40% - A: Pete's One Page LifeWork Profile

Your LifeWork is work that gives you joy.

And the work that you enjoy doing is what defines your LifeWork.

Make your dreams your LifeWork.

1. My LifeWork Dream or Vision:

  • "Everyone in the world with Internet access can COPY and customize this free website to (re)search, (re)define and (re)find their LifeWork so they experience joy in their life and work."
  • "On a planet with over seven (7) billion people, how do I quickly and easily find at least seven (7) people who share my vision, passion, and/or interests and want to collaborate with me about them?" (This is the ultimate collaboration and job searching machine! 261)
  • Internet users seek and find this website and use its templates and processes to help them make their dreams their LifeWork.
  • Systems analyst to collaborate with others to design and develop a world-wide standard set of data elements to be used to generate 1) job/occupation profiles and 2) personal/job/work/career/LifeWork profiles maintained by individuals so they can be used by individuals using job/career matching systems.

2. My LifeWork Elevator (or 30 second) Speech: (650)

  • "I'm developing a website that readers can COPY (in just a few clicks) to make their own to do their LifeWork planning. It is a personal planning ePortfolio that anyone from 10 years old to 100 can customize to their needs to plan for their future."

3. My LifeWork Card (like a business card and/or 3x5 card with a shorter version of my LWS)

List and prioritize your joys, then periodically review, reflect upon and revise them in your version of the www.lifeworkps.net template so you can make your dreams your LifeWork.

4. My LifeWork Motto/Logo (extracted from LWS)

"Make your dreams your LifeWork"

5. My Key LifeWork Task/Goals Statements: (Usually, you can define the essence of your LifeWork in a few task statements (TS). Each TS contains a combination of one or more of the following items (Tools & Technology, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Work Activities, and Work Context which you listed in your "10. My LifeWork Details" below.

  1. Maintain this Google Site template (e)Portfolio for anyone to copy to do their LifeWork planning.
  2. Revise my top five (5) Google Alerts to research and reference (herein) the best resource to do LifeWork planning.
  3. Use those resources to entice visitors to this website.

6. My Top Five (5) Interests

(Replace this with a one-line listing of your top 5 interests from your version of E2: My top 5 interests

7. My Top Five (5) LifeWork Keywords (Extracted from the Task Statements and Interest above. They will be used in your job search, collaboration and in the "Interests" sections of several social networks.)

  • dfghfdhg

8. My Top Five (5) Google Alerts (GA) : [ Managing my GA] 3380

9. My Top Five (5) Occupations (copied from Top 5 Occupations within B: My LifeWork details)

  1. Programmer - Computer Programmers
  2. Website developer - Web Developers
  3. Small business owner - General and Operations Managers
  4. Psychologist - Educational, Guidance, School, and Vocational Counselors
  5. Computer consultant - Computer Systems Analysts

10. My Top Five (5) LifeWork Details Descriptors (717, ) (copied from B: My LifeWork details) .

  1. Tasks: systems analysis, planning, organizing
  2. Tools & Technologies: GS, GD, GA, GG, Fb, T, L, Internet; Dreamweaver
  3. ...

PRINT this top 1st PAGE of PROFILE and KEEP it with YOU - AT ALL TIMES - so you can (ten (10) "R") REVIEW IT, REFLECT UPON IT, and either (RE)CONFIRM IT or REVISE AND REPRINT IT!


This document/web page is the MOST important one you will create and maintain because it summarizes - in a few key words/phrases/sentences, in one place, on one piece of paper - all of the important pieces of information and decisions you have made about who you are and what LifeWork you want. (More) It is the basis for your (re)search to find that LifeWork.

Print the top ONE PAGE and (fold it and) carry it with you and periodically review, reflect, and revise it to perfect it - because you, your life, and your LifeWork will change over time. Fold this page and carry it with you. Review it periodically. Reflect upon what you have written. Notice that as soon as you print this document you see some words or thoughts that could be improved. That is why the cycle of printing, reflection, revision, reprinting and repeating is so important. Is this the LifeWork you have or want? If not, revise it (and the supporting documents) to perfect it.

Please read the instructions below before you work on this template.

  1. Edit this document to your needs.
  2. What I offer here are suggestions. See what I have written in my A: My One Page LifeWork Profile
  3. You may want to consider adding the following two lines under your LifeWork Elevator Speech above.
    1. My LifeWork Business Card: "(Replace this with the text from/for your business card. It should include parts or all of your motto, logo, dream, vision, elevator speech, task statements, etc.)"
      1. My LifeWork Motto or Logo: "(After you have completed all of the sections above, reflect upon what you have written and replace this with a short motto or logo.)"
  4. You may want to consider adding one or more of the following items to your version of this profile from that respective section of your version of B1: My LifeWork Details (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM))
    1. SDS: (GT) ((COPY/PASTE your Holland Self Directed Search code (SDS) here from the "Interests" section, and add it and a short explanation here.)
    2. My SDS (as of ..) is RSI. [I need to visit this post to find locations to redo my SDS.] (188)
    3. ONET occupations for these SDS codes
    4. RSI - Realistic/Social/Investigative/
    5. AIC - Artistic/Investigative/Social
  5. You may want to consider adding one or more of the following
    1. MBTI: (GT) (Follow the instructions in the GT to determine your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and add it and a short explanation here.)
  6. Note 1: If you have created another webpage (post, document, etc) to elaborate on this section, convert the section title to a hyperlink to that webpage. (Instructions)
  7. Continually use the 10 Rs, particularly "reviewing, reflecting upon, revising and reprinting to perfect your assessment of yourself and your LifeWork. Fold it and keep it with you.