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This page is 40% done. The status of other web pages in this site will vary from 20% to 100%. When all web pages and the site are 100%, I will make it a template. Go to and click on "Join this group" to subscribe to get an email when I have done that. Also, please view the An advisory web page.

Status of this "My LifeWork Planning (e)Portfolio" Google Site Template.

A. This first section "A" below contains a list of web pages that I have converted from the list of Google Doc Templates in section B below. The date at the beginning of each line is the date of the conversion or last change followed by an ESTIMATE of the percentage (%) completed.

  1. 12/31/11 - Working on the left sidebar by loading in blank web pages which I will fill later with the modified versions of the following GTs.
  2. 12/31/11 - 80% Status of 24 LifeWork planning documents/Google Templates (this web page)
  3. 12/30/11 - 40% My One Page LifeWork Profile converted from GT A: My One Page LifeWork Profile

B. This section "B" below contains a list of documents that I've created, or recently changed and uploaded as GTs. The date at the beginning of each line (E.g. 8/29/10) is the date of the upload or last change. It is also a link to the "Changes" section of the LWPS post's exact copy of the GT version.NOTE that I have done nothing on these for the past year.

  1. 1/3/11 - # Status of 24 LifeWork planning documents/Google Templates (this document) (GT) (LW) (GD) 993 40% --
  2. 1/3/11 - # A: My One Page LifeWork Profile (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 288 | 628 60% -- Minor changes.
  3. 12/19/10 - # C: My Top 5 Project Stories and My Ideas for Dream Jobs (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 889 | 565 60% --
  4. 12/15/10 - # B1: My LifeWork Details (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 884 | 462 20% --
  5. 12/13/10 - # B3: My LifeWork ePortfolio (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 147 | 24 40% --
  6. 12/13/10 - # The LifeWork Planning Roadmap (MV) (GT) (LW) (GD) 222 40% --
  7. 11/12/10 - # The (ten) 10 "R"s: recognize, read, research, record, rollup, review, reflect upon, revise/refine, reprint, repeat (GT) (LW) (GD) 249 80% --
  8. 11/05/10 - # Revised LWPS home page at 100%
  9. 8/29/10 - # My Google Calendar reminders to do LifeWork planning (GT) (LW) (GD) 3150 80% --
  10. 6/26/10 - # E2: My Top 5 Interests (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 837 | 709 80% --
  11. 6/21/10 - # E1: My Interests (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 732 | 579 80% --

C. The following documents are planned, not started, or not complete enough to convert to GTs.

  1. mm/dd/yy - # B2: My Plan to (Re)Find My LifeWork (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 461 | 3229 3576 0%
  2. mm/dd/yy - # F1: My Top 5 Tools and Technologies (WCS) (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 848 | 458 20%
  3. mm/dd/yy - # F2: My Top 5 Functional Transferable Skills (FTS) (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 190 | 378 40%
  4. mm/dd/yy - # F3: My Top 5 Self-Management Skills (SMS) (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 191 | 0%
  5. mm/dd/yy - # F4: My Top 5 Tasks (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 709 | 691 0%

D. I won't be working on the following Phase 2 documents until most of the above Phase 1 documents are 80% complete.

  1. Phase 2
  2. mm/dd/yy - # I: My Top 5 Favorite Types of People (Environments) and "My SDS". (GT) (nnn) (RM) (eP)
  3. mm/dd/yy - # J: My Top 5 Ideal Work Environment or My Favorite Working Conditions (GT) (nnn) (RM) (eP)
  4. mm/dd/yy - # D1: LifeWork planning is important to me because... (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 2150
  5. mm/dd/yy - # D2: My Work and Personal Values (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 2242 ONET Work Values
  6. mm/dd/yy - # D3: My Goals (6 mn; 3-5 Years; Lifetime) (MV) (GT) (PH) (eP) (RM) (LW) (GD) 269 315
  7. mm/dd/yy - # K: My Top 5 Ideal Community or My Favorite Places to Live (GT) (nnn) (RM) (eP)
  8. mm/dd/yy - # L: My Salary and Level of Responsibility (GT) (nnn) (RM) (eP)

E. I won't be working on the following Phase 3 documents until most of the above Phase 2 documents are 80% complete.

  1. Phase 3
  2. mm/dd/yy - # N: My Top 5 Industries (GT) (nnn) (RM) (eP)
  3. mm/dd/yy - # O: My Top 5 Occupations (GT) (nnn) (RM) (eP)
  4. mm/dd/yy - # P: My Work History (GT) (nnn) (RM) (eP)
  5. mm/dd/yy - # Q: My Resume(s) (GT) (nnn) (RM) (eP)
  6. mm/dd/yy - # R: My Cover Letter(s) (GT) (nnn) (RM) (eP)
  7. mm/dd/yy - # S: My Top 5 schools (GT) (nnn) (RM) (eP)
  8. mm/dd/yy - # T: My Top 5 employers (GT) (nnn) (RM) (eP)


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