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01 A&S A Employment-Related Services: Employee Benefits Manager; Employment Interviewer; Human Resources Manager; Labor Relations Specialist; Training/Education Manager

02 A&S B Marketing & Sales: Advertising Manager; Buyer; Insurance Agent; Real Estate Agent; Sales/Marketing Manager; Travel Agent

03 A&S C Management: Financial Manager; Foreign Service Officer; General Manager/Executive; Hotel/Motel Manager; Property/Real Estate Manager

04 A&S D Regulation & Protection: Customs Inspector; Detective (Police); FBI Agent; Food & Drug Inspector; Park Ranger; Police Officer


Communications & Records

Abstractor; Court Reporter; Hotel Clerk; Medical Record Technician; Title Examiner/Searcher

Financial Transactions

Accountant/Auditor; Bank Teller; Budget/Credit Analyst; Insurance Underwriter; Real Estate Appraiser; Tax Accountant

Distribution & Dispatching

Air Traffic Controller; Flight Dispatcher; Mail Carrier; Shipping/Receiving Clerk; Warehouse Supervisor


Transport Operation & Related

Aircraft Pilot; Astronaut; Bus Driver; Locomotive Engineer; Ship Captain; Truck Driver

Agriculture, Forestry & Related

Aquaculturist; Farm Manager; Forester; Nursery/Greenhouse Manager; Tree Surgeon (Arborist)

Computer & Information Specialties

Actuary; Archivist/Curator; Computer Programmer; Computer Systems Analyst; Web Site Developer

Construction & Maintenance

Carpenter; Electrician; Firefighter; Plumber; Security System Installer

Crafts & Related

Cabinetmaker; Chef/Cook; Jeweler; Tailor/Dressmaker; Winemaker

Manufacturing & Processing

Printing Press Operator; Sheet Metal Worker; Tool & Die Maker; Water Plant Operator; Welder

Mechanical & Electrical Specialties

Locksmith; Millwright; Technicians in various fields (for example, Automotive, Avionics, Broadcast, Sound)


Engineering & Technologies

Architect, Engineers (for example, Civil, Mechanical) & Technicians (for example, Energy, Quality Control) in various fields; Production Planner; Surveyor

Natural Science & Technologies

Biologist; Food Technologist; Geologist; Meteorologist; Physicist

Medical Technologies

Dietician/Nutritionist; Optician; Pharmacist; Radiographer Technologists in various fields (for example, Medical, Surgical)

Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

Anesthesiologist; Dentist; Nurse Practitioner; Physical Therapist; Physician; Veterinarian

Social Science

Anthropologist; Criminologist; Political Scientist; Experimental Psychologist; Sociologist


Applied Arts (Visual)

Animator; Fashion Designer; Graphic Artist (Software); Photographer; Set Designer

Creative & Performing Arts

Actor; Composer (Music); Dancer/Choreographer; Fashion Model; Musician; Writer/Author

Applied Arts (Written & Spoken)

Advertising Copywriter; Columnist; Editor; Interpreter; Librarian; Reporter/Journalist


Health Care

Athletic Trainer; Dental Hygienist; Health Services; Administrator; Psychiatric Technician; Recreational Therapist


Athletic Coach; College/University Faculty; Educational Administrator; Teachers in various specialties (for example, Art, Foreign Language, Music)

Community Services

Counselors in various specialties (for example, Mental Health, Rehabilitation); Director (Social Service); Lawyer; Social Worker

Personal Services

Barber; Flight Attendant; Gaming Occupations Worker; Hairstylist/Cosmetologist


In this task, you will use the "Occupation Search" box in the O*NET OnLine site (in the ONET Resource Center) to explore occupations. You will most likely get lost there so I strongly suggest you COPY this line Task 2d: Use your top 5 interests to find one occupation of interest and PASTE it into your My Next LWP Task and Journal before you start exploring so you know where you need to go next if you do get lost.


My Next LWP Task

When you have listed and prioritized your interests above and are ready for the next task, click this link Task 3: Write a few stories about things you have done


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My Obit

Use Jeanne's obit as a model. Copied from http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20110315/obit/303159996/-1/NEWS/death-and-memorial-notice&template=printart

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http://lifeworkps.com/hubbard/weblog/3726.html Check out Gails at http://lifeworkps.com/hubbard/weblog/3965.html http://lifeworkps.com/hubbard/weblog/614.html

Harrison "Pete"r Hubbard, 102, of Nordland, died February 29, 2044 of ?.

