Make a copy of this site to do YOUR LifeWork planning!

Your LifeWork is work that gives you joy.

And the work that you enjoy doing is what defines your LifeWork.

Make your dreams your LifeWork.

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If you ...

  1. are younger than 13 years (and/or completed the school project with Mr. Hubbard), please click here.
  2. are a parent of a child younger than 13 years old, please click here.
  3. want to know what LifeWork is, click About LifeWork
  4. want to know what the LifeWork planning process is,
    1. click The LifeWork planning and six (6) step decision making processes for the complete process
    2. click Fast track for the very short version
  5. want to know what the two most important web pages are,
    1. see A: My One Page LifeWork Profile
    2. then B: My LifeWork details
  6. are ready to begin, then proceed below to set up your copy of this website.

Set up your copy/version of this "My LifeWork Planning (e)Portfolio" Google Site Template


This "My LifeWork Planning (e)Portfolio" Google Site is a Google Site Template that is also a career/LifeWork planning toolkit. You are welcome to COPY any web page in this site or the entire website and edit it to make it your own.

Google Sites displays a blue rectangle in the upper right corner that says "USE TEMPLATE". When you click on it, you get an error message of "Page not found". I've reported this to Google. Until it is fixed, use the following procedure to COPY and use the entire website with ALL of its web pages.

  1. You need a Google Account (ending with "") to COPY the entire website. If you don't have one, click here to read about a tip before creating your Google account.
  2. Click here to go to Google Sites.
    1. Click on "Create"
    2. Click "Browse the gallery for more" in the far right box
    3. Type "My LifeWork" in the search box
    4. Select the "My LifeWork Planning (e)Portfolio" template and complete the site setup with the name you want for your version of this template. I'd suggest "<your name>'s LifeWork Plan".
    5. All of the web pages in this template will now be yours to edit and make your own.
  3. Check out Tips to change your site
  4. When this site is yours, delete this section (if you wish) and go to Phase 1: Self-assessment to (re)search myself to start your LifeWork planning process.


Why should you create and maintain your version of this template to do your LifeWork planning?

There is ONE word and reason why you should create and maintain your own version of this template so you can do your LifeWork planning. It is RECORD.

William Faulkner wrote "I never know what I think about something until I read what I've written (recorded) on it."

So, if you are going to truly "think about" your LifeWork and do LifeWork planning to (re)find it, you need to record (document, journal) everything so you can (re)read and reflect upon what you have written.

"Record, (re)read, and reflect" are three of the ten (10) "R"s that should guide your work. Revising and repeating this process are two additional key words.

The best and easiest way to document your work is digitally via a computer. And better yet, creating and maintaining your own website version of this template allows you to access it from anywhere and share it - if you wish - with anyone.

Record information here about yourself and the world of work

I do not believe that anyone can do effective career/LifeWork planning in their head. You need to record and organize information about yourself and the world of work. You can do that on paper, or you can use your computer. Editing digital documents/web pages is a LOT easier than rearranging text printed or typed on paper. You can still use the "Print page" capability on all web pages in this site to print a hard copy for your LifeWork planning notebook - which I strongly urge you to do as well.

Choose 5-7 key words or key phrases out of thousands

There are thousands of words and phrases that describe you and the world of work. You will start with Phase 1 to narrow them down to 5-7 key words or key phrases that define you and your LifeWork.

Documenting your research here then summarizing it and being able to access all in this one web space via hyperlinks will make it very easy to manage the logistics of your LifeWork planing.

Understand transitions (activities, events and elements that may affect your LifeWork)

Transition points in your life like graduation, a new job (or getting fired), marriage (and maybe divorce), physical moves, health problems, etc. are "significant activities and events" that will most likely affect your current and future LifeWork.

Resumes, career plans, education plans, etc that you create before, during or after these transition points and the rollups of other documents like your biography, bibliography, certificates, assessment and test results, educational history, work history, job interests, skills, abilities, values, career preferences, job explorations, etc. (to name just a few) are "significant elements" of your life and work and LifeWork.

Creating, maintaining, and organizing these records of your LifeWork activities, events and elements in ONE place in this, your "My LifeWork Planning (e)Portfolio" is a critically important set of LifeWork planning skills that will make it much easier for you to retrieve, reference, and continually enhance through edits, reflections and refinements.


Why did I create this platform?

I learned about the value of career planning and development late in my life when I was 41 years old. (Story) It was an "ah-ha" experience which evolved into my LifeWork today which is to build this template (of customizable digital documents and tools) to make it easier (and quicker) for you to learn about LifeWork planning and do it within your own ePortfolio.

This is my calling and I want YOU to be able to experience the bliss of knowing what YOUR LifeWork is.

This website template is my gift to you.


Change this "home" web page to ?

This web page is the "home" page for your site. It should be your most important web page. Locate the “Edit Icon” in the upper right. It looks like a pencil. Click on it and delete what you don't need and add what you want to see when you view this web page. Click "Save" when you have finished making your changes.:

If you completed the in-depth The LifeWork planning and six (6) step decision making processes you will have created (and be maintaining) your B: My LifeWork details and then summarizing that web page with your A: My One Page LifeWork Profile. Maybe your "home" page should contain text from one or both of these documents.



If you want to see if there have been updates to this web page SINCE you COPied it for your own use, COPY this link and PASTE it into your browser, or click the Edit icon and convert it to an active hyperlink.

Keep this link - - to the original source of the template website and periodically visit the "Updates" section of each web page to see if there are any changes that you would like to copy to your site.

If you see something in this web page or this website that should be changed, added or improved, please click here.


How did you find this website?

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I average about 2 new unique visitors per day. I am curious about how you found it. Below is a Google Doc form with those two questions, but the "Submit" button does not work because I embedded the form in a "Template". So I embedded the form in a public website that is not a Google website template so that it will work.

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