Meeting Logistics

Protégé Group Research Meetings

  • "Journal club" research meeting covering topics in ontology research and applications
  • Held every other Friday at noon in Lusted library (X-275), a.k.a big conference room
  • Coordinator: Tania Tudorache
  • Email list: protege-research-meeting at (follow the  link to subscribe to the list)

Upcoming Meetings

  • Topics for upcoming meetings (add your name and a topic here or email Tania: tudorache at, or  Csongor: nyulas at
    • September 29: Report from ICBO 2017 by Matthew, John & Marcos
    • October 6 (special meeting): ISWC Practice Talks by Rafael
    • October 13: ISWC and AMIA Practice Talks by Maulik
    • October 27: AMIA practice talk by Marcos
    • November 10: Report back from ISWC
    • November 24: Cancelled (Thanksgiving)
    • December 8: TBD
    • Dec 22: Cancelled (Last day of work before winter closure)
    • Jan 4: Cancelled (Winter closure)
    • Jan 19: TBD
  • Planned for later:
    • Access control on the Semantic Web, Tania, tentative
    • Clement Jonquet
    • Matthew - LD use cases
    • Matthew - instance acquisition
    • Matthew (SKOS, ontology units, other?)
    • Tania talk about incentivesReport from EKAW 2016
    • Darren Weber - Mapping Stanford CAP JSON to VIVO_ISF linked data
    • Csongor - Knowledge Grpahs: Algorithms for building and Refining
    • SHACL

Past Meetings

Note: When adding items to the list, please also update the meeting materials page.