits: Fez - an Open Source Web Based Digital Repository - Eric Hornsby, UQ

OneSearch, Multiple Resources: Primo at State Library of Queensland - Dave Allen, SLQ

I'll Show You Mine..... : Open Source Implementations at USQ - Eric Robertson, USQ PDF 924 Kb

Social Software and Libraries, 10th October 2007

Seminar Blog and Presentations

Communicating With Clients Using New Technologies: Reprise and Update, 28/08/06

Overview on communicating with students. Andrew Bennett. University of Queensland

Designing web pages for mobile hand held devices: improving the client experience. Cathy Slaven, Queensland University of Technology.

Using blogs and wikis to communicate with clients. Chelsea Harper, Central Queensland University and Kate Watson, University of the Sunshine Coast

Equity Issues and technical considerations: the podcast experience for special groups of clients. Crystal Plowman, University of New England PowerPoint

Ask a Librarian Voice. Colin Bain, Queensland University of Technology

New Communication Technologies in Libraries, 9th September 2005

We Blog: Weblogs and RSS in academic libraries - Belinda Weaver, University of Queensland

Using a wiki for reference services: principles , technologies and challenges - Peter Blake & John Eliot, Australian Catholic University

Library notices and new titles via RSS - Anthony Hornby, Charles Darwin University

txting librarians: using SMS@Curtin - Sue Grey-Smith, Curtin University

SMS@Cybrary: sending library notices vis SMS at the University of Queensland - Andrew Bennett, University of Queensland

EzProxy Technical Information Sharing Session, 17/09/04

Introduction, Andrew Bennett, University of Queensland

Corey Wallis, University of Southern Queensland

Implementing EZproxy at USQ

Eric Hornsby, University of Queensland PowerPoint 638 Kb

Information Resources

eTextbook Forum, June 2015

See presentations on YouTube

New Technologies: changes and impacts - 15 June 2012

See available videos on YouTube

Managing Legacy Collections - 1 April 2011

Legacy Collections and the Legal Landscape - Tom Joyce

Replacing videocassettes - Ann Huthwaite

MFD Scanning and Adobe Acrobat Professional Editing - Natalie Hull and Chris Heslehurst

e+text+books: do they add up? - 2 July 2009

JISC National e-books Observatory Project - Caren Molloy, e-Books Project Mgr, JISC Collections UK

The EBL Model - Brendan Sinnamon, QUT

NetLibrary - Elke Dawson, CQUniversity

Buying Electronic First - Alison Hunter, USQ

e-books in a Medical Library - Lisa Kruesi, UQ

A Variety of Purchasing Models - Jocelyn Priddey, UQ

e-Textbooks and University Libraries: What are the Issues? - Ann Huthwaite, QUT

Teaching and Learning Perspective - Anthony Wall, Telstra/USQ

E+text+Book=License - Richard Siegersma, DA Information Services

Pearson Publishing - Nick Rumpff, National Sales Manager, Pearsons

Challenges in Collection Development and Acquisitions, 20th April 2007, University of Queensland

Engaging Collections: Redefining Acquisitions for the 21st Century - Jocelyn Priddey, UQ

Engaging Collections: Redefining Acquisitions for the 21st Century - Martin Borchert, Griffith

Dataset Dilemmas Presentation - Neil Renison, JCU

Dataset Dilemmas accompanying presentation notes - Neil Renison, JCU

Electronic Books - Clare Tittel, Carolyn McDougall & Gordon Marrie, USQ

The Changing Workplace - Ann Huthwaite & Colleen Cleary, QUT

Shelf-ready Services - Lyn Sanderson, Griffith

Digitised Collections - Allison Brown, QUT PowerPoint

E-topia Revisited - Federated Searching and Open URLs, 6 October 2005, University of Queensland

Keynote address - Oh happy days - Dr Gillian Hallam, QUT

What does E-topia look like in 2005? - Beth Crawter, ACU , Banyo

Federated searching & information literacy - Kate Bunker, ACU, Canberra

Federated searching @ Victoria University - Jane Miller, Victoria University

Zooming into the future: federated searching, search engines and information seeking behaviour - Dr Gillian Hallam, QUT

E-topia - everything you want from a single search

Digital libraries: complex or chaotic? - Martin Borchert, Griffith

Library Portal and Linking Technology: an Alternative New Way of Delivering Information - Ann Flynn, UTS

Building and Sustaining a Search Portal and Linking System at UTS - Amani Gadallah, UTS

Implementing III Millennium Access Plus at QUT - Martin Borchert

Other Reports and Presentations; eStatistics; Digitisation Document

e-Statistics Report March 2003 Word 89 Kb

Digitisation Project - Full Title List File 71 Kb

Digitisation Project - Top 23 Priority List (rev 2005) File 43 Kb

Notes from the CAUL Digitisation Forum Word 34 Kb

Access to News Information Report Word 40 Kb

Access to News Information Survey File 43 Kb

Comparative Evaluation of Multidisciplinary Alerting Services Word 156 Kb

Alerting Services Comparative Evaluation ReportWord 156 Kb

Identification of Issues for Consideration of a Regional Store Word 42 Kb

The successful repository, Collaboration between APSR, RUBRIC & QULOC. University of Queensland, Customs House. 22 June 2006

Teaching & Learning Support

(formerly Learning and Information Services)

Library Carpentry 2017

NVivo workshop 2017

Session recording


LibGuides Governance Framework - produced in 2015 with the Access Services and Spaces Working Party.

