Dragon Boat Daredevil Challenge Races

  • Date - Sunday, October 8, 2017
  • Site - Johnson Beach, Lake Parsippany, NJ  (approx: 900 Lake Shore Dr)
  • Fee - $45 per participant (pay on race day)
  • Registration - on site @ 9AM
  • Instructions @ 9:30AM
  • Competition - 10AM-3PM (lunch break at noon-ish)

In 2002, our wild and crazy club crew introduced a wild and crazy format for a unique dragon boating experience...and experience we called the, "Dragon Boat Daredevil Challenge"! It was a perfect season finale. Since then, we decided to open up the event and share this event with others! You will see folks sporting around their great prized championship jackets!


To promote participation, friendly competition, and provide participants with a change of pace from the standard sprint dragon boat races.

About the Challenge
Participants presented with Daredevil challenge instructions from which they must perform to earn points towards the championship. We look forward to seeing folks willing to try our year end event. We will try very hard to keep everyone moving and having a wild time. Come on down!!! You love the water, our boats and our Jersey hospitality...just don't go faster than 25mph around the lake!

  • SITE = Lake Parsippany, NJ - Loading @ Johnson Beach (Southern shore). (approx: 900 Lake Shore Dr)
  • FREE SHUTTLE = With advanced notice, we will shuttle folks to/from the Parsippany Park and Ride for those who take the Lakeland Bus from Port Authority NY (purch tix @ windows 1-3) to Beverwyck Rd.
    • Send email to: devil @ njdragonboat . org
    • have all participants arrive by 9AM to complete registration.
    • ENTRY FEE =
      • $270 per 6 person team (or $45 per individual).
      • Includes coffee and breakfast munchies.

Site Notes:

  • NO PETS or alcohol allowed on Lake property...this includes entire grass area around the lake to the road. (sorry folks, lake policy)
  • Parking NOT allowed along lakeside. But do park on the grass along the lake lots.
  • Watch your speed around lake...it's 25 mph because of kids and joggers (and yeah, cops)

    start times
  • 9:00AM - Registration (breakfast munchies)
  • 9:30AM - team rep meeting, instructions
  • 10AM - 1st challenge
  • 11AM - 2nd challenge
  • noon-1PM - lunch break (BBQ?)
  • 1PM - 3rd challenge
  • 2PM - 4th challenge
  • 3PM - Top finalists go head to head
  • General
    Challenge rules
  • Champions determined as the crew who completes all tasks with the lowest cumulative time (netted w/time penalties and time awards).
  • Instructions presented before each challenge. Only challenge judges will know tasks beforehand and will not compete other than to serve as volunteer steerers.
  • Competitors should expect a mixture of traditional and non-traditional racing, fitness and skill tests in cooler weather.
    • one individuals/team should prepare to run.
    • one person/team should be able to steer
    • No swimming or bicycling tasks assigned.
  • We provide equipment necessary to perform the tasks, such as paddles, life jackets and butt pads. Participants may bring their own paddles and life jackets.
  • Maximum of 6 participants on a team roster. Mixed Rosters must have at least 3 gals, 5% time penalty accessed to each task a gal is missing from a challenge OR 5% time benefit for teams for each gal over the minimum of 3.
  • Misc
  • RACE DAY contact #: 201-738-0918
  • Breakfast coffee/munchies, lunch included in entry fee
  • Individual prizes awarded winning team.
  • Past Champs
  • 2007 = Kiwis
  • 2008 = TaiCheaters
  • 2011 = Jeff, Jen, Josie, Lillian
  • 2013 = Karen L
  • 2017 = ??