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Converting PS files into booklets

posted 16 Oct 2009, 15:12 by Oscar Alberto Castillo Felisola
    Depite one of the most used format of documents is PDF, there is another very useful format, PostScript or PS (for short).

    Each of them has its benefits,
  • Usually PS's are lighter
  • PDF's accept JPG figures (if you are writing in LaTeX)
  • PS' use PSTricks (much powerful than PDFTricks)... so on and so forth.
    When one compiles a .tex file with LaTeX, a .dvi file is obtain.
[> latex file.tex
[> latex file.tex
(the second compilation is to avoid mislabeling)

    To transform the DVI file into a PS one, one uses,
[> dvips file.dvi

    Now, one can see the PostScript file using GhostView, Okular or Evince,
[> evince file.ps &

    In order to convert the PS into a booklet, the first step is to intercalate in the right way the pages, for this the command is
[> psbook file.ps outputfile.ps

    And finally, one'd like to have the booklet format by putting 2-pages together,
[> psnup -2 outputfile.ps Booklet.ps

    Now the booklet is finished, again use evince for seeing it.