Research Support for Library Liaison webinar series 2015

Presentations from this series can be access via the QULOC YouTube channel

Webinar: the changing role of library liaison 2012

Webinar: Library Teaching Technologies 2012

e-Learning Options and Planning for University Libraries, Griffith University, QCA, 5 February 2010


e-Learning Options and Planning for University Libraries, Griffith University, 1 and 2 June 2009


Unseen but not Forgotten: Innovative Library Services to Off-Campus Clients, 2008

  • Experiences with Wimba Online Classroom - Presentation - Susanne Schultz (USQ) PowerPoint 1.37 Mb

  • Experiences with Wimba Online Classroom - Demo Video - Susanne Schultz (USQ) File 32.25 Mb

  • Ask a Librarian VoIP - Colin Bain (QUT) PowerPoint 17.36 Mb

  • "I didn't realise that there was so many ebooks" - Alison Hunter, Clare Tittel, Debby Macdonald, Martin Borchert (USQ and Griffith) PowerPoint 526 Kb

  • Yo Qwidget - Karen Borchardt, Karen Seymour (UQ) PowerPoint 1.28 Mb

  • Instant Messaging at Griffith - Kim Lewin (Griffith) Word 46 Kb

Working Party Presentations

  • Education Practitioners Group - Practicum Resources Wiki - Presentation PDF 478 Kb

  • Education Practitioners Group - Practicum Resources Wiki - Report PDF 264 Kb

  • Aiming for learning: integrating the literacies - Judy Peacock May 09 (Previously "Not Yours, Not Mine,,,,,but Ours") PDF 1.25 Mb

  • A Silk Purse From A Sow's Ear: Being Nominated For A Carrick Citation PDF 1.3 Mb

  • Online Information Literacy Courses and Tutorials at QULOC Institutions File 17 Kb

  • Integrated Desk Survey 2007 PDF 206 Kb

  • Bond Information Literacy Forum -Information Literacy: Challanges and Strategies by Peter Taylor PowerPoint 40 Kb

  • Information Literacy for Academics Word 51 Kb

  • Virtual Reference Desk Survey Word 81 Kb

  • Task Force assessing the effectiveness of web-based programs for information literacy Word 43 Kb

Selling the library message, Australian Catholic University, Banyo, 22 June 2006

Research Support

Smart, Savvy and Social II webinar 2017

Research Support for Library Liaison webinar series 2015

Presentations from this series can be access via the QULOC YouTube channel

Research Support Reports 2012

  • Research Support Environmental Scan (pdf 276kb)

  • Supporting Scholarly Publishing Seminar, 19 November 2010

Many of the presentations from this seminar were recorded using Lectopia. Recordings can be accessed from:

  • Welcome - Martin Borchert, QUT (.pptx 450k)

  • Academic experience: introduction to issues (.ppt 3800k) - Professor Michael Harvey, Bond University. Links to supporting presentations on YouTube (.pdf, 30k)

  • Developing the Research Concept - Cherry Gordon, UNE (.pptx 100k)

  • Where to publish - Tony Sheil, Griffith University (.pdf 350k)

  • Scholarly Publishing and Open Access - Paula Callan, QUT (.ppt 3470k)

  • An academic's view of publishing - Professor Peter Halley, University of Queensland

  • Copyright and Scholarly Publication - Professor Brian Fitzgerald and Damien O'Brien, QUT (.ppt 1850k)QUT

  • Assessing Discoverability and Accessibility - Dr Amberyn Thomas, University of Queensland (.pptx 1990k)

  • Assessing Discoverability and Accessibility: Repository Downloads - Paula Callan, QUT (.ppt 800k)

Presentations 2009

  • CAUL Australian Institutional Repository Support Service (CAIRSS) PowerPoint 112 Kb

Workforce & Organisational Development

(formerly Staffing Issues)

Staff Engagement: Experiences and Examples 2018 webinar

Due to an unforeseen glitch you will need to view the PPTs as you listen.

PPT Tatum McPherson-Crowie, ACU


PPT Alex Kersemakers, CDU

QULOC PD Scholarship Webinar 2017

Career Planning with Sue Hutley



Working Regionally

Produced by the Staffing Issues Working Party, these testimonials emphasise the benefits of working in regional locations.

