About this Project

OpenMS41 provides a shared repository for understanding the Siemens MS41 family of ECUs (MS41.0, MS41.1, and MS41.2) for the purpose of providing the hobbyist with the means of tuning and calibrating their own ECUs. Most of the research thus far has been for the MS41.2 variant.

The MS41.2 OBD2 tuning project was started by Abhishek Shinde in August 2012 and slowly worked on over the years in his spare time.  Many tables have been found for the MS41.2 ECU used in a 1996-1999 USDM M3 and the ability to write to the ECU has been developed by Kim Freding.  Today, it is attracting the attention of many other talented enthusiasts and development is moving along nicely.  Of special note, is Alec with username "d_munter" who has been interpreting the disassembled code and identifying various functions/subroutines and teaching me a lot about disassembly. Together we have used the reference documents and IDA to generate a lot of understanding of the ECU logic as well as defined a lot of maps. Dale Schultz is our RomRaider implementation expert and has made huge advances in the ability to datalog the ECU based on information discovered by Mika and Alec. Development is going very strong!


Abhishek Shinde - mrf582
Alec - d_munter
Kim Freding - xbyte
Dale Schultz - dschultz
Mika - pheno
Kyle - busterhax
Abel - Enabled
Tom Kelly
Todd Williams