Harrison Peter Hubbard was born June 3, 1942 in Providence, Rhode Island, the first of five children of Harrison Weston and Elizabeth Swanton Hubbard (both deceased). Pete is survived by his wife Heidi M. Hubbard and daughter Laura Dorothy Schaub and her husband Shawn and their daughter Taylor Cheyenne and son Mitchell Garrison of Harwich, Massachusetts, and his three (3) younger brothers John, James and Joseph Hubbard, five step-brothers and sisters (Mike, Jan, Kitty, Ruth and Bill Jolly), several cousins -- including Sue Hartman in Cumberland Center, Maine;

Pete lived in Red Bank and Jamesburg, NJ, until he moved to NY to work for IBM. He graduated from Rutgers College in New Brunswick, NJ, with a BA degree in Psychology. After serving two years in the Army at Ft. Monmouth, NJ, he moved to NY to work for IBM. He met and married Heidi and they moved from NY to Boca Raton, FL, Austin, TX, San Francisco, CA in five years, then lived in San Jose for thirteen years before retiring from IBM in 1994. They found six acres on Marrowstone Island in Puget Sound, WA (near Port Hadlock and Port Townsend, and they built their home out of doug fir trees on their property that were milled in Chimicum.

Pete loved to sing wherever we lived.

1Humanity Gifts Registrar (HGR) has selected Temple Medical School in Philadelphia to receive Gail's gift of her body.

2While at college (Pete at Rutgers, New Brunswick), Gail and Pete sang in the community college and shared a profoundly moving experience singing Brahm's German Requiem at the request of Eugene Ormandy (Philadeplhia Orchestra) in the Philadelphia Concert Hall a week after President Kennedy was assasinated. The program was videotaped and shown to the world.

Pete’s greatest accomplishment in his final ? years was the creation and maintenance of ...

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, on June 3, 1942, the son of Joseph and Rose Spataford, she grew up in Placerville, California, then Napa Valley, California, where she worked the orchards while earning her BA and Master of Social Work degrees at San Francisco State University.

She taught school in Placerville, California. Jeanne was employment counselor for the Department of Human Resources in Northern California, where she met Lisa Painter, her domestic partner of 40 years.

She is survived by Lisa Painter; plus three children of a previous marriage to Luther Clendenon:

Son Dan Clendenon of Portland, Oregon, his wife, Evelyn, and granddaughter, Millie Rose Aranco, a nurse in the Philippines; daughter Pat Leeson of Vancouver, Washington, her husband, Tom, and granddaughter, Laura Leeson, studying at Walla Walla University, Washington; and son Steve Blevins Clendenon of Teignmouth, England, his wife, Trina, and granddaughters Jennifer Blevins Clendenon and Gemma Blevins Clendenon.

Jeanne and Lisa moved to their farm on Marrowstone Island, Nordland, in 1972, where Jeanne lived until shortly before her death.

Jeanne became a certified beekeeper. They raised an organic vegetable garden, a variety of stock, eventually concentrating on organic beef and free-range eggs.

Jeanne was the one called on to do most of the haying on the island and Chimacum Valley for many years.

Few people knew she and Lisa were the technical “owners” of beloved island dog Rolf, a “lumbering shadowy form” who might walk into a home to lie at the feet of someone in need of comforting, or lie in the middle of the road for hours, or reside underfoot at the door of the Nordland Store.

After completing Registered Nurse (RN) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training at Olympic College in Bremerton, Washington, Jeanne volunteered with the American Red Cross on disaster relief missions, including Cambodia in 1992, and Louisiana for Hurricane Andrew in 1992, plus others throughout the U.S. She received Volunteer Leadership Honor Awards for her work there, in Armenia and the Soviet Union.

She also volunteered with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Jeanne founded the Marrowstone Island Volunteer Ambulance Service after being told “it couldn’t be done” and whispering to Lisa “we’ll see about that.”

Jeanne was well-known for her outspoken tenacity and wry sense of humor.

As an RN, she stringently trained the volunteer EMTs. Both Jeanne and Lisa were recognized by Marrowstone Islanders as Citizens of the Year in 1982.

Her organization memberships reflected many passionate interests: Chimacum Medicine Wheel; Ladies of the Elks; Sons of Italy; and Jefferson County Democrats, but perhaps none so consuming as these: Life Member Association of American Motorcyclists (AMA); member, Retreads MC Club; and Women’s International Motorcycle Association.

Jeanne claimed riding more than 1 million miles and had many long-distance awards: riding her 1100 Shadow in 21 days to each of the most distant four corners of the United States; winner of Retreads long-distance rally four years in a row.

The annual Lawman 1000 was a favorite rally for her, where in 2001, her 250cc Honda Rebel was the smallest bike to participate — a bike she also rode to West Virginia and back a month before turning age 70.

Burial is Friday, March 18, 2011, in Sound View Cemetery on Marrowstone Island at 11 a.m.

Chief Roy Wilson, (Grandfather), the Spiritual Leader of the Chimacum Medicine Wheel, will oversee the memorial ceremony, which begins at about noon in the Recreation Hall at Fort Flagler State Park. Potluck dishes are welcome.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Marrowstone Island Foundation, P.O. Box 155, Nordland, WA 98358.

Motorcycle rider friends who would like assembly directions to participate in “the last ride” escort for the memorial can e-mail marykaren1@peoplepc.com or call 360-379-1848 for Mary Karen or Garth McHattie.

Medicine Wheel friends are encouraged to bring their drums to the services.