Transitions to Management - facilitated workshop, UQ, 21 August 2014

Design Thinking Workshop 2013

Zaana Howard presentation


  • Staffing Trends and Issues, November 2012

  • Jennie Hardware presentation May 2011 - Career Pathing PPTX 100KB

  • Dr Chris Andrews presentation March 2011 - HR Standards PDF 240KB

  • QUT Information Desk Competencies November 2000 Word 54 Kb

  • Workforce Planning Report PDF 1.42 Mb

  • Ann Stewart presentation PowerPoint 1.19 Mb

  • Danica Hooper presentation PDF 230 Kb

  • Sanja Tadic - Service Approach Project PDF 81 Kb

Surviving and thriving on change, QUT, 8 September 2010

Finding Your Voice: Getting Published and Stalking Prominent Journals, Griffith University, 19 August 2009

Planning for a Dynamic Future, Griffith, November 2009

  • Opening address from Gillian Hallam, QUT PDF 2.66 Mb

  • Case Study 1: QUT Workforce Plan - Sarah Fredline PDF 63 Kb

  • Case Study 2: UQ's Experiences in Developing a Workforce Plan - Mary Lyons PDF 1.01 Mb

  • Case Study 3: Workforce Planning at SCU - Before, During and After - Craig Littler PDF 358 Kb

Select the Best: Rethinking Recruiting and Selecting Staff, UQ, 28 May 2009

Managing Very Difficult Workplace Behaviour, UQ, 30 October 2008

Effective Conference Presentation Skills, UQ, 30 November 2007

Select the Best: Rethinking Recruiting and Selecting Staff, QUT, 13 September 2007

Workforce Planning Workshop, QUT March 2006

  • What do we want in our digital librarians? - Michael Breaks, Heriot Watt University PowerPoint 87 Kb

  • Workforce planning at USQ Library - Sandra Jeffries , University of Southern Queensland PowerPoint 213 Kb

  • Competencies for reference and faculty librarians - Julia Leong, University of New England PowerPoint 349 Kb

Working Effectively Across Collaborative Teams, UQ, 8 September 2006

How to write that report, University of Queensland, 12 May 2006

University Librarians' Committee

  • Flyer

Community Day Resources

Information Communication and Technology Working Party

  • 2012 App Reviews

  • Information Resources and Access Working Party

  • e-resources Statistics Trends

  • 5 interesting facts on statistics

  • Learning and Information Services Working Party

  • Library Teaching Technologies Webinar

  • Become a part of the Community. Practitioners Groups

  • Research Support Working Party

  • Research Cycle and Support Activities

ULs Forum 2011


  • Scenario summaries, responses and questions

  • Ants Nest Scenario (full)

  • Long Wall Scenario (full)

  • Outback Oz Scenario (full)

University Librarians' Forum 2011

  • Actions arising from QULOC Survey- Sandra Jeffries (PDF 3.1MB)

  • Libraries of the Future - JoAnne Sparks (2.4 MB)

University Librarians' Forum 2010, UQ

  • Tours of UQ PACE and St Lucia

  • Welcome - Sandra Jeffries, QULOC Convenor, Director, Information Services: University of the Sunshine Coast

  • Telling Your Library’s Assessment Story - Heather Gordon Senior Director Library and Information Services, James Cook University

  • Tales from the Darkside: impressions from a stint managing University IT Services, Des Stewart, Director, Library Services, Southern Cross University

  • The Future of Libraries - an economic perspective - Keith Webster, University Librarian and Director of Learning Services, University of Queensland

  • Questions and Panel Discussion: QULOC University Librarians’ Committee

University Librarians' Forum 2009, Griffith University, Gold Coast

  • Beyond Digital Repositories - Lyn Bosanquet, Director, Information Services, Griffith University PDF 66kb

  • Students' Perceptions of Learning Spaces - Judy Stokker, Director, Library Services, Queensland University of Technology PDF 4 Mb

  • Twenty Year After, where to next? - Grace Saw, Director, Information Services, Bond University PDF 1.5 Mb

  • A Review of the Learning Commons at UNE - Barbara Paton, University Librarian, University of New England PDF 700kb

University Librarians' Forum 2008, State Library Queensland

  • Moving in, Moving up, Moving on - Eve Woodberry, PVC (Academic), University of New England PowerPoint 2.36 Mb

  • Integrating culture and service across multiple campuses - Shirley Oakley, Executive Director, Division of Library Services, Charles Sturt University PowerPoint 795 Kb

  • Shaken not stirred: Blending libraries with learning and teaching - Graham Black, Director, Division of Library Services, CQUniversity PowerPoint 1.94 Mb

  • NeXus2: the QULOC picture - Gillian Hallam, Project Leader, Australian ePortfolio Project and NeXus Reseach PowerPoint 1.78 Mb

University Librarians' Forum 2007, State Library Queensland

  • Enriching lives, exploring spaces - Vicki McDonald, Director, Client Services and Collections, State Library of Queensland PDF 5.25 Mb

  • Rethinking reference: fifteen years on - Keith Webster, University Librarian & Director of Learning Services, University of Queensland PDF 2.94 Mb

  • Providing an Integrated Service: New Models, New Skill Sets, New Challenges - Con Graves, Director - Information Services, Library and Learning Environment Services and Learning Services, Griffith University PDF 2.31 Mb

  • eResearch: the Future for University Libraries - Judy Stokker, Director, Library Services, Queensland University of Technology PDF 547 Kb

Health Reference Group (2006 - 2011)

Evidence-Based Practice in Health for Librarians, UQ 1 September 2010