2013 Dragon Boat Steerer Clinics

geared for those preparing for 2014 Sarasota

BCS dragon boat event

revised 8/28/13


  • August 8 Thursday cancelled = Princeton 6-dark (training, instruction)

  • August 31 Saturday rescheduled/relocated = Princeton 10-1PM (training, instruction)

  • August 31 Saturday = Lake Parsippany 10-1PM (training, instruction)

  • Sept 1 Sunday = Princeton 10-1PM (training, instruction)

  • Sept 7 Saturday = Lake Parsippany 10 - 3PM (race practical)

  • Sept 21 Saturday = Lake parsippany 10 - 3 PM (race practical)


  • Hosts = Machestic Dragons (Princeton) and Pathways Team SOS NJ (Parsippany) agreed to make their equipment and facilities available for hosting these training sessions.

  • Instructor = Ellen Law, steering since 1994 and served as a steerer on TEAM USA for 9 straight IDBF world championships

  • Steering Fee = Free for all steerer candidates (but if you really really want to donate something - maybe a bag of peanut M&Ms will be fine)

  • Geared for all those preparing for Oct 24-26, 2014 Sarasota IBCPC BCS Participatory Dragon Boat Festival


  • Complete online registration form (for both steerers and paddlers).

  • PADDLERS = $30: PADDLER OF THE LAKE competition on Sept 7 and Sept 21 at Lake Parsippany. Includes 3-4 races, breakfast munchies, lunch and prize for the winner. We'll have some toys on the lake too for paddlers to play with - two OC-1s and kayaks.

  • STEERERS = Free


  • The focus of these steering clinics will be for the gals racing in Sarasota - but I have no problem allowing others to participate too (guys and gals). But Sarasota candidates will have first priority if we are time constricted.


      • South Post Road (on West Windsor side of Lake): directions, googlemaps

      • Training Session - Depending on the number of attendees (ideally 4-6 per dragon boat, with 6-8 volunteer paddlers)

        • General Intro

        • Each candidate to get in 8+ minutes with big stick

        • 10-15 minutes post session discussion

        • handouts

  • 8/31, 9/7, 9/21 - At LAKE PARSIPPANY

    • 850 Lake Shore Drive, Parsippany: Mapquest, Googlemaps

    • NO PETS allowed on Lake property (this includes all land between water and road)

    • NO LAKESIDE PARKING - expect to walk a few blocks...legal parking along various side streets

    • Racing sessions,

    • Candidates will have an opportunity to steer races in a "Paddler of the Lake where paddlers change teams after each heat and those with the most wins gets a nice little prize. Lake Parsippany is a great venue for offering the steerers the needed race reps without any outside distractions. Also we'll have access to 2-4 dragon boats and lanes.

    • Paddlers will be open to both male and female participants.