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Early career/LifeWork planning tasks

Your child's joy and happiness is one of your primary concerns, and, thus, you will want to help your child master career planning skills. (See NCDA and NCDG)

You probably wonder how early you should start and what you should do. The following is a guide for 3 age groups (+/- 2 years for each task).

  • Children (ages 6-12) are encouraged to write down a simply "list"* of their interests without regard for relative importance or explanation. The NCDG states that the first task is to be able to list one's interests. If you (the parent) create and maintain a copy of this LifeWork Planning (e)portfolio template for your child, copy their "interests" list* to E1: My early interests.
  • Youth (ages 13-15 and adults just starting this process) are encouraged to reflect upon and prioritize their "interests" list* and explore occupations that relate to those interests.
  • Age ~13 - Grade 7 ... (Middle school/Junior High - Teenager)
  • Age ~14 - Grade 8
  • Age ~15 - Grade 9 ... (High school - freshman)
  • Youth (ages 16 and over and adults just starting this process) are encouraged to create and maintain their own copy of this LifeWork Planning (e)portfolio template and copy their "interests" list* to E2: My top 5 interests.

* Print the list, fold it and carry it with you to periodically review, reflect upon, revise and reprint.


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